KCOM v. TouroCOM Harlem

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KCOM or TouroCOM Harlem?

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May 23, 2015
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Hey guys, I could really use some input on the decision I have to make between attending KCOM or TouroCOM Harlem. I have already placed my initial deposit for KCOM and was in the process of looking for housing when I received an acceptance to Touro harlem. I liked both schools when I interviewed and feel like I could do well at either choice, but now am having some reservations about the location of KCOM. I am from Houston so am used to a bigger city atmosphere, plus my sister is in New York for undergrad so I'd have some family close by. I know KCOM is way more established than Touro but now that I'm faced with a choice I'm having trouble! Any advice would be appreciated! Below is some info for each school.

Founded 1892
Location: Kirksville, MO
Class size: 172
Tuition: ~$51,463
Est. room, board, books & living costs:28 K/yr*
*Reported from the Osteopathic Medical College Information Book, 2016

systems-based + ultrasound included
blocks 3-4 weeks long
Block exams every 2-5 weeks (usually 3)
all subjects on one exam (board style)

Many different rotation sites (lotto system)
> AZ, IL, MI, MO, NJ, OH, PA, UT

Lectures are not mandatory (prerecorded)
Lectures 3-6 hours per day

COMLEX Level 1 pass rates
Class of 2017: 93%
Class of 2016: 93%
Class of 2015: 96%
Class of 2014: 91%
Class of 2013: 77%

Founded 2006
Location: Harlem, NY
Class size: 135
Tuition: ~48,340
Est. room, board, books & living costs:31 K/yr*

Weekly exams every Monday (1-2 exams)
Different tests for each subject taught

Few rotation sites (lotto system)
> NY (not in manhattan), NJ, PA

Lectures prerecorded- watch at home
20 hours of mandatory class a week + tests

COMLEX Level 1 pass rates

Class of 2016: 96.55%
Class of 2015: 92.13%
Class of 2014: 90.63%
Class of 2013: 86.29%

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