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    Scripps interview disaster help

    Hi! Asking for advice. I had an interview with Scripps and I completely choked, I performed very poorly and did not adequately express myself, fumbled multiple times, rambled on questions and didn’t say what I had wanted to convey. I let my nerves get the best of me and it was a trainwreck. I...
  3. P

    Scripps interview disaster

    Hi! Asking for advice. I had an interview with Scripps and I completely choked, I performed very poorly and did not adequately express myself, fumbled multiple times, rambled on questions and didn’t say what I had wanted to convey. I let my nerves get the best of me and it was a trainwreck. I...
  4. S

    Advice on post-bac application | cGPA 3.8, sGPA 3.6 | Clinical Research Background |

    I would really appreciate some advice on applying to post bacs. After working in clinical research a few years, I decided in Aug 2020 to apply to post bacs and pursue med school. I have applied to 2 programs - Scripps and Goucher - and am working on the essays for Bryn Mawr, Johns Hopkins, and...
  5. A

    Post-Bacc Options

    Hi there! I am trying to decide on a post-bacc program and wanted some opinions. I am currently an AmeriCorps doing a term of service in Seattle (I finish in July). I graduated last May (in three years with a 3.6 GPA and majored in political science and minored in humanitarian studies). I...
  6. H

    Goucher / JHU / Bryn Mawr?

  7. T

    BSN Student applying to Post Baccs

    Hi so I just graduated from nursing school and am wanting to go back to a post bacc so I can hopefully can go to med school. I will end with around a 3.5 gpa and lots of healthcare experience from nursing school. I did get two cs as a freshman in biology and chemistry but have improved my grades...
  8. S

    Thinking about trying Scripps Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program - Chances?

    Hello! I've been looking at options and I'm interested in doing the Scripps College Post-Bac Pre-Med Program. I'm aware that this isn't the kind of program for my situation (already have taken a good number of pre-reqs, though I need a lot more upper-divisions), but it is one of the closest to...
  9. Dr. Ozymandias

    Post Bacs are not pro-URM. Thoughts?

    Besides SIU's MedPrep and the UC-Consortium which are for academic enhancers and not career-changers, it seems post-bac programs are not URM-friendly, which is interesting considering the whole point of post-bac programs is to help get people into medical school. My reasoning: 1) Post-bacs are...
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    Scripps Post Bacc 2017-2018

    Hi! I submitted my Scripps Post Bac application a couple weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone's heard back about interviews yet. Thanks!
  11. 1

    2018-2019 Scripps College Post-Baccalaureate Program Cycle

    Sorry I posted this in the wrong place. Please ignore!
  12. C

    Scripps Post Bac applicant help

    Hi all! I live in California and graduated back in January 2017 with my bachelors and masters degrees in mechanical engineering from NYU. I work at NASA jpl and I am very interested in applying to the scripps post bacc program. I completed a research intensive masters thesis in...
  13. A

    Scripps Post Bacc Interview - class?

    Hello! I have learned that I was scheduled for an interview at Scripps. Im pretty excited but pretty nervous too. I got the instruction materials for the interview and saw that I would be attending class as part of the interview. Does anyone know what this part is about? Im wondering if I need...
  14. Kaybee92

    Scripps Post Bacc Interview!

    Hello everyone, I've been basically stalking SDN for the past few months since deciding on wanting to do a career changer Post Bacc. So this is finally my first post lol. So today I received an email about being invited to Scripps for an interview for the Post Baccalaureate Pre Medical...
  15. NorthBySouth

    Louisville Post-bac Career Changer Program 2017-2018

    Does anyone have positive or negative experiences with Louisville's Post-bac Career Changer program? I did a search on SDN and there is not a lot of information out there about this program. The programs seems dynamic and the assured...
  16. NorthBySouth

    Post-bac attrition rates over the past few years?

    Hello, Has anyone heard what the attrition rate is at the Johns Hopkins University post-bac program for career changers the past couple of years? Also, does anyone know how the attrition rate at JHU compares to other top programs like Bryn Mawr, Scripps, and Goucher?
  17. NorthBySouth

    Scripps Post-bac Versus Johns Hopkins University Post-bac *Career Changer* Program

  18. F

    Tufts vs. Scripps Postbac

    Hi Everyone, I am deciding between Tufts and Scripps (today), and I was wondering if any of you had any opinions? I am currently living in NY, not sure if I want to be on the East or West coasts for med school. Tufts: offers a guaranteed interview at its medical school, $11-13K cheaper...
  19. F

    Scripps, Tufts, UPenn, Bennington, UMich MEDPREP

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of deciding which post-baccalaureate program to accept at. I have an offer at UMich MEDPREP which has a relationship to its medical school, but not very established. Tuition is about ($30K) - begins 5/3. I was also offered a spot at UPenn (linkages, e etc.) I...
  20. Mr.SoloDolo

    Scripps Post-Bacc 2016-2017

    Hey I got into the Scripps program and I just wanted to find out if anyone else on here has gotten in and is considering going this year?
  21. B

    Chances at a good Post-Bac?

    Hey Everyone, I'm planning to apply to a structured post-baccalaureate program for the 2017-2018 cycle. My big hope is for Johns Hopkins, Goucher, Scripps, or Bryn Mawr. I would love any feedback that anyone could provide to improve my chances as a candidate. Also, just because I think someone...
  22. Mr.SoloDolo

    Scripps Post Bacc 2016

    Hey everybody. Anybody apply or interview at Scripps this year? :welcome: