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  1. S

    CPJE April

    Hello. Anyone taking April-May batch? Anyone took it and want to share some insights?
  2. H


    I was wondering if anyone could recommend what they used to study for (and pass) Massachusetts's MPJE? Did anyone use Prontopass? All they do is send you the same statutes you can find online, correct? Thanks
  3. Jackyrocks

    Ny compounding June 2017

    Anybody has any updates on when the result will be posted? My day 1 was ok and I believe i did'nt make any fatal errors on day 2.. Its a long wait for the result though
  4. Lynexeye

    FPGEE Preparation/Review Course

    Hi Everyone. We are starting the FPGEE preparation course for students who are going to sit for October FPGEE exam. Some details about the course => We will be doing 3 to 4 classes per week and there will be an exam every 2 weeks of what we would cover in those previous weeks... The classes will...
  5. S

    what should i do ?!?!? applying to pharm school

    In order to be able to finish all of my pharmacy pre-requisites I would have to take two summer courses (microbiology and calculus) in order to have all my coursework done by winter of 2018.( After the summer I would still have 4 pharm pre-requisites.) My gpa is not the best as I have retaken...
  6. 9

    PCAT Study Materials

    Hey guys! so I'm taking the PCAT this September and I was wondering which study materials I should purchase? I already bought the 2017 Dr Collins (RIP $700 CAD) and I'm planning to purchase the Pearson tests. Are these enough to prepare me or do I need more sources? like for the math, critical...
  7. A

    Just me or does NAPLEX still seem adaptive?

    Hello everyone, I realize the exam is a "linear " format now, but let us put that fact aside for a moment. While taking it, I kept thinking that something about it still seemed adaptive in nature. Does anyone else agree? For example, I noticed some questions (that I probably messed up on)...
  8. jamesdt

    Advertisement Free beta access to new pharmacy calculations study tool

    TL;DR Sign up for free beta access at practicepharmacycalculations.com Hey I'm a new user here (first post ever), but this seemed like a good place to share what I've been working on lately, and I'd love some help from the sdn community. I've been developing a service for practicing...
  9. P

    Will my past low grades prevent me from getting into pharmacy school?

    Hello! I need some advice. I spent my first two years at a community college where my cGPA is approximately a 3.3 overall.I then transferred to a university were I did not do so well. I kept getting C's after C's and I lost hope in ever becoming an A student. I got a 2.4 and 2.5 in Orgo 1 and...
  10. K

    For Sale Dr. Collins PCAT Study Material

    I am selling my 2015 Dr. Collins materials. The entire guide was extremely helpful in preparing for the exam and I took the updated version of the PCAT this past July! It's in great condition with no writing or highlighting. Message me or email me at [email protected] if interested or if...
  11. K

    NAPLEX: results by mail , Registration closed, NULL Q&As

    Hello, So I'm writing this to try and help those of us whom are members of masochistic states like my own - by this I mean, they send your scores by mail. First, if your online account before/during/soon after taking NAPLEX said "ATT Generated" with options in the furthermost column being...
  12. L

    For Sale Selling Dr. Collins PCAT 2016 and Pearson tests

    Hello, I am selling the newest version of Dr. Collins 2016 and with all the study guides and updates for Fall 2015, July 2015 and January 2016. I just bought it but I change my test day into next year so I am willing to sell the material. They are like new with no highlight and note at all. It...
  13. P


    Hi all, I promised that when I was done with the Naplex and MPJE, I would write one of these to talk about my experience because I basically lived on these forums before I took my tests. Sorry in advance that this will be long. First, MPJE. I took the Illinois MPJE, so I can only speak to...
  14. K

    Dr. Collins PCAT 2015

    Selling 2015 Dr. Collins PCAT prep materials. No markings. Message me if interested! Or email [email protected]
  15. M

    Naplex 2016 - Advice

    I am taking the NAPLEX in a few days. I was wondering if anyone recently took it and could give some advice on where to focus my attention during my final round of reviewing? Also, are SDN 120 math questions necessary for the NAPLEX? I only planned to stick to RX Prep calculations. Thanks for...
  16. H

    For Sale PCAT studying materials

    Hello, future pharmacists! I am selling 2015 Dr. Collin's Study guide and 2015 PCAT destroyer for $210. FREE SHIPPING! They both don't have any highlighting/writing inside. They are in GREAT condition! I spilled coffee on PCAT destroyer cover though but inside is brand new. If you want more...
  17. H

    Selling PCAT Studying Materials (Kaplan, PCAT destroyer, Dr. Collins)

