1. S

    Medical Scribe/Intern Opportunity in the Bay Area, CA

    This is an exciting opportunity for the aspiring medical student, during a gap year between undergraduate studies and medical school, to assist in the treatment of patients in the heart of Silicon Valley as part of a busy Workers Comp Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Sports...
  2. G

    Prereading before gensurg intern year

    I'm a nontrad med student (MS4) who just applied into General Surgery. I have a few months off between my graduation and July 1 and really need some advice on what resources I should use to keep my medical knowledge current before starting internship. A lot of residents say things along the...
  3. Caffeine Matters

    MS4s going in to FM

    Just wanted to reach out to all my MS4s on SDN who are going through this unique virtual era due to Covid and need to connect with residents! Feel free to message me if you have questions about FM intern year. I am a current intern with a university FM program.
  4. J

    Reapplicant problem

  5. B

    Goldman Sachs Internship Vs. Research Junior Summer

    Hey, this is a throwaway account and I am in no means trying to brag, I'm just really confused. A little bit of background: I am a student concentrating in Applied Mathematics-Biology and Chemistry or Computer Science (figuring it out still) at Ivy League (Non HYP). I received an offer from...
  6. Maryamsinai

    July 2020 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Non Categorical Position Available

    Hi everyone, Mount Sinai health system in new york city is excited to announce to have three non-categorical positions for oral and maxillofacial surgery starting in July 2020. Who qualifies: - completed a GPR1 - interest in OMS what to do Send the CV to [email protected] Feel...
  7. U

    July 2020 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Non Categorical Position Available

    The University of Nebraska Medical Center Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is offering a single non-categorical internship for the 2020-2021 academic year. The responsibilities of the intern will include primary trauma and dentoalveolar call, rotation on the OMFS Head and Neck...
  8. G

    How to keep learning after medical school?

    To EM residents and attendings out there: Going into EM intern year, I'm expecting even less structure in learning than there was in medical school. How do you actually continue medical education? Not the CME for credit stuff but the real stuff. Looking for a structure or method that might be...
  9. DoctorMedicine

    How to prepare for residency

    Is there anything that I can do for the month of May to prepare for residency besides "enjoy my life"? Here's what I'm planning so far: 1) Learn how to cook- find recipes that are easy, quick, and cheap 2) Make a budget now that I know what's my yearly income 3) Brush up on common inpatient...
  10. M

    Best time during intern year to take Step 3?

    Hello all, When is the best time to take Step 3? Do you take it early on? Later in the year? Before residency even starts?? My prelim program said I just had to do it before the end of the year, but just curious as to when most others take it. Is it also typical for students to reimburse you...
  11. N

    Lose-Lose Gridlock

    Thank you in advance for your advice. I’m having trouble in residency and thinking of trying to find an alternative. I will try to stay vague so my PD doesn’t learn about this from SDN somehow. I matched into my top choice and I’m loving the program. It’s a very poor hospital system with tons...
  12. d-dimer

    TY Electives to Prep for CA-1

    How many months of anesthesia do you recommend for pgy-1 as a TY? How about other useful electives? Extra month of cardiology, IM Wards or IM clinic? Or should I go for easier electives like radiology, derm, rheum, non-surgical ortho to study for Step 3? Thanks in advance
  13. D

    Switching Out

  14. S

    What's my options?

  15. B

    CVS Emerging Leader Program

    Does anyone know if a 6th year intern (graduating May 2019) can start the Emerging Leader Program? Also, what is it, how long does it take, and what can you do after you complete it? From my understanding, this is something you have to do before you can become a DL. Also, where can I find more...
  16. MEMBER23511

    Midyear 2019 ASHP

    Anyone interested in a dinner or lunch meetup during midyear? I would love to meet people from different schools.
  17. S

    Fired for Diversion, found innocent, who will consider hiring

    Long story short: Worked for a chain pharmacy, as an intern up until the point I received a Pharmacist job offer full time. Two months later, I was accused of diversion, fired, complaint sent to the BOP, went to court, and I was later found completely innocent. The BOP response was that there...
  18. L

    Will CVS rehire an intern that quit?

    Hi, I am wondering how difficult it is to be hired as a pharmacist by CVS if you previously worked as an intern/tech for a few years, but resigned while in pharmacy school. Any input or anecdotal stories are appreciated.
  19. Therapy_Rhapsody

    How to get paid as a postdoc in private practice?

    Hello, I'm planning to move to Oregon and join a group private practice. I will still need about 4 months of postdoc hours before getting licensed once I move to Oregon. Can I get on insurance panels as a postdoc resident? I'm willing to work with kids and I primarily want to work with adults. I...
  20. T

    H1B Visa Denials/Delays for Incoming Physicians

    Hey all, I'm wondering who else among us has been affected by the H1B visa denials for incoming IMG physicians. It's getting super close to start date and orientation. Apparently about 1000 of us are affected. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything at all on this? Feel free to DM if you...
  21. Z

    Internships as Pre-Med

    I have been furiously searching for internships as I am reaching my junior year in my undergraduate. It's difficult, obviously, to try to find an internship as pre-med, but I am trying to as it diversifies the application and all. Does anyone know of places offering internship-like formats for...
  22. D

