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  1. A

    Need Full time Pharmacist (Nights) Coos Bay, OR

    Hiring full time Pharmacist Clinical Pharmacist II The Clinical Pharmacist is responsible and accountable for the provision of broad range of inpatient and outpatient pharmaceutical care services to ensure safe, effective, and prompt medication therapy. Through various assignments within the...
  2. S

    Should I stay in pharmacy school?

    Hi everyone! I desperately need your opinion. My background: I am 28 year old immigrant. I moved to USA 6 years ago. I got my associates from CC and got accepted to PharmD program (the best school in IL). Now, I am about to be a second year pharmacy student and I am afraid of my future. My...
  3. Alessandra20

    Pharmacy school admissions? PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone I am a junior at the moment and have been pursuing pharmacy and plan on applying for the fall 2021 cycle. In terms of my stats, I have 3.68 gpa right now and pcat within the 80th percentile. Though my transcript is not the best and I was wondering if I have lost my chance at any...
  4. L

    Pursue pharmacy? need help

    Hello everyone, i’m a senior at my university and am in a situation. I have been pre pharmacy my entire college career and was planning on applying for the fall 2021 cycle but lately i’ve been questioning whether or not i should really pursue pharmacy. I have shadowed a couple of retail...
  5. H

    How Long Did It Take For Them To Reply To Your Application?

    I submitted my application for Fall 2021. It was verified by PharmCas two days ago. I was just wondering if any students who have applied there could tell me how long it took for them to reach out to you afterwards. Thank you!
  6. H

    Bachelors in Pharmaceutical Science?

    So I am a pharmacy student. I just finished my first year and am now doing my rotations. For a number of reasons, I’ve come to the decision that I don’t want to pursue a degree in pharmacy (PharmD.). After 2 years in my 4-year pharmacy program, we are given a Bachelor’s in pharmaceutical...
  7. N

    Jefferson College of Pharmacy: Did anyone apply?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone applied to Jefferson and got an interview? Also for current students, is it hard to maintain a 3.0 GPA?
  8. A

    If I choose "no score" option on Pcat, do I have to enter my Pcat CID ?

    Hi All. I plan to choose "no score" option on my upcoming Pcat test, and I already listed recipient schools when I registered for Pcat. So, do I have to enter my Pcat CID into my PharmCAS application after I take the test?
  9. A

    I chose my pcat result to PharmCAS but I haven't created PharmCAS account

    Hi everyone. I made a huge mistake by not prioritize and plan what to do to apply for Pharm school. A few months ago, I was very excited that I had just realized that I wanna be a pharmacist. First thing came to my mind was that I had to take the Pcat test, so I went straight to apply for Pcat...
  10. J

    Pharmacy Application

    Hi. So I was wondering what you guys think of my chances at getting into pharmacy school based off my PCAT and current GPA. Obviously more goes into this, but I would like feedback on these aspects. I currently have a 3.784 GPA and still have to take orgo 1&2, microbio, biochem, and anatomy &...
  11. J

    Air Force pharmacy school scholarship

    looking for more info on the Air Force scholarship that will pay for pharmacy in return for a year of service for each year paid for. Anyone do it or know anyone that has done it? Did you/they like it?
  12. J

    University of Maryland eastern shore pharmacy school

    Taking the pcat in less than a month(send prayers) then plan on applying to some schools Maryland eastern shore is one of my top 5 just wanted to see if anyone had any insight or an opinion of it. Thanks!
  13. D


    Haven't found a thread for this one yet! Who else is part of this class? :)
  14. N

    What is the PCOA exam?

    What's the PCOA exam? How do I study for it? Is it similar to the NAPLEX?
  15. D

    UTHSC Pharmacy Interview

    Any advice someone can give regarding this school's interview style? I hear there is a writing portion. What is that writing essay about?
  16. N

    Low GPA, Chances of getting Into Pharmacy School

    Hello, I recently decided to become a pharmacist after 7 years of deliberation in what area of the medical field i wanted to get a career in; ultimately my goal is to work as a pharmacist in the U.S. Army. As a political refugee in the U.S. I had a lot of family responsibilities when i...
  17. W

    Applying to Pharmacy School with a BA in Speech Pathology

    Hello Everyone! I recently graduated with my BA in Speech, Language and Hearing Science. I am currently working as an Audiology Technician but I am doing my research and figuring out that maybe Audiology isn't for me. I have always had an interest in Pharmacy but I am not sure where to start...
  18. B

    roosvelt university vs chicago state vs rosalind franklin pharmacy schools

    hello I have already been accepted to these three schools and i need help in deciding on which one is the best one . i have dug up some information about the ins and the outs of the schools.I need help in deciding.Any information would be helpful specially from currents students perspective ...
  19. M

    Easy Pharmacy Schools to get into in the Southeast and Midwest?

