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  1. T

    Psychiatry ROL!

    Hi, I would immensely appreciate any insight and opinions on the following Psychiatry programs: - Baystate Medical Center/UMMS (Springfield, MA) - Berkshire Medical Center (Pittsfield, MA) - Harvard South Shore/Brockton VA (Brockton, MA) - Wright Center for GME (Scranton, PA) - St. Elizabeth's...
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  3. D

    Thoughts on these MedPeds Programs?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what your thoughts are on ranking these three medpeds programs? I'm primarily interested in what you know about the programs and assuming all else equal, which you would rank higher. Miami/Jackson Memorial MedPeds Stony Brook MedPeds Rutgers MedPeds I would...
  4. N

    Where did you match on your ROL (2018 Match)?

    Hey everybody! I saw this post last year as a way to calm the nerves (i suppose) of applicants and thought it would be interesting to see some updated results. Again, this is all in 'good' fun so please take the poll with a grain of salt! Edit: So far so good!
  5. H

    Do you think PDs may be in bed with hospitals??

    I interviewed with several hospitals and I got a very nice, hand written post-interview love letter from my second ranked program. My home PD pushed me a lot to change my second ranked school to my top preference so I would for sure match. Every time I said it was my second best but somehow...
  6. B

    May have shot myself in the foot...

    I received post-interview communication from several PDs and one of the schools I received an email from was very convincing. I decided to rank them slightly higher than I had intended but ultimately I did not end up placing with them. Overall I wasn’t very satisfied with my placement and I...
  7. S

    Interested in hearing from others!!

    I just received my matching result and I am very happy with the outcome. I got advice from my home PD to list a particular school at the top and I did. She worked hard for me to get an interview with this school and gave me guarantees that they would rank me high enough so if I put them at the...
  8. C

    Disappointing match

    I am very heartbroken :( I ended up placing at my worst school. I really did not expect to be here. I received tons of positive post-interview communication and decided to follow up on some of it and let it sway my school rankings. I really feel like I am the only one who could have made this...
  9. R

    Anesthesiology ROL Pro's and Con's

    Hi folks, I wanted to share my thoughts on the top 8 places I interviewed at this season for anesthesiology. Don't take my rankings of these programs too seriously though, all of them are phenomenal and have unique offerings. Hope this helps future anesthesiology applicants choose a residency...
  10. ConantheWiseguy

    Residency: inpt consult months

    My dear physiatry ppl, I'm having last-minute re-considerations about my top choices for PM&R residency. They are fairly strong academic institutions, though I don't want to practice inpatient rehab exclusively. I actually made my ROL with the idea that I'll get minimal or near-minimal (per...
  11. DrSatan

    Official 2018 Rank Order Lists

    Hello everyone! It's been a long interview season. Hopefully most of you are done or at the finish line. As you probably know, rank lists entry begins TODAY. Rank lists are due in 38 days (February 21st @ 9pm EST). SOAP is in 57 days. And Match day is in 61 days (March 16th)!!! Please use...
  12. surely

    [2017-2018] Emergency Medicine Rank Order List Thread

    Per SDN tradition, here is this year's Rank Order List (ROL) thread. There are a number of ways in which you may participate: By using your SDN account and directly replying to this thread By using your SDN account to private message (PM) @surely . Your ROL will be posted anonymously. By using...
  13. E

    MISSED the ROL deadline..

    I have a confirmation email from 9:00, but it still says "ranking" and not certified.. I was switching back and forth between my two top spots + kept re-certifying. I know, stupid stupid stupid mistake.. Is this even heard of? I'm sick to my stomach.
  14. F

    Ranking Help Needed!

    If these were your top two choices, how would you rank these programs? Program A: At home institution 3-4 hours from home (being semi-close is somewhat important to you) Already know you love the faculty and know they are good teachers At mid-tier institution that's not as well known...
  15. W

    HELP me rank these programs please! 2017

    I'm a US Citizen, no visa issues, location is not important. Below is a tentative list but please give your input. If I match in IM I plan to do a cardiology or allergy/immunology fellowship. If I match in FM I plan to do a sports medicine or ER fellowship. 1) UPMC Hamot - Emergency Medicine...
  16. S

    Pediatric ROL Advice

    Hey guys, I need advice ranking the following pediatric programs. Here is my tentative rank: 1. Winthrop University Hospital 2. University at Buffalo 3. Maimonides 4. University of Toledo 5. Texas Tech El Paso 6. Brooklyn Hospital 7. Lincoln Medical 8. Richmond University My question is...
  17. cyanide12345678

    Help Me Decide on My ROL

    I'm constantly going back and forth between Beth Israel Deaconness and Emory as my number one. I just want to hear different opinions on these two programs, and what y'all would do if you had to pick between the two. Here is my personal list of pros and cons. BIDMC: Pros: Good reputation. 3rd...
  18. T

    Thoughts on some programs I'm considering ranking highly?

    Hi, I was hoping anyone might be able to weigh in on these programs as I had a good time during my interviews and believe they'd probably all be able to get me to my eventual goals: UC Irvine Baylor (Houston) Northwestern Cedars-Sinai I know these will be among my top choices, just don't know...
  19. PatNanym

    Variation in chance of matching based on Rank Order List?

    Hi. I am an IMG with average credentials. I was just wondering if my chance of matching would depend on the order in which I ranked programs. For example, if I rank great programs at the top and mediocre programs at the bottom, would it decrease my chance of matching (matching in general, not...