1. bmoore46


    Hi everyone, I’m at a crossroads and could use advice! So far UTSW has given me a competitive scholarship and so it would be the cheapest option, however when I toured the school I was just not impressed with the overall vibe. I enjoyed TWU-Houston much more. Is this a silly reason to chose a...
  2. P


  3. Stoppingtheworld

    TMDSAS: Dell vs UTSW

    Hi Everyone. Thanks for taking the time to review this post. I have been caught between Dell vs UTSW for quite some time. Before the winter holiday, I had decided on UTSW being the best choice for me, due to the proximity to home and prestige. However, Dell has offered me a full tuition...
  4. bmoore46

    Texas DPT Programs choice

    Hi all, I have been accepted to TWU-Hou, UTMB, UTHSCSA, and UTSW DPT programs. Does anyone have any feelings on the schools? I'm incredibly thankful to have these choices but I have no idea what to pick! I'm looking for a program that creates closeness within your cohort/professors, has...
  5. T

    Question about reusing hardship for secondary essay (UTSW)

    Hey guys, One of the questions for UTSW's MSTP secondary is: If you wish, please describe major hardships or adversity you have overcome to reach this point in your life (if none, please state “none”). I was wondering if I could reuse my hardship essay topic from my TMDSAS primary...
  6. T

    Applying to MD/PhD programs, should I email faculty about interest in their labs?

    Hey guys, I was working on my UT southwestern secondary and saw that for MD/PhD it requests a list of 5 faculty whose research interests me. For this program, and the others I am applying to, would it be worthwhile to email these professors to let them know my interest, and ask more about their...
  7. M

    UMich vs UChicago vs Pitt vs UTSW

    I'm from the midwest, but am currently working (gap year employment) at a hospital in Houston, TX. I didn't have TX residency, but applied through the TMDSAS for the heck of it, and ended up getting accepted to my top choice from that application, UT Southwestern. Normal AMCAS application...
  8. L

    UTSW vs USC (Keck)

    I've been fortunate enough to get into these great schools and receive amazing scholarships, I'm having such a hard time deciding. I was born, raised, and went to college in Dallas so I've grown to love the city. However, getting to live in California has always been a dream of mine. Don't know...
  9. ThatAggieGuy

    Need some help deciding (Texas Schools)

    Today, I was accepted to Dell medical school! Although I'm very excited, I am also very torn between the 3 schools I prematched to: UTSW, Dell, UTH (Mcgovern). I need some help and different input (possibly from other applicants or medical students) to begin finalizing my choice. Currently I...
  10. M

    Dell vs UTSW 2019

    Both are great schools, and I loved the interview day, facilities, and meeting the students. However, I am torn between the two - which to rank as my #1. I am not entirely sure which specialty I will be going for, but there's a high chance I would like to do something like Derm, Optho, or...
  11. VivaElBirdos

    UTSW vs Dell (after Dell's first step scores released)

    I was fortunate to pre-match into these two schools. Has the comparison changed since the release of Dell's Step 1 scores? (244 average) They have higher Step averages, lower tuition and much smaller class size (50 vs 244). However, UTSW seems to be the safe bet with their established...
  12. M

    UT Southwestern vs. Mayo

    First time posting here. I am trying to decide between UT Southwestern and Mayo School of Medicine. I am a Dallas resident (home 20 miles from UT Southwestern) and am interested in neuro/neurosurgical specialty as well as research. UTSW PROS: Closer to home In-State Tuition - $18,500 Awesome...
  13. swgadoo

    Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt vs UTSW

    Hi SDN! I'm so thankful for a successful application cycle. I've been WL'd to my favorite school, Duke, but if I don't get off of that waitlist, then I'll be making this decision, most likely. I want to go into academic medicine, but am open to any speciality right now. COA at NW and Vandy would...
  14. U

    Texas Schools

    Hello, I fortunately prematched at four texas schools: UTSW UTMB McGovern UTSA (only recently prematched on dec 31st) I am trying to accurately gauge how much I want to go to each of the schools but it is hard to do because apparently most don't release financial aid information/...
  15. I

    University of Texas Southwestern (UTSW) Interview

    Anyone headed to UTSW for the interview on Monday? Do you happen to know a current student at UTSW or someone who interviewed there? I'd love to know more!!
  16. N

    Texas Non-Trad/Career Change (MD)

    Hi All, I am looking for some guidance in deciding on a path towards medical school (pref. MD). A brief background: Dallas, TX resident Currently working in the IT industry B.S. Management Information Systems - Penn State University (2015) cGPA: 3.0 sGPA: 1.0 (Took a semester away from Penn...
  17. S

    Thoughts on west/southwest pathology programs?

    I'm hoping to hear some opinions on the relative strengths of west/southwest path residency programs, and particularly the following programs in terms of AP training (as a component of AP/CP residency) - UNM, UW, UTSW. In particular I wonder which have the sort of faculty that can impart the...
  18. C

    DO School or Reapply?

    I know this topic has been discussed on here previously but I would like to see what options I have given my specific situation. I applied to all of the Texas schools for the 2017-2018 application cycle in late July. I only received one interview and was pre-matched at UNTHSC-TCOM. I have a 3.81...
  19. W

    Freshman Inquiry

    I'm a freshman at UT Austin, so all of these stats are expectations/guidelines rather than actual achievements. Cumulative GPA: 3.8; Science GPA: 3.9 MCAT 514 Research: As for research, I should have at least 3 semesters under my belt, with one poster presentation. Clinical: For clinical...
  20. beyoutiful_sunshine

    2016-2017 Texas Applicants

    Hello! I tried to get a thread like this going earlier this summer but hopefully now that more people applied, there will be more response. In the spirit of two similar threads for 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 that helped me A LOT, I thought it would be great to have a thread like this to get the...
  21. O

    Below Minimum GRE scores

    Hey guys! just had a quick question for you all! I was wondering if anyone on here has gained admission to Texas PT school (ex: UTSW, Texas State, Texas Tech) with below minimum GRE scores? I haven't taken my GRE yet, but would like some, somewhat good news if I don't get the scores l need...
  22. B

    Best MD/PHD applicant qualifications

    Good afternoon all, I just graduated at A&M with a BSc in Biochemistry, and I am now working at UTSW as a research assistant. I am clearly on this forum because I want to be an MD/PHD. However, I am unsure as to what are some qualifications I would need to be a competent applicant. I intend in...