2022-2023 South Carolina, Columbia

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Me too! What do people normally use? Group me or FB?
I’ve seen a lot of other schools using GroupMe, but if a chat is gonna be made we would have the best bet of it being on Messenger on FB. That’s where the class group thing is

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Is there a group for students? Or did I misunderstand
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If I do all of these, do I get IS tuition (from these requirements, it seems like the earliest I could get IS tuition would be after M1)


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A off the WL this morning! So happy :) OOS top tier
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Congratulations! It is interesting how IS middle went before some OOS top. Fingers still crossed !
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A just now middle tier IS!!!
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withdrawing as well, after lots of deliberation. good luck to everyone
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Anyone know how the C2E deadline works tomorrow? Can they accept after that deadline to fill whatever is left or does all movement stop? I can see that there’s only 81 in the FB and wondering if there’s any movement left