    What Internship Should I Pick: Children vs Adult's Hospital

    I've been fortunate enough to be offered two pharmacy intern positions as a P0 starting this summer. Here are the essential differences between each position: > Primary Children's Hospital (SLC, Utah): Starting pay is $17.72/hr and I would obtain experience in Central Pharmacy Infusion...
  23. U

    2018 MHA Summer Internship Progress

    I am currently a MHA student in a lower ranked school in the midwest. I am, like the rest of us, applying for internships for this upcoming summer, and I would like to see how progress is for other MHA students that are applying for summer internships. I have applied to many hospitals...
  24. U

    2018 MHA Summer Internship Progress

    I am currently a MHA student in a lower ranked school in the midwest. I am, like the rest of us, applying for internships for this upcoming summer, and I would like to see how progress is for other MHA students that are applying for summer internships. I have applied to many hospitals...
  25. M

    Preliminary Surgery SOAP

    I am an American Medical Student who is applying into an advanced program requiring a general surgery preliminary program. I was hoping to live in Chicago for my preliminary program, but only received one preliminary interview for Chicago, but many in cities along the West Coast. Do you...
  26. squirrelnutkin

    Thought on Letters of Recommendation from Interns/Residents?

    Hi everyone, First time post. I was just wondering if any of you had any thoughts on getting a letter of recommendation for the VMCAS from a veterinary intern or a surgical resident, or if any of you had done this in the past when applying. I work at a fairly large equine practice as a...
  27. BenBenBen

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY-2 in Dermatology and research with stipend

    I am a preliminary general surgery candidate focused on acquiring a residency position in dermatology. I am an applicant this year through ERAS and may match (I hope so!). However, I have a dearth of dermatology research. Whether I match into a 2019 PGY-2 spot or not, I would like to pursue...
  28. MHIF Intern Program

    12 positions ‐ paid premed internships in cardiovascular clinical research SDN

    Undergrad premed students, please consider this great opportunity to do clinical research: Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation will hire 12 interns for paid, 12week internships this summer. The application DEADLINE is JANUARY 15! Interns work 1:1 with a cardiologist mentor, and participate...
  29. M

    MD & DO MS4 wedding planning help!

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to gauge some input from current fourth years and interns on the best time to get married during fourth year. Options: -2 weeks in between 3rd and 4th year (2019) -winter break of 4th year (2019) -after graduation (2020) My fiance is a year ahead of me, which...
  30. Pscyh6

    Day-To-Day Tasks for an Intern

    Just curious what types of jobs or tasks an intern would go through on a day to day basis. (Specifically an intern in the family/counseling field) If you're an intern or you know an intern in any other specific area; feel free to list a few tasks with the field he/she is working in.
  31. T

    Getting a pharmacy internship after my first year of pre pharmacy

    I am a student at St. Johns (6 year PharmD program). I am a freshman, but I don't want to waste my summer and I wanted to look into a pharmacy internship. Do pharmacies or any companies accept interns, or when should I look to get an internship (what year).
  32. M

    Interns friending residents of Facebook

    Is it normal for interns to friend residents on facebook, especially in less than two months after starting rotations?
  33. M

    VCOM - Auburn, Rural rotation sites, Jack Hughston, 3rd, 4th year rotations

    I am all over the place so pls bear with me and please help me. 1) what is the criterion to get assigned a rotation site, lottery, grades? Jack Hughston is a "ortho" hosiptal predominantly so how will students get to rotate in all areas that students at hospitals do? 2) Do students get to pick...
  34. K

    Re-Applying to Residency following Dismissal as Intern

    Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback regarding a current situation that is particularly distressing to me as I move forward to (hopefully) recontinue my career in medicine I recently was dismissed from my residency shortly into my intern (PGY-1) year after a few episodes of being...
  35. iamironman

    Onlinemeded PDFs reviews for CK and intern year

    I just found out that onlinemeded has two PDFs. One with the Tables to quick review and One for Intern guide book. Is it worth spending money on for CK or UWorld is enough? experienced persons' advice needed here!
  36. HoHoKus Dental Associates

    Dental Internship in New Jersey

    Calling All Pre-Dental Students! If you are in the New Jersey area, HoHoKus Dental Associates is looking for an intern who is available throughout the upcoming school year and summer! Students who have their hearts set on dentistry and are planning to pursue careers in the field are invited to...
  37. O

    Looking for non-categorical intern OMFS position

    Hey, if anybody out there knows of an open OMFS non-categorical position will you private message me? I have a friend that's looking. Thanks.
  38. D

    New Surgery categorical intern, could I lose my job to a prelim?

    I'll be starting my intern year in general surgery next week... What would stop my program from not signing me to a PGY2 contract and taking one of the undesignated prelims from my program instead (if they liked one of them better)? Am I still competing for a job? Thanks.
  39. HoHoKus Dental Associates

    Shadowing Opportunities in New Jersey

    Hello everyone, If you are in the NJ area and are looking for opportunities to shadow/intern, please contact us at [email protected]. Our website can give you more details on how our program is set up and this is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the field of dentistry! Good...
  40. M

    Help with applying online to walgreens

    Please can someone explain how to apply as a pharmacy intern to walgreens? I think they recently changed their online application process and I am not sure how to do it now. I have spent hours trying to figure it out. When you go to their career pages only a few walgreens positions are listed...