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  1. B

    On Hold at SUNY

    Hello all! I got put on hold at SUNY a month ago and possibly won't be hearing back until late April. I am wondering if there are any other applicants that are also put on hold. Are my chances of being accepted lower than compared to that of being waitlisted? Thank you!
  2. A

    Am I on track?

    Hello. Recently had a dramatic mid-life crisis that led me to completely change paths on what I wanted to pursue in the future. Which of course leads me here to the threads for Pre-Optometry. Just wanted to be sure if I'm on track for when I apply and what I could be doing to be more comfortable...
  3. O

    Help! IUSO vs. OSUCO

    I’ve been accepted to both IU and OSU and I’m having a hard time deciding between them. I’m from Florida so distance from family is about the same. OSU is less expensive because of the in-state tuition after the first year and I was really impressed by their new facilities and faculty. But IU...
  4. J

    Applying Optometry School with these stats?

    I had made a previous post about an upcoming OAT and here's how I did: QR 390 RC 350 Bio 340 GenChem 340 OChem 340 Physics 350 TS 350 AA 350 I'm pretty happy with the scores - i've never had more anxiety from an exam and i'm relieved it's over. I'm applying this upcoming cycle and would...
  5. O


    Hi everyone! I am going to apply this upcoming cycle for fall 2020 and I was just wondering what schools would accept a 2.7 GPA. I'm hoping to bring it up to 3.0 by next fall and get a 330+ on my OAT. If anyone that was or is on the same boat as me could reply back with your stats I would...
  6. R

    Dropping classes this semester and next

    So I've been accepted to ICO, NECO, and PCO. I'm kind of worried because I dropped 3 classes, I was originally in 5 classes and so I'm only going to get a grade in two classes this semester and end up with 3 W's this semester since I screwed around a lot (Ik im an idiot) and missed classes...
  7. R

    PCO vs ICO vs NECO

    Hi recently got accepted to PCO, ICO, and NECO. I'm having trouble deciding between which school to attend. If any first years or beyond or other people who recently got accepted could provide input that'd be great. Here's my reasoning for each school. 1. ICO Pros: - Offered a 40k...
  8. R

    ICO acceptance

    Hi all, I recently got accepted to ICO with a Trustees scholarship. In my letter it indicates that I need to complete microbiology and physics II, however it also says I need to obtain a bachelor degree? Initially I was hoping to obtain my degree, but since I changed my major I need to take 3...
  9. 2ndchanceopto

    Is anyone a reapplicant?

    Could you tell me your experience and any tips? Thank you!
  10. R

    May seem like a stupid question but..

    Can i submit my application through optomcas, even though I haven't completed my personal essay yet for each school? Can i still submit my personal essay after submitting my application? I'm super confused and don't wanna submit my application and not be able to submit my personal essay.
  11. R


    Hi i'm writing the OAT on September 7th, so far i've only studied 3 chapters of the QR section. I'm having a very hard time studying for this exam because all throughout my undergrad i've been used to cramming for exams two or three nights before which I know won't work for this exam. For those...
  12. O

    Chances of getting into optometry school?

    Hi y’all, I was just wondering my chances of getting into NOVA, NECO, or Northeastern (Oklahoma) with my current stats. I have a 3.24 cumulative GPA (if I calculated it correctly) and I’m taking the OAT in a couple weeks. Say I score a 320 on the OAT, would that be enough to get me interviews at...
  13. R

    Canadian Student

    Hi all. I'm a 3rd year biology Canadian student looking to apply to Optometry schools both Waterloo and US schools. I'm trying to figure out what schools and how many schools I should apply to this summer. My GPA right now is at a 3.7, I will be taking the OAT in August. I've got three...
  14. B

    Gap year before optometry school?

    So I am currently a sophomore in undergrad and have been wondering if taking a gap year after graduating is a good idea. The reason I’m asking is because in the next two years of undergrad I plan on taking upper level biology classes as well as o chem 1,2, and biochem. I know most people plan on...
  15. Mister Significant


  16. C

    How is overall GPA calculated?

    Hello all, My path toward optometry is a bit different. I have a degree from a liberal arts college and graduated with a 3.4. I then decided to pursue a career in optometry and I'm presently taking courses at a university just for pre-reqs. It's not through a post-bacc program and I won't be...
  17. L

    Are there any specific instructions for evaluators on how to write the letter?

    I couldn't find anything online from what I can see. Anyone have any suggestions?
  18. K

    Personal Statement for Optometry School

    I was wondering if anyone would like to read my personal statement and give me feedback? I feel like I'm a little stuck and any feedback would definitely be appreciated!!
  19. Armyhealth

    Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) Optometry

    I feel like this is one of those hidden programs, so I wanted to answer any questions for anyone who has interest in this. Here is the official post from our 2017 program guide- Provides 2 and 3 year scholarships to students enrolled in or accepted to accredited optometry programs. Applicants...
  20. I

    ICO vs SUNY?

    I just got accepted to SUNY today, and already have been accepted at ICO and reserved a spot. I now have to make a difficult decision between the two. Cost wise they are comparable because I am out of state for both. I did receive a scholarship at ICO covering the cost of housing living in their...
  21. O

    Deciding which school to attend

    Hey, y'all, I'm new to SDN. I recently got accepted to both Southern College of Optometry and Midwestern (AZCOPT). They were the only two places I applied, for personal reasons. For those who are interested, my OAT scores were 330TS/340AA, and I have a 3.7gpa. I'm having a hard time deciding...
  22. AnonymousCollegeStudent

    Nose Piercing

    I am currently an undergrad student who wants to go to optometry school. Will having a pierced nose (1.5mm stud) affect my chances of getting in? Will it affect my career in terms of professionalism? Does anyone know an actual optometrist who wears a nose ring/stud? I've read similar threads...
  23. S

    Strict Admission Requirements?

    Hello! I apologize in advance if this post seems repetitive, but I could not find a thread that answers this specific question. I am going to be a senior in undergrad this fall, and I have oscillated between many various career options. The one that I have completed the most coursework for is...
  24. confusedengineer

    Applying to Optometry in UK with High school (Canadian)

    Hello guys I finished my engineering degree here in University of Alberta. Since the Engineering job market is brutal I am looking towards alternatives. I heard a friend of mines sister is studying optometry in the UK and planning on coming back. I was curious to know what kind of average...
  25. O

    Need advice on applying for 2016

    Hey guys! So here's a little bit of a backstory. I initially was intending to take a year off, but decided to give it a go and apply for 2016. Due to this last minute decision, I only allotted myself 2 weeks to study for the OAT (I know bad idea). I ended up getting a 270 aa and 240 ts. However...
  26. F

    Can I get into Suny Optometry?

    I am a Biology Major. I am planning on taking the OATS soon. I have a 3.53 overall GPA and 3.2 Science GPA. I did a lot of shadowing this year. My weak point is that I have 3 C's in science classes (mistakes as a freshman and sophomore) but turned things around junior and senior year. Based on...
  27. O.D.CPB

    Kentucky Optometry Program

    I just saw today that the 22nd Optometry School was approved and it will be in Kentucky. I will not be applying to this school as I have been accepted at other schools and still have 2-3 interviews, but I found it odd that they would announce their opening midway through the application cycle...