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  1. A

    Question on strategies for ranking both categorical and advanced programs

    Hi everyone! I'm an MS4 applying to anesthesia programs and had a question about how the rank list works. I've heard TY and prelim years are getting more and more competitive. So my question is, if I match into an advanced spot but fail to match into a PGY1 spot, will my rank list just move...
  2. Prionos

    NCH Baker Transitional Year

    I just felt the need to post about my transitional year program. I’ve only been here a few weeks but I’m already quite positive this must be one of the best (if not the best) transitional year programs in the country. It’s brand new so I’m sure not many know about it, but the pay, the hours...
  3. O

    Transitional Year Programs by Easiness (Ranking most Chill Programs) 2020

    Hi, If you're anything like me you may be going into a specialty that requires a separate preliminary program. If you end up deciding on a transitional year, you made the right choice because that the easiest route to your desired advanced specialty (as opposed to surgery or medicine). Here is...
  4. E

    PGY1 GS-Prelim vs IM-Prelim vs TY?

    For students applying to DR (advanced, starting PGY-2), what are the pros and cons of completing a PGY-1 in general surgery vs internal medicine vs transitional year? And how would students prepare for each (eg LORs, 4th year rotations, etc)? And what is the relative proportion of programs to...
  5. D

    How to go about applying to transitional year vs. prelim medicine programs?

    Hi all, Current M4 here planning on going into anesthesia. So I have been trying to figure out how go about applying to transitional years vs prelim medicine programs, and am having trouble finding information online. It seems that TY years are more "cush," but at the same time, I will have to...
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  7. P

    Got a TY offer in SOAP, didn't match into Psych

    Hi everyone, Thanks for reading this. So I'm really conflicted as to what to do here. My apps were delayed a few weeks in the fall due to a late LOR and I ended up not matching into Psych. I got a TY in SOAP and I know I should be grateful for that, but so far the program does not seem great...
  8. M

    Position Swap Want to swap a pgy 1 family med spot for pgy 1 transitional year

    The family med position is in the midwest. I dont have too much preference where the TY spot is
  9. S

    Interviews for Prelim IM/TY 2018-19

    Starting a thread for this 2018-19 cycle! Format: Program name: ____ Prelim IM / Prelim Surgery / TY Date received interview invitation: ____ Interview dates: ___, ____, ____,
  10. A

    Scheduling Multiple Interview Slots on Same Date

    Was just curious if anyone could comment on the ability to hold multiple interview slots for the same day at different programs (with the intent of cancelling one in the future)? I am not sure how the scheduling works and if the system allows this. I am applying into a specialty that requires a...
  11. L

    Ophthalmology residency and transitional/preliminary year application process

    Hello, I'm a med4 IMG student, and I wanted to learn more about the application process for residency in Ophthalmology. Based on what I read: 1) We need to apply for a transitional or preliminary PGY1 year via ERAS, and AT THE SAME TIME apply for an Ophthalmology residency for PGY2 via the SF...
  12. D

    Transitional Year to PGY-2 Categorical Medicine?

    Hi all, I have secured a transitional year (TY) for the upcoming academic year. I did not match into an advanced PGY-2 program. I am weighing my options. Does anyone know or could anyone provide a link discussing the ACGME's rules regarding applying directly to a categorical IM PGY-2 position...
  13. S

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM (C)/(P), FM, or TY wanted

    Hi I am US citizen, recent graduate, strong application but unique situation put me off cycle....in need of Internal Medicine, Prelim/Transitional Year PGY1 position if available anywhere please message me. Flexible with location.
  14. CrunchyTeddy

    Do you need to pass step 2 cs before starting intern year (AMG)?

