1. R

    Rads applicant - Worried I will miss the OR / surgery

    TLDR: I'm applying to radiology this upcoming cycle but I'm worried that I will miss the OR and patients. This past week I had a ton of fun with robotic/laparoscopic surgeries, and an attending who knows me well told me my personality and surgery preferences point towards ENT or Urology. He...
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  3. nikki2018

    Away rotations in urology

    Which urology away rotations have people enjoyed? Which ones have invited people back for an interview?
  4. akuko2

    APP procedures in Urology

    A recent episode of the AUA’s podcast Inside Tract (link below) mentions that APPs may be trained to perform cystoscopies, TRUS, prostate biopsies, and even vasectomies. Do you think that the expanded use of APPs in procedures would be a net benefit for urologist’s scope of practice and bottom...
  5. T

    Try to match Urology, or go straight for OB/GYN? Advice on how to apply two specialties

    Wondering if 4th years on the interview trail or residents can give some input in regards to chances and if I should give a shot at urology. Below are some stats and info: -3rd year male osteopathic student, Step1 235, COMLEX1 520-530, 3.0 GPA, Step2 and COMLEX2 in May TBD. -3 Poster...
  6. 9

    Urology Work/Activities Section

    I was curious how I should input a particular activity/set of activities: 1) I am a medical laboratory technician at a urology clinic 2) I am the only lab tech, so I also hold the title of Lab manager and duties (validating lots, Quality Control continuity, proficiency testing, "Small team...
  7. Hash Slinging Slasher

    Subpar Medical Student Looking for Urology Match Advice

    To give some background first, I'm a MS3 US medical student. I recently just finished a surgical elective rotation in urology and absolutely loved the rotation. After going 2.5 years in medical school with absolutely nothing clicking for me, the eureka moment of finally finding a specialty I...
  8. A

    Not having all 3 LOR on initial application

    I am applying to urology this cycle and only have 2 letters of recommendation uploaded so far. I am waiting on my other letter writers to upload. I sent my application in with the 2 letters before the release date Sept 15th. Will programs consider my application incomplete and either not look at...
  9. A

    Applying to Residency without all three LOR

    I am applying to urology this cycle and only have 2 letters of recommendation uploaded so far. I am waiting on my other letter writers to upload. I sent my application in with the 2 letters before the release date Sept 15th. Will programs consider my application incomplete and either not look at...
  10. A

    ACRO: RadOnc/Prostate cancer webinar with Dr. Mack Roach

    ACRO: American College of Radiation Oncology Resident Committee Presents Low Dose Rate (LDR) Brachytherapy Thursday, September 6, 5:30 PT (8:30ET) Dr. Mack Roach (Radiation Oncology) and Dr. Katsuto Shinohara (Urology) Are you interested in Prostate brachytherapy? Don't get much LDR...
  11. C

    IMG planning to move to canada, Interested in Surgery Post-graduation.

    Hello, I'm an IMG, planning for canadian immigration in 2019. Currently in South Asia. Interested in Surgery post graduation (preferably in Orthopedics/ Urology/ Plastics). Can someone please guide me as to what route i have to take and what exams are necessary for me? I'm a 2016 graduate.
  12. kalf

    How skillful are the new urologic surgeons after residency?

    This is a general question but reflects my fears. After finishing residency which procedures can a junior attending manage confidently? I know that as the years go by, uro residents are more displeased with the volume of surgeries the do due to work-hour restrictions and the minimally invasive...
  13. cpants

    Urology Attending AMA

    Young urology attending in the NE. 2 years out of training in private practice. I saw some other specialties have threads like this, and thought I would put myself out there if you guys want any questions answered about urologic or surgical training or practice.
  14. S


  15. C

    DO: Urology Match advice

    3rd-year DO student here. I want to go in urology but the scarcity of spots that DOs are traditionally competitive for (~25?) makes me really nervous. I'd be happy to get in anywhere, but focused on DO ACGME/AOA programs. COMLEX: 722, USMLE: 251, good pre-clinical grades, sigma sigma phi (does...
  16. kalf

    How do you study during Uro residency? And what resources do you use?

    Hi! MD graduate here, planning to match for Uro. I was wondering how do residents study during the uro residency? What strategies do the use to cope with the demanding hours in work and studying? Also, if possible, what resources (textbooks, qbanks, review questions, uptodate, other apps...
  17. G

    Chances of DO in Allo Urology

    Hi Guys, Im an MS3 and I just finished my Step 1. 260 Usmle, 846 comlex. My question is more for the Allo programs. Will a decent number of programs give me a shot atleast or are Allo uro programs most likely to throw away an application if its DO? Im planning on doing some Urology research soon...
  18. DrDranzer

    Urology vs Rad onc. Your views please

    Hey guys. I wanted your opinion on deciding between these 2 awesome fields. Always wanted to do something surgical and cancer related (initially did research gearing my app towards surgical oncology). Discovered Urology in 3rd year. Loved it. A close family member is a big wig Rad Onc. Tells me...
  19. S

    Uro vs ObGyn

  20. E

    Choosing a Residency: Ophtho vs. Urology vs. Obgyn

    Any advice would be helpful. I'm an MS3, aiming for a specialty with medicine and procedures/minor surgeries. Important to me: Patient interactions and care Lifestyle (more-so in terms of work-life balance than $)
  21. Polycherry

    Fate of prostatic urethra in TURP

    Trans urethral resection of prostate is a procedure for BHP where the urologist approaches the prostate through a catheter in the urethra and chips of pieces of the enlarged prostate. I am still MS2, so please correct me if wrong. My question is, while chipping off the prostate, the prostatic...
  22. iaskdumbquestions

    Urinalysis help

    Urinalysis are not so straightforward when you're looking at a result and are the one responsible for choosing what to do with it. The more I see, the more I realize that unless it's a rip-roaring infection, and the clinical picture is hazy (or downright counterintuitive), I am not 100%...
  23. TampaDoc81

    Physician - Internal Medicine, Urology, Family Medicine, or Nephrology

    Job Description: Are you a passionate physician with an Internal Medicine, Urology, Family Medicine, or Nephrology background? Regional Medical Center in Western Maryland looking for a couple of Physicians. Excellent environment offering a unique work/ life experience. Our ideal candidate...
  24. D

    Position Swap Uro Swap

    Looking to swap. I'm a PGY 1 in NYC area looking for a west coast/anywhere position for PGY2.