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Any runners in Kansas?

Discussion in 'Pre-Veterinary' started by alliecat44, May 9, 2007.

  1. alliecat44

    alliecat44 KSU CVM Class of '11 Moderator Emeritus Veterinarian 5+ Year Member

    Jan 23, 2007
    DC metro area
    Hi, all,

    I'm itching to run the Rock 'n Roll Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach this September 2. (I ran it last year, and it was tons of fun!) However, that would mean my longest training runs (12 miles/13 miles/14 miles) would be SOLO in Kansas. At the start of my first semester of vet school. AACK!

    If anyone is interested in running these long runs with me--as part of your own training program for whatever race or just for the hell of it--please let me know! We runners tend to be a friendly lot, and I like to think I'm no exception. :) And it's a great way to get to know a new classmate and maybe review stuff together!

    However, I'm not particularly fast, and I'm aiming for a race time of 2:13 (or ten-minute miles), which puts my training runs at 11-12 minute miles. I tend to run these early on Sunday mornings, before the heat kicks in. And then tend to have a decadent brunch with my running partner(s). Great excuse to stuff ourselves. :)

    If interested, please let me know. Thanks, and look forward to seeing you next year!
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  3. CookieBear

    CookieBear 5+ Year Member

    Oct 1, 2006
    East Coast
    Hey Allie!

    I tried jogging awhile back, and my knees and back just couldn't seem to handle any of it. :(


    Sorry to hijak the thread so soon, but if there's anyone who likes to bike (road or easy mountain), I am so there. :love:

    The linear trail that runs around town looks pretty cool. It's apparently pretty well maintained, too. It can be used for running, jogging or biking it seems.

  4. alliecat44

    alliecat44 KSU CVM Class of '11 Moderator Emeritus Veterinarian 5+ Year Member

    Jan 23, 2007
    DC metro area
    Hi, Cookie! :) No worries about hijacking the thread--please, feel free! Personally, I'm a big pansy and am scared of falling off a bike; otherwise, I'd certainly be right there with you.

    Any outdoorsy Kansans about?

    P.S. The Linear Trail definitely seems to be where it's at, so I've heard!
  5. thereservoirdog

    thereservoirdog 7+ Year Member

    Jan 21, 2007
    I'd join you but I live in cali . I really need to get back in shape for rugby
  6. doxiepup

    doxiepup 2+ Year Member

    Mar 14, 2007
    Hey Alliecat!

    I ran a half-marathon last year in Sacramento, California. I believe we run at about the same pace. I have hip issues if I run longer than an hour so I could barely walk after the race, but you know us runners, I couldn't give it up. I took it easy since then and haven't run that far, but reading your thread inspired me to do another one, so if you are looking for a running buddy, I'm game!

    I won't be in KS until early August, so that doesn't give us too much time before your race. Oh well, Happy training ;)
  7. cubs11

    cubs11 2+ Year Member

    May 6, 2007
    i have a road bike and love to ride. but i'm not in kansas. :(

    never was a runner, but have always wanted to be one! now i'm suffering from a back injury (since last june) so i'm lucky to be able to go for long walks at this point. i was training for a triathlon last year, scheduled to do it in july, and then the back injury sidelined me.

    i'm so envious of runners...especially those of you who do minis and full marathons! and in virginia beach?!?! gorgeous!
  8. Moonpaw

    Moonpaw 2+ Year Member

    Sep 12, 2006
    Hey allie! I'm actually nowhere near Kansas, but I saw "runners" and I had to check out this thread anyways. I ran a half marathon a year ago, and trained all by me lonesome...there's nothing like running up and down the same three-mile bike path to make you go out of your mind. So good luck, happy running, and most importantly, have fun!
  9. alliecat44

    alliecat44 KSU CVM Class of '11 Moderator Emeritus Veterinarian 5+ Year Member

    Jan 23, 2007
    DC metro area
    Wow, so many runners! This is great! :love: I really admire those of you who trained for a half-marathon by yourselves--I don't think I could have done it without my friends.

    Doxie, that sounds wonderful! I'll be training hardcore starting in mid-June. I completely understand the hip thing--I had a bad injury to my IT band two months before the race last year, gave myself an ulcer on raceday (ibuprofen on an empty stomach) and struggled through the half limping the whole way with severe stomach upset in 2:23. Stubborn, indeed! Sounds like we'd be a good match! ;) I'm not getting there until early August, either, so no worries. Anyone want to join us?

    Moonpaw, I can't imagine running up and down the same three-mile stretch...arrrggghh. You've got some serious dedication. :)

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