2023-2024 University of Chicago (Pritzker)

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Update for transparency since there is not much info on this. I got off the waitlist for Kaiser Permanente and they gave me full tuition and COA. I brought this to uchicago and they gave me a $10,000 per year stipend on top of tuition. They rejected my negotiations twice before when I only had full tuition offers to counter.

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So did anyone else get an offer off of the waitlist? Or is the class full
based off previous years threads I think the best predictor if the class is full is the group chat, but like someone mentioned it's possible that it's full and the people who are missing don't have groupme
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...going off of that has there been any change in the group chat numbers?
The group chat has 90 people (incl 3-4 current students) but there are a couple of people still on other school's waitlists.
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I talked to Emily and yeah basically there won't be any movement until someone leaves the class (to go to another med school). She did say that there's the most movement in may and some in june.
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