1. I

    Recommended personal loans?

    I have run out of money during medical school, and I won't be able to make it through the summer. I talked to my friends and I think a big difference between them and me is that I have to pay $3000 for health insurance every year and $2400 every year for credit card debt (which I used to pay for...
  2. dvase813

    Personal Statement Revision Help

    Would any of you be so kind to read my personal statement and tell me what you think? I will work on grammar, however, I would like to see what you think about what I have in it and the direction I went with it. Thank you!
  3. S

    Personal Statement Review

    Would anyone be interested in taking a look at my personal statement and giving me some feedback? If so please PM me?
  4. T

    Personal Statement Topic

    Hi Everyone! I am unsure if I should apply now but I am thinking of writing my personal statement and not sure how to go about it. I feel as if I want to be genuine and how my experiences have made me who I am but not sure if it has made me want to be a doctor. I was sexually assaulted as a teen...
  5. K

    I think my personal statement is cliche

    I am just in the beginnings of my essay, and usually what I do with writing is just letting it flow. I ended up writing about my mom's multiple sclerosis and how from a young age I was interested in how the disease worked, especially as my parents are both scientists and could explain it to me...
  6. B

    PharmCAS Personal Statement (identifying details)

    So, in the personal statement, I'm wondering whether admission committees would want me to include the identifying details of my experiences. For instance, I worked at CVS pharmacy as a technician for about a year. Would they prefer: "I worked as a pharmacy technician for a year at CVS...
  7. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Personal Statement Review - true emotional story (1 paragraph!!)

    Deleted for anti-plagiarism purposes! Thank you everyone who commented and helped!
  8. O

    What is considered a strong personal statement ?

  9. TheOnlinePharmacist

    PHARMCAS Personal Essay thoughts...?

    Deleted for anti-plagiarism purposes, thank you all!
  10. D

    Would you trust your classmates as your doctor?

    For those that are in your second year or beyond, I assume you have developed a decent understanding of what your classmates are like. Based on that, would you trust them as your doctor? Would you trust them to be the one that delivers your baby? Would you trust them to do neurosurgery on you...
  11. G

    Personal Question about Interviewing

    I am just looking for some opinions on my situation! I have Tourettes Syndrome and have some pretty obviously facial motor ticks, mainly blinking and other small facial ticks. It is pretty obvious that there is something going on when I begin to talk to people, and it gives off the perception...
  12. D

    Personal Statement - OK to express wanting to return to home state?

    Hi, I'm from a WWAMI state--in other words, no med schools here--and I was just wondering if it is OK in my personal statement to mention wanting to go back to my state in the long run? Drafting my PS I make a point about wanting to help diverse communities other than my own early on in my...
  13. tangmello

    PS Edit Trade?

    Anyone looking to edit their PS too? I'll help edit yours if you help edit mine!
  14. P

    Personal Statement

    Hi everyone, I have gone through a few edits on my personal statement based of some of my advisors/mentors. I was hoping someone might take a look to see if there is anything I could improve on or polish up! I will be happy to read others as well!
  15. X

    MD Just Graduated with MD* and Seeking Advice

    I will try to make this post as concise as I can, and I apologize if I include superfluities or other statements not germane to this inquiry. If there is specific information that would be helpful in terms of understanding my situation, please let me know. Thanks! I just graduated with an MD...
  16. yihaej12

    Soon to be 2nd year dental student and willing to critique PS

    Hey guys, I helped last year editing/reviewing people's personal statements, and I'm back here to do it again! This summer I'll be starting my first quarter as a 2nd year dental student, so I've gotten some more dental school experience under my belt as well as closer relationships with some...
  17. ?

    Need help with personal statement review

    Hoping to submit my application tomorrow, but I just need last minute checks to my statement for grammar and flow. If anyone is available I'd reeeeally appreciate it.
  18. M

    Any good sources to utilize when writing/reviewing personal statements???

    Title says it all. I have my first draft done but it definitely requires some work. Any free or inexpensive services I should take advantage of when review/rewriting? I graduated college a while ago and my writing seems a bit rusty. Also, its a lot tougher than i thought to put my whole life...
  19. J

    Personal Statement Review Please!!

    Hi SDN community, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm sorry if this post is where it shouldn't be, but I looked everywhere for 'personal statement review' threads, but couldn't find a "main" one. Anyway, this is my personal statement. Helpful and honest criticism would be greatly...
  20. moose786

    Personal Statement - should I say this or not?

    Hey guys. I was wondering if it would be acceptable to mention how I initially wasn't crazy about dentistry (reason being that I knew I wanted to be a doctor, but definitely not medical doctor), and I had chosen it because of similar reasons as mentioned. But then...certain events, shadowing...
  21. P

    Drug Rehab - TMDSAS Unique Circumstance Essay

    I'm struggling with deciding on what to write about for the optional "unique circumstance/experience" essay on TMDSAS. One unique circumstance I can think of is my brother being admitted to a drug rehab center when I was a teenager. Do you guys think this would be an appropriate space to discuss...
  22. H

    Is it bad to say you want the prestige of being a dentist in your ps?

    Dentistry is a respected profession. How would an admissions committe view an appilcant saying they want the prestige that is associated with being a dentist? Thank you
  23. J

    Personal Statement Help

    Hello! Would anyone mind taking a look at my personal statement? I think there might be a thread for this but I'm not sure. Thanks again!
  24. M

    Should I include my own health history in my personal statement?

    Since I was born, I have had severe food allergies (wheat, eggs, nuts, peas, beans, etc.), asthma and scoliosis. This meant that I spent many hours in doctors offices and hospitals growing up and forming relationships with healthcare providers. While they have sometimes seemed like roadblocks...
  25. A

    How personal is too personal for the interview?

    Hi everyone I am looking for some advice. I had an interview where I was asked what my "epiphany" moment in choosing medicine was. I was reluctant to answer because my "epiphany" moment seemed too personal to be discussed in a professional setting, so I gave a kind of generic clinical...
  26. D

    Copy and Pasting Personal Statement Issues!

    So I am a bit frantic. I have typed my personal statement on Microsoft Word and have attempted to paste it within the personal statement section on PharmCas. However, I lose some ( but not all) of the tabs that are within my paper to separate my paragraphs. When I try to edit my statement on...