1. X

    Re-applying to a school that interviewed me last cycle

    Hi everyone! So I applied to MD PhD programs last cycle. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get into any, and now I have chosen to re-apply for MD-only programs and pursue research on my own accord (without a PhD). My dream school last cycle did in fact interview me for their MSTP, but I was not...
  2. W

    HELP! Applying after a gap year

    Hello, I applied to a bunch of schools last summer, but I withdrew my application to all the schools after getting my MCAT score. I had applied toward the end of the cycle anyway and wanted to retake the MCAT. I did not submit any secondaries prior to withdrawing. I emailed all the schools about...
  3. Biggytooth

    Reapplication Success Story

    Hi everyone, I am writing this to share my experience about applying and reapplying to dental school. I am doing this because I was a rather peculiar applicant and feel my experience may be helpful and informative to some of you sharing similar circumstances. Last year (2018), I applied to 9...
  4. ChooChooTrain51

    TMDSAS applicant with no IIs. What to do for reapp next cycle?

    I haven't heard anything from any TMDSAS schools thus far and definitely need to begin prepping for a reapp. What's wrong with my app- GPA? MCAT? ECs? Essays? I've seen dozens of people with my stats/close stats to mine that have received 4+ IIs, even in Texas, while the only school I've...
  5. S

    Should I take another gap year before applying?

    Hi this is my first time posting here. I struggled with writing my PS and took 2 months to write it and now I have it done but I think it's below average(if you can take a look at it that would be great). And I think it is kinda late to apply at this time. I am also a non-canadian international...
  6. L3sterine

    Clarification on Turning Down Acceptance

    Hi all, I've never posted before, although I have been reading threads since I started thinking about med school application last year. I'll attempt to be concise: From what I can tell, it seems the single greatest mistake a premed can make is to turn down an acceptance. I get that. It seems...
  7. Diverdude93

    Re-applicant chances / What to do

    Hello all! I am planning on applying during the upcoming 2019-2020 cycle. I applied during the 2017-2018 cycle and received 2 interviews which turned into waitlists and then rejections. Here is my initial application stats: Undergrad - Biology Major, Hispanic Studies Minor cGPA - 3.52 sGPA -...
  8. ToothyBoi

    Feedback and Path Before Reapplying

    Oy, I know the cycle isn't over, but I'm starting to find the holes in my application. My GPA is a 3.975 overall with a 4.0 in the sciences (except for physics 2, which I'm taking in the Spring). I also performed a dental internship in Argentina last Spring and I have a bachelor's in Spanish. I...
  9. Magneto1

    Are more Reserved (physician only) added to ERAS prior to September?

    So I'm a new Prelim Medicine Intern re-applying to an advanced specialty after not matching last year. So far I don't see many reserved physician only positions in the specialty i'm applying to. Does anybody know if more of these spots get added to ERAS prior to app submission or are the...
  10. futuredentistakh

    Should I apply to some of the schools, although I don't meet all of their requirements?

    For example Harvard says you have to have a minimum of 3.0 in all of your classes, but I have a few 2.5. Or half the schools require Anatomy, I have never taken this, should I still apply? Thank you for your answers.
  11. D

    Questions about Reapplying this cycle (Thread post/ Add your questions too if you have one)

    Hi, I'm a fellow predental who applied the last cycle in 2017 but had no luck with the cycle, so I have been taking some classes and am going to retake DAT soon to prep for this upcoming 2018 cycle. I just have couple questions that I wanted to ask you guys who applied more than once to the...
  12. N

    Advice for reapplication and strategy [513, gpa 3.6]

    Hello sdn, As this cycle comes to a close, I'm realizing I will most likely need to reapply. I'm currently on one waitlist, with no other upcoming interviews and plenty of rejections. I'm looking for any input on my application as it is. What are the weaknesses of my application? What can I do...
  13. D

    DO acceptance but considering reapplication for next cycle

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here but I just wanted to get some advice. I was fortunate enough to receive an acceptance to AZCOM this cycle and a waitlist at NYITCOM, but circumstances that have come about recently have made it in my best interest to not go to med school far away (I am...
  14. V

    Reapplying after turning down acceptances?

