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Aug 18, 2023
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Hi there! I am a PA resident and incoming sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. I was just wondering if I could get any feedback/advice on what I have completed so far in my journey towards veterinary school. I have always had very big dreams of becoming a zoological/conservation vet ever since I was little, and yes I am aware of the competitiveness, low pay, and job market for zoo vets but that does not steer me away from my passion. I do have some schools in mind but none are set in stone on a list just yet. If anyone would be willing to provide and kind of feedback or advice on my current stats or even what schools to be on the look out for, I would be greatly appreciative. Thank you and best of luck to everyone!

20, M, PA resident, still about 2 years until I apply

Cumulative GPA: 3.52
Science GPA: 3.30
Last 45: N/A

Defiantly plan on trying my best to improve both:xf:

Degrees (IN PROGRESS):
B.S. in Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
Minor in Chemistry and Criminal Justice

Veterinary Experience:
350 hours at small animal/exotic clinic (also sees some livestock and emergencies)
65 hours at small animal specialty clinic
415 total hours

I obviously plan to add more hours as time goes on. I currently have shadowing set up at an emergency and specialty clinic in my area which I am excited for. I would love to add equine/food animal but sadly there are no vets in my area that I can find who still do this, the only one retired about 3 years ago. I would love to add further diversity to my shadowing though!

Animal Experience:
200 hours at wildlife rehab clinic
50 hours at local humane society
200 hours (probably more) with my father tagging/surveying massasauga rattlesnakes and eastern hellbenders with DCNR
100 hours pet sitting
550 total hours

Again, I plan on gaining more hours before the time I apply. I also have an upcoming internship at the Zoo which should add on about 160-190 hours that I can use as animal experience. My school also requires an internship to be fulfilled in order to graduate so I plan on using that towards animal experience hours. I may also try to get a secondary internship with the zoo if this one goes well, the aviary close to me also has a veterinary internship too.

Research Experience:
45 hours researching the Lobe gene in fruit flies with my biology professor
45 total hours

My school also requires an independent research project to be completed and presented to fulfill a graduation requirement so I will be able to add that to this section.

Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America
Inducted into Phi Eta Sigma (freshman only national honor society)
Vice President of Science club
Treasurer for Botany Club
Deans list (fall semester, missed the spring by 0.01 gpa point)
County Chorus (Highschool)
Peer leader for freshman orientation and TA for freshman career exploration seminar class

As time goes on I'm sure that I will be able to add more to this list. This coming semester upon successful completion of my genetics and ochem class, I will be inducted into the bio national honor society and chem national honor society.

3,100 hours Boy Scouts of America (if I did the math correctly:rofl:)
340 hours of varsity football (played for 1 year)
205 hours of junior varsity basketball (played for 1 year)
525 hours in a recreational basketball league (played for 4 years, short seasons)
650 hours of track and field (ran for 3 years)
235 hours in chorus (was in for 3 years during high school)
100 hours for science club (both semesters, 1 hours a week plus other activities and sponsored trip)
30 hours for botany club (both semesters, 1 hour a week)
5,185 total hours

Some other things that I am not sure if I can add for hours include hobbies of mine such as snowboarding, guitar, paintball/air-soft, hiking, painting, ect..

600 hours working part time as a unit clerk for my local hospital
600 total hours

Letters of recommendation (those who have said they would write one for me):

My biology professor
My chem professor
The veterinarian and his fiancee at the clinic I shadow at most often

Currently I have only asked those people for LORs but as time goes on I eventually hope to add more to this list.

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