1. medshousing

    Renting Pittsburgh Unfurnished Breathtaking totally renovated luxury 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse in the Oakland community of Pittsburgh

    As posted on Medshousing.com Listing # 2844 Unfurnished Breathtaking totally renovated luxury 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse in the Oakland community of Pittsburgh, convenient to Pitt, CMU, Duquesne and Carlow colleges. This newly remodelled, contemporary home within walking distance to Schenley...
  2. Ernieke

    University of Virginia VS University of Pittsburgh undergrad

    Hi all, this is my first post. I was fortunate enough to be accepted to both schools and wanted to hear what you guys thought of these schools for my undergrad. I am from Virginia, but Pitt would be cheaper, but the cost won't affect the decision. I applied as a bio major and I'm set on...
  3. S

    I applied to the epidemiology, health policy, and behavior and community health departments at UPitt.

    And I think I screwed up. In retrospect, multiple applications show real lack of though. However, my work in global health and international development did fit broadly within all three departments. I got rejected from Epi and Health Policy last week. Now I am worried I might get rejected from...
  4. M

    UMich vs UChicago vs Pitt vs UTSW

    I'm from the midwest, but am currently working (gap year employment) at a hospital in Houston, TX. I didn't have TX residency, but applied through the TMDSAS for the heck of it, and ended up getting accepted to my top choice from that application, UT Southwestern. Normal AMCAS application...
  5. T

    Einstein vs Pitt

    I'm curious to get opinions on these two schools, especially since Einstein doesn't have a second look weekend. I've listed a few pros and cons below, but ultimately I feel like I'm leaning towards Pitt because of reputation, but want to make sure I consider other factors: Einstein: pros: 1...
  6. B

    UPitt (OOS) vs. TX-Houston (OOS)

    School 1: Pittsburgh OOS Pros: I really liked the special needs clinic, and the ranking is much higher than Houston. Also, I received a 60k scholarship to Pitt, making it much more affordable. I got to meet more people at Pittsburgh, and generally liked most everyone I met. Cons: I am...
  7. F

    [Interview] Pitt vs. Tufts

    Hi guys. I put my deposit down for Tufts in December. I recently just interviewed at my state school which is my number 1. However, I just received an invite to Pitt. I realize that, although I love Tufts and the school is gorgeous, it's class size is a turn off for me. Pitt's class size is...
  8. P

    Pitt (IS) vs. Temple (IS)

    So the breakdown. I am instate but i can commute from home from Temple about 40 minutes drive. Pitts much further will have to dorm there. I am financially completely on my own, parents would not be able to contribute much. I want to know if there is a difference in getting a job afterwards. If...
  9. M

    Vanderbilt vs. Pitt

    Hey folks! I'd love some feedback from you guys regarding this decision. I feel like there are so many factors to consider here and I am having trouble figuring out what weight to give each factor. I'm OOS for both Vandy and Pitt, but am excited about living in a new place. I'm interested in...
  10. M

    MS in medical physiology at Case Western vs. IMS at Drexel (2018-2019)

    I was accepted into both the MS in medical physiology at Case Western and the IMS at Drexel for this coming year. I am not sure which to pick. My eventual goal is medical school. I am looking for any information on either as well as anything to help decide between the two, especially from anyone...
  11. A

    Honest Evaluation of My Chances of Getting into Dental School...I implore you.

    I have wanted to become a dentist since I could remember how to think. I am, a female, 21, a junior in a good private college. Both of my parents are dentists in PA, pediatric and general. I have had my dental radiology health and safety certification since I was 17 and have worked at their...
  12. P

    [Canadian] NYU vs. Pitt (OOS)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get your opinions and feedbacks. First of all I know previous years others have asked for similar comparisons. I need an updated one and specifically between these two schools. I'll give my own opinion based on what I have read, heard, seen in the interview, etc. I've...
  13. lovehate

    Waitlisted at Pitt. What to do now?