    Hello, I finished taking PCAT and now i am selling my PCAT study materials! I strongly recommend studying these (These are enough materials for you to study) and you will definitely ace your PCAT! I used a separate note to take notes and did practice problems so these are pretty much new...
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    verbal 90 bio 93 reading 90 quant 94 chem 99 Yeah yeah, now to the worst part...I have 3 withdrawals and a 3.3 gpa and that's pre-req. What do you guys think? Could I get into a good Pharmacy School?
  19. P

    SELLING PCAT MATERIALS *need to go asap*

    Hello everyone! These materials helped me score very well on the PCAT exam and are some of the best practice materials out there. Genuinely, I can say that my high score is credited to these materials. I am selling the following: 2015 Dr. Collins Review 2015 PCAT Destroyer 2015 Pearson Practice...
  20. K

    For Sale NAPLEX Study Material

    Hello! My friend recently passed the NAPLEX and asked me to sell these off for him. NAPLEX 30 minute review posters (13 posters) - $30 Reference Guide for the Pharmacy Licensing Exam Q&A (3rd Ed) - $30 Reference Guide for the Pharmacy Licensing Exam Q&A (2nd Ed) - $20 Reference Guide for the...
  21. P

    Florida MPJE Review Material

    Hello Everyone, I am in Dire need of finding Fl MPJE review material so that i may take the exam. Anyone with any idea or materials or where i can find/buy materials or even studying tips which helped them pass the exam which you can provide would be more than greatly appreciated please PM me...
  22. Honest Student

    Pharmacist in US

    Hello greetings all the Student doctors community. I have done my Pharm D here in Pakistan. i want to come to US, but i dont know how to apply and come there and work as board certified pharmacist. kindly any one out there help me thanks
  23. C

    Selling Dr. Collins 2015 New!!! $300

    Selling Dr. Collins for $300 dollars. Hey guys I'm a junior here in Michigan. I just took my PCAT on January 6th and got a preliminary score composite of 80 percentile. I got 94th percentile in Chemistry. 80+ in both Quantative Ability and Biology. And 30-45 in the Reading and Verbal sections...
  24. N

    DR COLLINS 2015 PCAT Review for SALE!!

    Hey guys! I am selling my Dr Collins PCAT Review! It is last years edition (2015). Looks brand new..no marks or writing on it! Email me at [email protected] for more info if you are interested :)
  25. doe_eyed

    NAPLEX studying - love slides? Try this combo that isn't titled "RxPrep is awesome"

    DISCLAIMER: I have not retaken NAPLEX yet, so this is just how I feel thus far. I will obviously comment at a later date with a score update. I believe my problem stems from applying information and connecting the dots. Classes at my college were taught higgledy-piggledy. Monday- PMS...
  26. N

    Will I pass this time?

    Hello everyone, So I did not pass my NAPLEX back in August and I am getting ready to take it again. Before I took both Pre-Naplexes before and the first time with minimal studying I got a 48. Then I studied more with Rxprep, the school's review and other materials. I took the Pre-Naplex after...
  27. doe_eyed

    NEW NAPLEX - no partial credit on select all that apply? T/F?

    According to RxPrep instructions: For the NAPLEX: You may have heard that the exam is somewhat more complex, and there are a higher percentage of Select ALL that Apply questions, which do not have partial credit. Is this true??? Obviously, I believe yes. How much partial credit was given on...
  28. doe_eyed

    pharmacyexam question HELP (CS class determination) is it math???

    Hello, So if this is blatantly obvious I am going to be very embarrassed. I'm either overanalyzing this to the extreme...or dumb as a rock. Here is the question: A pharmacist is adding 1000 mg of pure codeine powder to 100 cc of Tylenol with Codeine Elixir (120 mg/12 mg/5 cc). The resultant...
  29. N

    pharmacy class of 2020 at the university of Saskatchewan

    Hey, I was wondering is anyone applying to pharmacy at the university of Saskatchewan this year and if so do you have any tips on how to approach or practice for the critical thinking essay? Also, I think this is the first year where they will be taking the interviews instead of having the...
  30. S

    Where to do Pharmacy...?

    So I was think of going into pharmacy school,but in Canada and the States the chances of being accepted are low (due to competition), and you never know after what year you will accepted. I.e after first year, second year, or third, or after you complete the four years of Bsc. So, I was thinking...
  31. P

    For Sale updated Dr. Collins 2015

    Hello, finished my PCAT and got a great score :). I am selling my 2015 updated DR.Collins material. Honestly, this is a must use material in order to achieve a good PCAT score send me a PM if you are interested in buying.
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    Hey Pcat Studiers, I'm DONE taking the PCAT and im looking to sell my 2015 Collins study material! It is the latest verison and in new condition. For all of you feeling iffy about this material, my advice is DON'T, because the Dr.collins study guide helped me tremendously and is very precise to...