    Hello. This is my first post and I kinda created an account just to ask people who might have more insight on my circumstance. Basically I was accepted into 2 dental schools (all were pricey private institutions) and I basically panicked at the thought of having to pay back 500k+ in loans and...
  15. F

    Intern-residency gap year

    Can anyone shed some light on specific opportunities on how current interns who may have a gap year if they match into an advanced program may fill that gap year? Any specific sites? Does the military accept one year commitments for GMOs? Is there something else?
  16. B

    Is it my Grades or My Interview Skills?

    So I'm kind of at a standstill about what to do here. I applied late cycle and did not give the whole process much thought. As you would expect, I didn't receive many interview invites (1 to be exact). I was overly nervous and the result was a post II rejection. I boosted my application this...
  17. K

    Dismissed from dental school-reapplying

    I was dismissed from dental school after having to repeat the first year. I believe I have grounds to fight this decision in court but am worried how it would affect my chances when reapplying. I was having difficulty during my first year academically,but was excelling in lab and clinic. I was...
  18. M

    Turn down NYU to reapply or is that a bad idea?

    So a follow up to the 400k debt bandwagon thread, what would be the feasibility of me re-applying after strengthening my application. I thought my scores were okay: 21 AA 21 TS gpa: 3.56 sgpa: 3.61. I only got accepted into NYU last cycle. But as I complained about before, that debt load is...
  19. V

    Question about letters of rec/reapplying

    Hi just a quick question! Does anyone know if its okay to send both a letter packet from undergrad + additional letters through a 3rd party service like interfolio? I'm working on reapplying this upcoming cycle after 2 semesters of grad school. I currently have 1 new science and 1 new advisor...
  20. A

    PLEASE HELP: Best Gap Year Strategies??

    I graduated from College in May 2016, and sent in my applications to MD/DO schools this summer and did not get interviews anywhere. (I sent primaries in mid-August because I could not financially afford to send them in any sooner). I have been spending this past year shadowing physicians and...
  21. F

    MD & DO Reapplying after intern year

    I had to scramble into an intern year after failing to match PM&R. Can anyone explain what options are from here? I know that some PM&R programs will inevitably have Physician-only spots available, but as far as reapplying Categorical vs. Advanced, would it be fine to reapply Advanced and then...
  22. J

    MD Reapplicant: What are my chances? Help with school list

    I am a Maryland resident and am planning to apply to AMCAS MD schools in June. These are my stats: sgpa: 3.71 cgpa: 3.86 MCAT: 512 I also have 12 months of research experience with one publication back when I was in undergrad. I currently work as a medical assistant so I have >2,500 hours in a...
  23. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Advice to those rejected OT 2017-- gap year

    Hey everyone! As disappointing/embarrassing as it is to say, it's looking like I may be a gap year re-applicant. (rejected to UIC, St. Scholastica, Puget Sound, Wisconsin Madison; waitlisted at Rush; waiting to hear from Wisconsin Milwaukee, Davenport, Eastern Washington University (had an...
  24. P

    Non-trad reapplying, need advice on pre-med advisor and gap year

    Hey all, I'm a nontrad student mainly because I have a DUI conviction and an academic violation from 2010 which required me to take as much time as possible to prove myself. In the meantime, I've graduated with a double-major in Biology and Spanish, clocked in hundreds of hours of healthcare...
  25. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS Got accepted and then got kicked... advice?

    I got accepted to OT school under the provision I'd pass a pre-req class with a "B". Long story short, I got a C, and got kicked. I was struggling with the class because a loved one had gotten critically ill, then passed away shortly after. Should I submit the same Personal Statement? Should I...
  26. HopefulDoc91

    DO What are my chances?

    Hi! So I graduated with my Bachelor of Science this past May, and unfortunately I didn't get into any schools my last application cycle. When I applied last, I had a 3.0 sGPA and 3.3 cGPA. My MCAT was 496. I had 50 volunteer hours in a hospital, and 500+ hours volunteering for our local...
  27. HopefulDoc91

    What are my chances?