    So I am really grateful I got multiple acceptances this year. However, after interviewing at pitt, I fell in love with the school. I know I want to be there for the next four years. They put my on waitlist yesterday. I am guess I either didn't interview well, or they didn't believe I would...
  14. C

    IM Residency: Yale vs. UPMC

    I know that there are many personal preferences and reasons that could shift the decision, but assuming those remain similar, which one is best to go to for IM training? I appreciate your input!
  15. PiggyPug6

    Pitt vs Cincinnati

    hey everyone, I know this is last minute and I'm typing this on my phone (so it won't be some sprawling post), but I'm still stuck between these two schools. Any input would be greatly appreciated guys! Pitt: Pros: - fantastic school with a great hospital system (in case I decide to change my...
  16. pastafanatic

    Pitt vs. Hofstra

    Welp, with both financial aid packages in, everything is on the table and I'm down to this decision....feeling both very, very lucky and deeply conflicted! Aid packages left me with essentially the same cost (give or take ~1K), so it's really down to the specifics of the schools. Pitt Pros: +...
  17. D

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters - School Choices

    I'm a career changer looking to become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pittsburgh, PA. There are four CACREP accredited master's programs in Pittsburgh to choose from, and I'm wondering if anyone can speak to their experience in any of these programs, if there are any thoughts on their...
  18. Z

    Undergraduate Acceptance Decision for Pre-Med

    Would anybody be able to tell me the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following schools in regards to program quality, academic rigor, and research opportunities for an aspiring pre-med student? In the long run, which of the following schools would help me the most with medical school...
  19. P

    Pain Management Physician position

    Practice looking for an additional pain physician to join-outside of Pittsburgh. Office with procedural suite and ASC. If this is a good location-full post is at http://www.painrecruiters.com/JobPitts.html
  20. P

    University of Pittsburgh

    Does anyone know if Pittsburgh usually pulls from their waitlist? I'm sure it changes every year but I'm just wondering. Also, is anyone not accepting their spot or putting a deposit but still hoping to get into a different school?
  21. S

    Pitt, Temple, Maryland, and Louisville

    Very happy to have a decision to make. Just having a hard time making said decision. Being from PA, I have instate tuition at both Temple and Pitt, so these schools would be a lot cheaper for me to attend, with Pitt being slightly cheaper. However, the location of Temple is better as it is...
  22. K

    What is the true production to collection ratio for a private run dental practice?

    This is my first job as a dentist in United States. I have just started working for a private dental practice that offers 40% of collection. However after the first month all the details I received shows on a production of $30000 for the month, the collection was only $10000. And my take home...
  23. S

    Is Pharmacy Worth It in Pittsburgh, PA?

    I'm an 18-year-old senior, I have a 3.5 GPA currently. I have a some serious questions regarding pharmacy. My main goal is to make 6 figures or more comfortably. Is the 100K+ debt worth all of those years in school? Is the job market over saturated in Pittsburgh, PA? Should I base my life off of...
  24. C

    Down to final two...BU vs Pitt

    So after lots of deliberation, I feel like it's come down to between BU and Pitt for my MPH. BU is stupid expensive, but somewhere I've always wanted to go. Affording the overall living expenses and tuition will be hard my on family, but they'll make it work, as always. I love that it's a core...
  25. H

    Pitt vs. Stony Brook (In-State)

    Hello! I'm assuming I won't get need-based grants from either school because I didn't get any for undergrad, and my family income is upper-middle class (150-200k combined). I have a sibling going to college, though, so I don't know how much that would affect this. I'm interested in a...
  26. MKSzczygl

    School Quality vs Cost (Pitt vs South Carolina)

    I realize debt it pretty vastly covered, however I was hoping some of could offer me some general advice in terms of choosing which school to attend for my DPT. I was accepted to several good schools, but ultimately it has came down to University of Pittsburgh and South Carolina. I am an...
  27. E

    Program-Specific Info / Q's University of Pittsburgh OT

    Has anybody heard back from Pitt yet for the June 2016 start date? I was waitlisted and was just wondering if anybody had any information about their admissions process!
  28. S

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Information: University of Pittsburgh & TWU

    Hello, everyone! I've recently been accepted to both Pitt and TWU Houston, and I'd greatly appreciate it if any current students would provide some feedback/info of either program. Also, does anybody know what the tuition/fees would be for an out of state student? I've found some numbers, but...
  29. F

    U of Pittsburgh, U of Indianapolis

    For those who have applied to either University of Indianapolis or University of Pittsburgh, did you guys get a confirmation e-mail saying they received your application or that its under review? I submitted to 4 schools, got e-mails from 2 schools saying they received my PTCAS app/supplements...
  30. Doctor Octopus

    Moonlighting opportunity in Western Pa, Pittsburgh Area

    Dear colleagues, As you are aware we are currently in the middle of an unprecedented epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse. There are not nearly enough treatment programs, addiction specialists, and other specialized treatment options for this enormous problem. In an attempt to...