    Hello All, So I am a Pre-Pharmacy student, and I understand and acknowledge all the talk about the oversaturated job market. I don't want to talk about that though - Pharmacy is what I want to do and I am going to give it my all (I always put this disclaimer in some way since there are various...
  20. M

    Applying to Pharmacy School during Second Year in College?

    Hello Everyone, So I am a current undergrad (Freshman) , who also brought in a couple of AP/IB credits which have counted towards my Pre-Pharmacy requirments. I am confident that I want to be a Pharmacist, and I can't see myself doing anything else. Disclaimer: I am aware of the current job...
  21. S

    Shenandoah University Pharmacy Class of 2021

    Decided I'd make a thread for Shenandoah. It's one of my top choices. So I submitted my application 8/15. It was verified 8/25 and I actually got a text from the admissions team 8/29. I know they have recieved my $30 fee as well. But has anybofy heard back from them about an interview or anything?
  22. truerx

    Learn About 22 Types Of pharmacy Jobs And Job Openings

    Pharmacy is an evolving profession. Over the years pharmacists have found new ways to leverage their status as experts in medication therapy to create new pharmacy careers that have significantly improved patient care and advanced the pharmacy profession. Learn about 22 jobs and careers for...
  23. R

    Can I please get an honest evaluation and advice

    Hi guys, I'm in a very bad predicament. I have been working as a pharmacy technician for 2 years. I will graduate with a biology degree this summer. However my college years have not been so great. I had many obstacles my way being the eldest child I had to work full time as well as be a full...
  24. N

    Do I need to take the PCAT if the schools I'm applying to doesn't require the PCAT?

    So I'm applying to pharmacy school when appilications open, my overall GPA is 2.8 & I have a total of 113 credits. I will be getting my bachelors by the end of the year. The particular schools I'm interested in does not require the PCAT do I still have to take it because my GPA is low? I have 3...
  25. S

    Idaho State university class 2016 Applicants

    Graduating class of 2020 ( Pham D) Has anyone got an interview coming up
  26. B

    MCPHS - Boston

    Hi, I'm just wondering did anybody here interview or apply at MCPHS Worcester campus this year yet? and How did it go? Thanks
  27. pharmaqueen

    Hampton University COP class of 2020

    Hey guys! doesn't look like anyone has posted anything yet for this cycle. Just wanted to start something off, I just submitted my transfer application in on Jan 6th. I'm applying to two more schools here in Florida as well so I have a lot more work to go. Feel free to chime in and good luck!!!
  28. L

    Starting from scratch

    Hi guys. i know I'll get blasted by some of you, but I'm a desperate student seeking help. Long story short: I dilly-dallied through my first three years of college, and have a current GPA of 2.3. In spite of this, I took the PCAT last summer and scored in the 94th percentile. I've done 40...
  29. M

    Question about pharmacovigilance and pharmacists

    I have a question about "pharmacovigilence" Here's the scenario a patient is taking 6 different medications with only two dealing with her actual condition. The other 4 treat the side effects of the two medications. This patient is constantly in pain and always throwing up. So how does a...
  30. P

    For Sale updated Dr. Collins 2015

    Hello, finished my PCAT and got a great score :). I am selling my 2015 updated DR.Collins material. Honestly, this is a must use material in order to achieve a good PCAT score send me a PM if you are interested in buying.
  31. R

    What are my chances of getting into a pharmacy school?

    I recently took the PCAT and scored 81%tile. Actually, I graduated from high school this past May. I studied for it for three 1/2 months and took it just recently. I received my preliminary score report: VA: 63 BIO: 84 RC: 76 QA: 72 CHEM: 81 Composite: 81 During my senior of high school, I dual...