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  1. J

    UCLA vs MWU-AZ

    Hello! I was blessed to be accepted into both UCLA and MWU-AZ dental school. It has been hard for me to make up my decision as to which school to attend. I'm not planning to specialize. It would be great if I can get some insights as well as some advices from you guys. Greatly appreciated! ps...
  2. D

    What stood out to you about the schools you visited and/or attended?

    For those of you that visited and/or attend/ed MPH/MSPH programs, what schools and what are the vibes you got? How diverse were other students in race/ethnicity, SES, income, gender, age, professional work experience, etc? Anything in particular about schools/programs that stood out to you as a...
  3. S

    MD WAMC/School List Help (3.9X GPA/52X)

  4. H

    Where To Apply???

    Hello SDN, I'm a first time poster so I apologize if the format or anything else is wrong! I'm an Black woman from NC with a 504 (129/125/126/124) and a 3.7cGPA and ~3.5sGPA. I have loads of campus involvement (club sports, NAACP, ambassador), over 200 shadowing hours, pretty decent LORs, and...
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  6. 8

    School List for Nontrad-Need Help!

    A bit about me- Undergrad degree: supply chain management and marketing from a top 30 business school. Undergrad GPA: 3.57 Post-Bacc/sGPA: 3.97 (I took no sciences undergrad). MCAT: 517 (130/126/130/131) Residence: Illinois Not disadvantaged. EC's: 1,200+ hours scribing, international EMS...
  7. R

    Pritzker vs Penn (accidental duplicate thread)

    [PLEASE DON'T QUOTE] I’m deciding between UChicago and Penn (and technically UCSF, but it’s way more expensive and I don’t wanna be on the west coast). I feel SO fortunate to have these options but am completely torn. I’m potentially interested in derm or psych, but am undecided (though i...
  8. R

    Penn vs Pritzker

    [PLEASE DON'T QUOTE] I’m deciding between UChicago and Penn (and technically UCSF, but it’s way more expensive and I don’t wanna be on the west coast). I feel SO fortunate to have these options but am completely torn. I’m potentially interested in derm or psych, but am undecided (though i don’t...
  9. 7

    Help with School List and Chance of getting in! GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 514

    Sorry for the format. First time poster on SDN I could use some assistance figuring out which schools I should apply to in June. I'm unsure of which resources to find this out and have just been looking at the MSAR for guidance. I have some money saved up, so I am looking at applying to around...
  10. D

    Help with School List plz, 515 mcat, 4.0 gpa

    Hey guys I've never posted before, but I've seen the school list help posts and that is really what I need right now. If anyone has advice I am greatly appreciative. I'm graduating in May and applying for the 2020 cycle in June. mcat 515, 4.0 sGPA, 4.0 cGPA from private, non-Ivy...
  11. babykarat

    MD/PhD WAMC + School List Advice

    deleted for privacy
  12. V

    Need help creating a school list

    Hi all! I'm a senior at a competitive state school in California and am planning to apply this cycle. Could anyone recommend some schools I should consider applying to? Below are my stats and relevant ECs. State of Residence: California (I do have some concerns about this because I've lived...
  13. V

    Research heavy schools with low MCAT?

    What are some research heavy schools that have MCAT averages on the lower side? I have a rather strong research background, with 2 publications in journals with impact factors 4-5, and possibly a first author review article later. I will be presenting at a national conference (and have my...
  14. S

    Applying to more schools later in the cycle

    Hi everyone! I submitted my secondaries very early on, and have not heard anything back with regards to interviews. I'm starting to think that my list may have been too top-heavy (MCAT 521, cGPA 3.6, sGPA 3.5), I applied to mostly top 20 schools. Do y'all think it would be worth it for me to...
  15. D

    Should I add more DO schools to my list?

    Hello! Read extensively on schools, but was wondering about sdn opinions on my DO school list. If possible I really want to narrow down my list, but do you think I should add more schools to increase my chances? I am not applying to any TMDSAS schools. Stats: 3.6 cGPA & sGPA 507 MCAT...
  16. L


    Will be applying next summer (2019). Advice on weaknesses I can fix during this time and WHERE SHOULD I APPLY? GPA: 3.89 research: ~2000 hrs volunteering: ~270 hrs ranges from hospice - intensive care unit - poverty alleviation shadowing: 50 hrs ec: teaching and vice president of student...
  17. M

    501 MCAT; 3.8 non science GPA; 3.4 science gpa

    Hey guys, I need some help. I got my MCAT score back and its much lower than I was doing on practice exams so I need to re-evaluate my school options. I decided not to apply to MD programs so I can just focus on DO. I am not sure what schools to apply to or if I even have a chance at getting...
  18. A

    MD What are my chances? School List Help!

  19. FutureNeuro328

    How would you rate the University of Colorado Denver's medical school in comparison to some top scho

    I'm currently weighing my my top school choices. I absolutely love UC Denver's location. I love Colorado, and I love the Rockies. However, I'm also considering program strength and reputation. Perhaps, that is not the best way of thinking. I think I'd be much happier in Denver compared to the...
  20. H

    MD School List Help Please

  21. H

    MWUAZ V.S. Case Western

    I got offers from these two schools and am having a really hard time to decide. I am a CWRU undergraduate student so I am familiar with Cleveland and have many friends over here. However, I really like MWUAZ and heard their clinical exposure is top among dental schools. I also heard from D4...
  22. EmDeeAZ

    Undergrad School Choice Premed--HELP!