    Hi! So I graduated with my Bachelor of Science this past May, and unfortunately I didn't get into any schools my last application cycle. When I applied last, I had a 3.0 sGPA and 3.3 cGPA. My MCAT was 496. I had 50 volunteer hours in a hospital, and 500+ hours volunteering for our local...
  28. ankle_bearer80

    I'm a first-year DO student, applying to MD programs.

    I am currently in my first year of DO school and I am applying to MD programs. Will this make me look bad to the MD schools? What should I say if asked to explain why I've chosen to do this? My GPA was 4.0 in undergrad and my MCAT was 507 the first time. The second time, I got a 515.
  29. ntb12

    Personal statement reapplicant

    Does anyone know if you're a reapplicant do you need to make a new personal statement? I called ICO and they said I didn't because if I get a supplemental application there should be a part on it where I explain what I've done since I applied last. Are other schools similar in that sense? Thanks
  30. M

    Need Advice - I want to get into a specific medical school based on its location. Help!

    Hi there! If you are looking at my thread then you know I need some advice. I am female and have been dating my fiance for four years. He is spending time abroad this year while I work full-time as a medical scribe and apply to medical school. Originally, I submitted my primary application to...
  31. L

    Forced Resignation And Reapplying

    I would like some advice on my current circumstance. I am an FMG with good board scores. After close to 2 years of being in an IM program, I was forced to resign because of performance issues, that were linked to family and personal issues I was having. All those issues are taken care of now...
  32. C

    Retaking Courses in PostBac

    I posted this in the PreMed D.O. Forum but realized this may be a better location for this. Hello. So my situation is as follows: I was, am, in a Post Bac program. It is a 2 years masters program. I applied to DO schools last year, while I was in my second year of the program, but I sent my...
  33. L

    Apply twice to the same schools, or wait for a stronger app?

    Hi Everyone, I saw a few threads that were somewhat similar to this, but couldn't find a case that exactly matched mine, and there didn't seem to be a definitive answer as some threads contradicted others. I'm wondering if applying to schools in one cycle, then re-applying in the next cycle...
  34. L

    Reapplying to schools that: 1) I was waitlisted at/ withdrew from, and 2) I declined interviews to?

    Hi! I applied last cycle and received a few interview offers at a very wide range of schools: Duke, UCSF, GW, SUNY Downstate, NYMC. My SUNY and NYMC interview invites came pretty late in the game. I was also being excessively picky, so I politely turned down both these interviews. I realize...
  35. mayhugs

    Reapplication & Transcripts

    Hi, all! So I am reapplying and used the transfer data option. All my old coursework was added, nice! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows if I have to resend transcripts? I graduated before I submitted my app last year so everything is already completed on my transcripts. However, I do have...
  36. S

    Northwestern Deferral or Withdraw/Reapply to more desired med school

    Hello, This past cycle, I was accepted to both Northwestern and UHawaii Medical School (I am a hawaii resident). While this may seem like an obvious choice for most, I was conflicted between the two because I really wanted to go home after having spent the past 4 years away for undergraduate...
  37. H

    Re-applicant - what are my chances??

    Here is the low down: CA resident MCAT: 33 cGPA: 3.52 sGPA: 3.29 Main experiences on first app: 1 year full time job as scribe/surgery scheduler in orthopedics 3 years as division 1 track and field team manager (scholarship) 2 years paid marketing internship with division 1 athletic department...
  38. S

    Any reapplicant advice?

    Hey guys! So I applied this cycle and its looking like I'm going to have to reapply :/ 1. Stats -GPA 3.75 cumulative with a 3.67 science. Microbio major -MCAT 9 physical, 10 verbal, 15 bio (unbalanced unfortunately :/ should I retake this?) 2. ECs and LORs -70 hours of shadowing in family...
  39. S

    Advice for a reapplicant?

    Hey guys! So I applied this cycle and its looking like I'm going to have to reapply :/ 1. Stats -GPA 3.75 cumulative with a 3.67 science. Microbio major -MCAT 9 physical, 10 verbal, 15 bio (unbalanced unfortunately :/ should I retake this?) 2. ECs and LORs -70 hours of shadowing in family...