1. supershorty

    StardeWW Valley - GAME THREAD

    (music for ambiance) You step off the train and look around. It's a quiet little valley, flourishing green and with flowers blooming everywhere. The perfect spring environment. It's quite a change from the busy city life you've grown accustomed to. You see a mountainous range in the...
  2. supershorty

    StardeWW Valley - Sign Up Thread - Sign Ups CLOSED - Game Start 2/2

    Everything's been such a whirlwind. And now, you've found yourself in a new place to call home. Your grandfather's farm, overgrown, with only a decrepit greenhouse and a tiny house for you. And yet, you see endless possibilities. You could be very happy here. Your eyes sparkle as you imagine...
  3. SportPonies

    NoWW That's What I Call the 2000s - 8th Annual Noob WW Game

    Let's take a moment together to consider this post-pandemic landscape that we live in. ...actually, scratch that. Let's take a moment in this post-pandemic landscape to consider simpler times. An era of pop punk and economic recession when you could TXT your BBFL after class about homework...
  4. SARdoghandler

    GGoats!! - An aMAAAAAHzing WW thread

    ERMAGERD GERTS As we have al already established, goats are amazing creatures and clearly the best in the animal kingdom. Unfortunately, there are some villains out there who do not like goats. *cue dramatic gasp* Anyway, curse the non believers and all that jazz. May the most goatiest goats...
  5. SARdoghandler

    GGoats? WW Sign up thread (closed) - Starting ASAP

    Goats, man. Goats are awesome. Majestic. Graceful. Screaming. We gonna have us a game about goats. It's gonna be run by yours truly, the GOAT and also probably the other GOAT @kaydubs (but in fairness, I haven't actually checked with her yet - but really who can resist the goats???). This game...
  6. SportPonies

    WWarriors Sign Ups [Roster finalized- subs open]

    Game will start a few days after Hannibal ends. I'll take however many sign up, and theme will be based on number of players- either Warriors (the YA book series about feral cats) or the wild land of my dreams. If I get a suitable number to run either game, I may choose the theme more popular...
  7. SARdoghandler

    WW in the Canadian WWilds (Sign-ups) - a KARdubZ production

    WELCOME TO THE CANADIAN WWILDS (for those of you not on night mode, your'e missing my canadian flag pun and I'm sorry for you) A SAR, KDUBS, and DUBZ (i.e. KARDUBZ) PRODUCTION Hey ya hosers! I know the border's closed or something but we heard you'd really like to take a trip to Canada, eh...
  8. kaydubs

    OrchWWestra sign-ups +/- game thread

    Do it. 1. Tagging those who expressed interest: @WildZoo @Skimble @Animal Midwife @StayingPositive2017 @Melchizedek @vetmedhead @katashark @genny @capri1722 @Crayola227 @SportPonies @SARdoghandler + @allieh8607 - if you want to co-mod/observe, feel free. Or sign up.
  9. SARdoghandler

    Speed WW - SAR edition (Interest/Sign-up/Game?? Thread)

    Interest was expressed in a speed game running tomorrow (December 1). Cycles would be 55 minute days and 5 minute nights (i.e. 7-7:05 is night, 7:05-8 is day, repeat as necessary). I need 9 people to run it if we're going to make it happen. Theme is TBD and may be flavourless depending on how...
  10. SportPonies

    I WWanna Be The Very Best (Game Thread)

    It's time to travel across the land, searching far and wide..... each villager to understand, the magic of friendship. Or something. Time to catch some wolves. Go go gadget. anyone else hear the game music with this gif? Rules: 1. No PMing unless otherwise specified. 2. No screenshots...
  11. SARdoghandler

    Fall Reading WWeek Short/Small Game - Interest/Signup thread

    Table of Contents Game Start: Fall Reading WWeek Short/Small Game - Interest/Signup thread End D1: Fall Reading WWeek Short/Small Game - Interest/Signup thread End N1: Fall Reading WWeek Short/Small Game - Interest/Signup thread End D2: Fall Reading WWeek Short/Small Game - Interest/Signup...
  12. SportPonies

    Smash Bros WW Sign-Ups!

    We haven't had a WW game in a while, you say? "PREPARE YOURSELF!" for KOing all your friends- no cows included. @kaydubs and I will be your lovely mods. Game set to run sometime later next week. We can accommodate a lot of players with this one, so call yo friends. @WildZoo @Melchizedek...
  13. Gwenevre

    His Dark Materials WW

    The sign-ups and game you've all been waiting for! 1. @Trilt 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Waiting List 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.