    I recently found out that unfortunately, I failed my step 2 cs. This was a huge shock to me as I’m a 4th yr student at a well regarded US medical school and have done well with SPs throughout my clerkship and sub internships. I’m not terribly worried about the match because all the rank order...
  15. F

    Does intern year really mean anything

    I'm trying to set up my match list for TY years and basically have it between MSKCC - which is a somewhat more involved, labor-intensive and rigorous TY - vs. a very relaxed community hospital TY in my home state. I'd love to have people weigh in on what they think the TY year means in regards...
  16. sunshine96

    PM&R Transitional year

    MS3 here. I'm aware that most residents complete a prelim in medicine, however I am interested in doing an osteopathic internship. Any advice on finding programs would be much appreciated!
  17. T

    MSK-CC TY Interview Date Swap

    Hi everyone, I have a January 5th interview for the MSK Transitional Year that became conflicted with an advanced specialty interview. Would anyone be willing to swap dates with me?
  18. M

    Do transitional programs allow away rotations for PGY-1s? Do most programs allow incoming rotators?

    I've applied to a lot of transitional year programs in the match as a back-up in case I can't get into surgery. Basically I'm asking is it common for transitional programs to allow their residents to do rotations at another hospital where they would hope to match next year or is it expected that...
  19. T

    Kettering (Ohio) Transitional Year (TY)

    Does anyone have any inside knowledge of the Kettering Transitional Year (TY) in Ohio?
  20. E

    IMG Transitional Year

    I was looking for this and I did not find any recent posts. Profile: US Born, IMG school. I'm a 4th year medical student that just did my 3rd year medical clerkships over at Mexico and I'll be doing my 4th and final year on USA. Just finished STEP 1 will take STEP 2 during the next semester. I...
  21. F

    Apply for pgy1 or pgy1?

    Hi Guys, Just want to get your advice going forward. I'm an IMG and went unmatched in the recent match season and nothing came through in SOAP either. However, a month after match day I was offered a Prelim position (I consider myself lucky) at one of the places which I had applied to during...
  22. K

    Michigan TYs

    Opinions on TYs at St. Mary Mercy in Livonia vs St. Joseph Mercy Oakland? They seem pretty similar.
  23. M

    ER residency advice

    Hello everyone! I could really use some advice please. I didn't get into an EM residency. Honestly academically and scores wise I'm not a very competitive applicant but I did multiple audition rotations and was told repeatedly that I excelled and was a great candidate. Unfortunately it seems...
  24. demarcolester

    WellStar Kennestone Transitional Year

    Anyone know anything about the WellStar Kennestone TY? It's a brand new TY but there is very limited info on the website about their curriculum, etc.... http://gme.wellstar.org/transition-year/
  25. M

    Any good transitional programs in the North East/New England Area?

    There isn't much information on good transitional year programs. I've only got one invite from a transitional program so I'm planning on applying more broadly. Have any of you guys heard anything?
  26. A

    Help with number of transitional/prelim

    DO here applying for ACGME radiology this year. Wondering if anyone can shed some light as to how many transitional/prelim programs they applied to/interviewed at and any advice with the process? I have heard conflicting opinions on the matter. At the risk of sounding lazy I have been...
  27. D

    IMMEDIATE transition year opening at Rowan

    Any DO's still looking for a Traditional Rotating Internship for this year? Contact me regarding setting up the TRI. Some details: the TRI is associated with Rowan SOM in Stratford, NJ. They would be taking my spot in the TRI, allowing me to accept an offer from a residency (instead of having to...
  28. U

    Made a google map of all transitional year programs

    Saw one of these for PM&R programs, found it helpful, so I threw one together for transitional year programs. Might be helpful for those that are looking for programs based on location. Feel free to share other places and let me know if the link isn't working for some reason...
  29. I

    Surgery block as TY

    I've matched into a TY + Derm, but start out on surgery and am kind of worried. I took a year of research and have only had a few rotations in the last year. Is there anyone with some guidance/insight on what a surgery block is like in a TY year? I'm assuming it's less surgery and more taking...
  30. Sailor Senshi Dermystify

    Confused on these terms

    Hello Everyone! I was reading the surgical subspecialties thread in pre-allo and the doctors and residents mentioned quite a few terms that I really don't understand How does the residency process works besides the match? What is a transtional year compared to preliminary and categorical...
  31. MemberX

    Transitional Year

    Hello friends and (future) colleagues, I am current applying for Neuro & prelim residencies. I have also received a few invitations for Transitional Year interviews. I was wondering if TY are allowed for most Neuro residencies? I have heard conflicting things so just want to get people's...