1. C

    Nursing Student With Severe Regrets and Feeling Discouraged

    I am a current nursing student who is a year away from graduation. I originally transferred into my university's nursing program with the intention of being a CRNA... but I am now experiencing severe regrets for doing so. Nursing school has wreaked absolute havoc on my GPA (which is hovering...
  2. D


  3. E

    Chances with this School List, Old MCAT

  4. U

    Please be honest about my chances for medical school

    I went to a community college where I earned a total of 73 credits and a 3.4 GPA. I then transferred to a university and did not have a smooth transfer. During this time I took most of my pre-requisites. For the longest time, I always had a 2.8-2.9 overall GPA at the university. I had all of my...
  5. W

    Retakes at a City College for md school

    Hey everybody. I am a recent graduate with a good upward trend in my last 70 or so units, which were also heavy in the sciences . Unfortunately, my freshman and beginning sophomore year were not so hot. I was thinking about taking courses at the local city college in my town and was wondering...
  6. W

    DIY Postbacc for grade redemption.

    Deleted for privacy. Thanks for everyones help:)
  7. W

    Taking beginning spanish.

    Deleted for privacy. Thanks for all the help guys!
  8. a_modern_prometheus

    MD WAMC WAMMI Applicant Non-Trad

    Year in school: Post-Bacc (Finance Bacc) Country/state of residence: WAMMI State Schools to which you are applying: Albany BU Case Columbia Creighton Dartmouth Drexel Duke EVMS George Washington University Medical School Georgetown University School of Medicine Hofstra Jefferson Loyola Mayo...
  9. DarkKnight835

    Please HELP!! What Should I do With MY PreReq English Class??

    Hello SDN Members! I have been on here for quite awhile, but this is my first time posting. Thank you for your wise advices in helping pre-meds like myself! Anyway, I am a rising Sophomore and just looked at my classes and requirements for med school, I had a 3 on my AP English and was exempt...
  10. F

    University of Pittsburgh vs. State School for pre-requisites

    I'm a nontraditional premed student (former music teacher) in my late twenties. I've been accepted to the University of Pittsburgh (College of General Studies) for the fall to complete the prerequisite courses I need to apply to medical school. However, I'm currently taking two prerequisites...
  11. Lyoness

    Are AAMC FL's same version every year?

    I have to take the mcat spring of 2018, so I am studying very early. If I buy the practice exams of the AAMC 1&2 right now, will they have the same questions as the practice exams that will be sold next year or will they be a different version? I am asking because if they are different versions...
  12. L

    NYMC Waitlist 2016-2017

    For anyone currently on the NYMC waitlist, feel free to post any waitlist movement, questions, comments or advice.
  13. M

    To ESL, how English affects your MCAT vs. step 1

    I know that your English would affect the CARS section, therefore decrease the overall MCAT score tremendously. But how about step 1 score? Do we still have that CARS section or any other similar sections that required broad English skills like MCAT? (Not mentioning the English in Biology or...
  14. 5

    Need advice on my situation

    Up until the 1st quarter of my junior year I was studying chemical engineering. I realized as soon as began taking my first engineering course that I did not want to continue with ChemE. I always considered the possibility of going to med school, but it wasn't until I shadowed a doctor during...
  15. Rennyrenren

    Interviewing for Medical Assistant position (Pasadena,CA)

    Hello everyone, I'm just posting here to see if anybody would be interested in a full time medical assistant position located in Pasadena,California. I am currently employed at this clinic and will be matriculating to medical school this year and am looking for a replacement for my position...