1. S

    Seeking guidance on Postbaccalaureate Programs

    Hi, I am an international student and wish to apply to MD/MD-PhD programs. Below is a brief description of my profile: -Graduate in Biotech Engineering, GPA 8.77 -Post-graduate in Marine Biotech Engineering, GPA 8.44 -Post-Graduate Diploma in Multi-Omics Technology, GPA 10 Note: The GPAs...
  2. S

    Seeking guidance on MD-PhD programs

    Hi, I am an international student and wish to apply to MD/MD-PhD programs. Below is a brief description of my profile: -Graduate in Biotech Engineering, GPA 8.77 -Post-graduate in Marine Biotech Engineering, GPA 8.44 -Post-Graduate Diploma in Multi-Omics Technology, GPA 10 Note: The GPAs...
  3. D

    WAMC MD-PhD Should I apply this year or wait?

    I have heard from some advisors that it would be better for me to wait until next year to apply for MD-PhD schools because I have very little clinical experience, no patient experience, and no publications in research. I have significant research experience, however. But I have heard from others...
  4. petomed

    Nontrad MD-PhD with weak stats but strong direction

    MD-PhD's are the high rung concerning competitiveness. Can anyone speak to knowing someone who gained acceptance with a < 512 MCAT and/or < 3.7 GPA? How did the rest of their application resolve these crucial deficits? Is there any value added by having not just passion for research, but a...
  5. M

    MD WAMC MD-PHD (and/or MD)

  6. manivharat

    University of Iowa MSTP vs University of Kansas MD-PhD

    Howdy all! I've received the privilege of being accepted to two wonderful MD-PhD programs. However, I have been having an extremely difficult time choosing between the two schools. I have been given the deadline to accept my offer to one of these schools by March 25th. For some context, my...
  7. BNW1984

    Apply to MD-PhD now or do PhD-->MD

    Hello everyone, I have been on this forum (and several other SDN forums) looking at past posts about MD-PhD programs and trying to figure out what path I can take in order to be a physician-scientist. I have known for a while (around junior year of college-I'm in my second gap year now) that I...
  8. M

    Is MD-PhD a good fit for me?

    I went into undergraduate at the ripe age of 14 thinking that I wanted to do pre-med and become a doctor, but I was discouraged by the difficulty of the pre-med curriculum at my school- so I ended up going into general biomedical science instead, content to pursue a PhD. Even though I wasn't...
  9. M

    Clinical Experience Requirements for MD-PhD Applicants

    Hello everyone, I am a sophomore biochem (MS/BS) and biology (BS) major at a T30 university. I was wondering how many hours of clinical experience (shadowing/volunteering/working) would be expected of an MD-PhD applicant. Also, is any type of experience preferred? I would assume that clinical...
  10. S

    Non-biomedical research

    How is this viewed by MD-PhD programs?
  11. R

    How would MD-PhD admissions view twins?

    If both twins apply to the same school, but one to the MD program and the other to the MD-PhD program, would this have any impact on admissions? Would admissions be hesitant to accept one (with higher stats) and deny the other (with lower stats), leading to denial of both applicants?
  12. T

    Low GPA first semester, need advice

    I feel like this comes up a lot on these sorts of forums but I'm a MD-PhD hopeful at a university ranked 100-125 and I bombed my first semester, making only a 3.44. I only took STEM classes and I'm very involved in a research lab, and hoping to get an REU for the summer. From what I've heard you...
  13. evasive fish

    Apply this cycle or wait until next year?

    Edited for privacy.
  14. D


  15. drewbins

    Uneven MCAT Score - MSTP

  16. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Can you take your gap year to take graduate coursework to transfer towards an MSTP?

    This is just out of curiosity, but I was wondering if you could earn graduate credits which could be transferred into the PhD portion of an MSTP program to cut down on the time in the MSTP program?
  17. H

    Pre-MD/PhD summer decisions

    SOS. I am a rising senior who is pursuing an MD/PhD. I attend an all-undergraduate college. Here is my research experience: Summer after freshman year: 10-week cancer research internship at a cancer center near home (convenient commuting) Sophomore year: on-campus molecular biology research...
  18. M

    Johns Hopkins Summer Internship 2017

    Does anyone know if the JHSIP notifies applicants on a case-by-case basis or if they alert everyone March 1st? Has anyone else applied or attended? I applied to BSI Microbiology, Pulm and Crit Care, and the stem cell research.
  19. bhuvnesh sankar

    Preparing MCAT from India

    I am a medical aspirant planning to take up MD-Phd at Duke NUS grad school ,Singapore.Could someone guide me through MCAT preparation..Is a classroom course mandatory for such preparation.I,ve planned to supplement my study with ExamKrakers 's materials and Khan Academy videos...
  20. L

    Mid-Tier MD/PhD vs. Top-Tier PhD

    Hello all! Context I am in a situation where I am considering between a mid-tier MD/PhD program (non-MSTP) and some top-tier PhD programs. I am certain at this point that I want to become a physician-scientist, however, I haven't done as well in the admissions process due to a low uGPA. On...
  21. H

    What should i do?

  22. H

    What should i do?

  23. H

    MCATprep without full class schedule. Is that OK?

    Hi all, To give you quick context of my situation: I'm a junior preparing to for the 2017 med school application cycle. I technically began studying for the MCAT last June--but I didn't start hardcore, intense studying yet. Hopefully I'll take the MCAT in the spring (March the earliest, June at...
  24. J

    PhD or M.S. before MD in Medical Physics?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for insight into the plausibility and general effectiveness of what I have been considering after my undergraduate studies. I am currently planning on receiving a degree in physics with a possible emphasis in medical physics within the next 2 - 2.5 years. I have been...