1. T

    Negotiation regarding PSLF

    Hi everyone. I am a CAP fellow currently interviewing with state hospitals. I plan to do PP on the side. The state hospitals pay around 335k with fairly good work life balance. Benefits are amazing. They also have PSLF but I gratefully do not have loan burden. I am wondering if It is possible to...
  2. R

    Successful PSLF

    Ae there any people who have successfully had their loans forgiven at the end of 10 years of payments through PSLF and would be willing to offer some insight into their experience? What are some important considerations / things to know to be approved? I know some veterinary residency programs...
  3. D

    Public Service Loan Forgiveness while at hospital for 10yrs?

    Hey everyone, I'm just curious how true this is, but I heard this both from someone who was externing and an attending at a program (both for OMFS) that you could work for a non-for profit hospital for 10yrs and make minimal loan payments and get your loans forgive (federal loans only) -...
  4. C

    PSLF Guy

  5. StellaB

    PhD/PsyD PSLF Article on MarketWatch

    This government loan forgiveness program has rejected 99% of borrowers so far This program seems to be riddled with problems, and it doesn't even address the known issues with FedLoan being incapable of accurately tracking payments or eligibility. This has the makings of a serious scandal with...
  6. S

    Loan Consolidation & PSLF

    For PLSF one should consolidate all non-direct loans. If a person has paid PLSF qualifying payments for a year or two on direct loans, which show as qualified for PSLF, and then realizes that 20% of total loans were not direct and not consolidated, what is the process for consolidating that...
  7. V

    Acceptance Dilemma...

    Would you rather go to a school that has everything you want, but pay out of state tuition? Or would you go to a school you don't particularly like at all if it had in-state tuition? This is my current dilemma. I am currently trying to choose between out of state 'dream' and in state 'eh'...
  8. GoldenFish

    Bill introduced to eliminate PSLF

    Did anyone not see this coming? :( “The GOP bill to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, introduced by Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) on Friday, would eliminate the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which erases student debt for those who work for qualifying employers after making payments...
  9. C

    Questions about PSLF

    Hi there! As a prospective dental student for the class of 2022, I am currently doing some research on game plans for how I am going to tackle student debt once I graduate. I know it is a ways off, but I was particularly curious about how hard/competitive it is to qualify for the PSLF program. I...
  10. frosted2

    EMS and PSLF?

    Quick question- I currently work for an EMS service (full time) that makes me eligible to participate in the PSLF program. Would it be wise of me to begin to make payments now in the event that I can go ahead and get a few years counted towards forgiveness (provided I end up at a hospital later...
  11. SamuelTesla

    Income based loan payments during research year?

    I am a PGY2 general surgery resident. I am currently making very conservative monthly loan repayments (about $220) because it is Income-based. I am switching out to radiology and currently applying for spots that start 2019-2020. Technically from 2018-2019 I will not be part of any residency...
  12. mudpiles

    PSLF application now available! Anyone applying?

    I'm curious if anyone on this forum is applying for Public Service Loan Forgiveness? The application is now available for those who started on this journey back in Oct 2007. I'd love to follow your progress, and am eager to see if you are successful at getting your loans forgiven. Thanks.
  13. S

    Tackling student loan debt

    Hi, I'm new to SDN and hoping to get some sage advice. My husband just finished EM residency and is a new attending. I'm working in government and have an MPH degree. We need to pay down our student loan debt. Combined with our undergrad, grad and medical school loans, we have about $405K in...
  14. S

    PUblic service loan forgiveness

    Hi, So I graduated medical school and now work as a clinical trial coordinator making $40K. I have saved up 30k. I am one year into the pslf program (9 to go) and owe $190000. Should I repay some of my loans or wait 9 years (at a bad job) for loans to be forgiven?
  15. F

    2018 Whitehouse Budget to remove PSLF...

    Something to watch out for: Current 2018 Whitehouse Budget proposal is planning to eliminate PSLF and consolidate all IBR to a single method. Pg 140 https://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/whitehouse.gov/files/omb/budget/fy2018/msar.pdf
  16. A

    PSLF / 501C3 Hospitalist Jobs

    I am a PGY-3 IM resident. I am planning on being a hospitalist next year. I have a pretty horrid loan situation and I am thinking of taking advantage of the PSLF program. I am beginning the process of my job search for next year but I honestly have no clue where to start. My personal and work...
  17. chompsss

    Years in Residency Count Towards PSLF?

    So, I think I've been able to determine that the years spent in dental school don't count for PSLF while on HPSP and even not while on HSCP, despite being "Active Duty." On the attached sheet, which is the Public Service Employment Certification form, under the Military section, it says...
  18. chompsss

    HSCP - years in dental school count for PSLF?

    Question: If one takes federal loans while on the HSCP and also makes at least minimum payments while in dental school on said loans, does that count for four years of the required 10 years for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program? So, in effect, one could be get the HSCP, pay loans...
  19. V

    Healthtexas Provider Network, does it qualify for Federal PSLF Program?

    Does employment with HealthTexas Provider Network (i.e. Baylor) or Texas Health Provider Group (i.e. THR) in Texas qualify for the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program? Does anyone know or how I can find out?