    Hi, I recently received all of my undergrad college admissions decisions and need to make my school choice very soon. I intend on studying biomedical engineering (or bioengineering) on the premed track. I really want to be a doctor. My top options are: M.I.T., University of Virginia, UC...
  23. P

    need help for the school decisions

    Hi folks, I have four pharmacy schools to decide and I would appreciate all your thoughts and inputs. MCPHS at Worcester, Northeastern U, Temple U and Jefferson. The location, cost and residency are what I considered, and I will have to take loan. Also, does anyone know how much of the...
  24. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Wait a year or go for unaccredited?

    So I am in a bind. I have been accepted to a school that isn't accredited yet but am in the second class so it should be a year into the program. I hate debt with a passion and got denied to the state school I live in which is significantly cheaper. I live rent free right now and could make at...
  25. K

    Should I try to transfer

    I was accepted into Concordia's pre pharm to pharm program, but decided to go to Madison instead for undergrad. Is it a good idea to try and transfer back and avoid taking the PCAT or try Madison or MCW. Another factor in my decision is what each school prepares one for, I would like to be...
  26. S

    Touro Middletown vs. CUSOM

    Hi All. This year I have been accepted to LECOM, CUSOM, and Touro-NY Middletown. I immediately knew I didn't want to attend LECOM after the interview, but am still torn between the other two and would like some help since my deposit is due at Touro soon and I already had to put down a deposit...
  27. whosnisarg

    Help Me Decide: MSU & R-NJMS or NYIT

    Hello friends! I am a high school senior currently applying to colleges. Now, this may be a bit premature (ba-dum), but I just want to close a conflict I have. I know it is tough to believe a 17-year-old, but I feel medicine is my calling and have for some time now. For the record, I have a...
  28. D

    Additional Coursework in Naturopathic Medicine

    Good Morning! I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a good online Naturopathic Medicine Program. I am not trying to become licensed as a ND (my state doesn't license NDs anyways), I'm just looking for a way to supplement my knowledge later in life. At this point, I am only...
  29. R

    California State University MFT Program Competition?

    I'm looking to apply to several CSU MFT programs for Fall 2018, and I am trying to figure out if I am a competitive enough candidate to even apply. My interest in CSU is primarily because of location and lower cost. I graduated from UC Merced in 2015 with a BA in Psychology, 3.3 GPA. I have not...
  30. daveed2

    3.45 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA, 501 MCAT Asian CA Resident: What DO Schools???

    Hello all, I just received my MCAT score. My stats are: 3.45 cGPA, 3.4 sGPA, 501 MCAT I'm a CA resident, Asian male, Biomedical Engineering. Have ~150 hours of hospital volunteering, two research (no publication), MD shadowing experience, no DO shadowing yet. What are my chances and can you...
  31. K

    School selection (Low stats)

    Wouldn't mind some insight to either narrow down/widen the list of schools I am applying to. Just finished junior year. Low GPA (3.3 Overall, 3.0/3.1 science and BCP) however from a big name university in MI and very clear upward trend(Dean's list past 3 semesters). Taking DAT late June and...
  32. L

    GPA, EC, and Essays

    Is it possible to get into med school with a bad first year? Does explaining these grades professionally help? What can I do to help my chances? This year was my first year as a bio pre-med student. I'm planning on applying to the CLS program at my school next year and apply to med school after...
  33. S

    School in candidacy stage vs $$$ school

    I've heard time and time again on this forum to go with the cheaper school however I have recently found myself in an interesting situation. Back in January I was accepted to a school (School A) that is in their candidacy stage of accreditation. While the lack of accreditation was a bit of a...
  34. hs764

    Is 20 schools too many?

    I've compiled my list of schools to apply to this upcoming cycle and did the math on what it's going to cost me, and...it's a lot. I'd love cut the number down if it's a possibility but I don't want to negatively affect my odds of getting in somewhere. Is 20 schools over the top or does that...
  35. pastafanatic

    Pitt vs. Hofstra

    Welp, with both financial aid packages in, everything is on the table and I'm down to this decision....feeling both very, very lucky and deeply conflicted! Aid packages left me with essentially the same cost (give or take ~1K), so it's really down to the specifics of the schools. Pitt Pros: +...
  36. R

    DO school list (3.3 cgpa 3.2 sgpa, 510 mcat)

    Hi I'm new to sdn so forgive me if this is in the wrong place. I was wondering if you guys could help me start my DO school list. I have a 3.2 science gpa and a 3.3 cumulative gpa. I went to the university of michigan ann arbor and will be graduating this year. I am also a resident of michigan...
  37. camtheram1815

    MCW vs Rochester

    Hello all, I've got some time to kill at work, so why not? Just hoping to get some insights about a potentially tough decision I'll have to make come May. I have an interest in neurosurgery so I've somewhat factored that in to help me decide. Priorities are cost of attendance, overall student...
  38. F

    School List help please

  39. wizarddoc2213

    School List Critique Needed!

    Hi Everyone! Thanks in advance for all the help. I have a preliminary list of schools that I want to apply to, and I am looking for feedback (what schools to add, remove, etc. based on my stats). 3.65cGPA/3.6sGPA (Biology major with chemistry minor, GPA will most likely increase by the time I...
  40. wizarddoc2213


    Hi everyone! I have a 511 MCAT score, 3.65 cumulative GPA (science GPA is 3.6). Biology major with a chemistry minor. Great liberal arts school for undergrad. I'm also a PA resident, but not necessarily looking to stay on the east coast. I have over 1000 hr of direct clinical experience, as...