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  1. exparrot

    A science reporter considers medical school

    Hello all! I used to be active on this forum back when I was (much) younger and actively pursuing medical school. Some years and life changes later, I'm a science/health reporter but have firmly decided to resume my medical school pursuit. I'm going to use bullet points to make my whole...
  2. V

    Recent Resident Who is Happy to Provide Current Advice

    Hey y'all, I am a recent medical school graduate (from a NY school) who is now completing residency in CA. I came into medical school thinking I wanted to do surgery but eventually realized that I was more interested in primary care provision. I remember the huge monolithic barrier that was the...
  3. S

    In 2021, is undergrad GPA still weighted more than graduate GPA for non-trad?

    Hello, I have been out of undergrad for two years working FT as a clinical research assistant, and recently PT as a vaccination assistant at the mass vaccination sites in my state. I am currently getting my EMT license to work FT on an ambualnce, while dropping back to PT at the hospital. The...
  4. gvoxel


  5. M

    Advice for possibly enrolling in SMP

    Hello, I am just trying to get some guidance for some next steps to get into medical school. My cGPA is 3.67 and sGPA is 3.57, MCAT 511. For my gap year I have been working as an EMT and have other non health related ECs while still in school. So far I haven't gotten any interviews. I have...
  6. D

    Clinical Experience

    I just graduated from undergrad and I'm entering a postbach this upcoming semester. I’m looking for jobs and opportunities that’ll help me get more patient contact. There’s a case management position that’s hiring in an outpatient mental health clinic and I would be able to get more patient...
  7. meowthmeister

    LECOM Early Acceptance Advice

    Hi! I’m honestly super confused about LECOM and med school in general, so I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I‘m a 24 year old non-traditional Pre-Med (so bio) major anout to finish my first semester of my sophomore year. I have ~700 hours of “shadowing”, but this was...
  8. Z

    School List insight/general recommendations

    Planning on submitting opening day for 2021 cycle: White Male 24 NYS Resident. 3.58 cgpa 3.43 sgpa, liberal arts honors program 508 mcat (126,128,127,127) 2.5 years undergraduate research/summer fellowship, 5 poster presentations, 1 publication Currently 40 hrs Shadowing: MD, DO, and...
  9. A

    What are my chances? Overall GPA 3.67

    Hi all! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm hoping to apply to DO programs this upcoming summer, and was hoping someone could take a look at my profile to see what my chances are of getting in. I applied to some MD programs this past cycle and unfortunately only got one deferral after...
  10. marwalla

    What should I do?

    Hi, I’m a non-traditional Black student. I went to community college first and completed a good chunk of pre-med courses and later I transferred to a university. During my time in CC, I took on 12-19 credit hour course loads (with the permission of my institution), while also taking care of my...
  11. L

    2019-2020 Applicant looking for some advice

    Hello all, Long story short I retook my mcat and to my disappointment I got a 499 (first time was a 497) and was looking for some advice. Retaking again before I apply this coming cycle is out of the question since I just have too much on my plate prior to applying and I don't want to risk...
  12. B

    Low undergrad GPA, should I still pursue?

    I had a pretty awful undergraduate experience. I started at 16 and I was immature and needed better time management skills. Got involved in far too many ECs (even if I built great connections). Graduated with a cGPA of 2.71 with a bachelor’s in biology. I got into a master’s program in biology...
  13. C

    Chances to go straight to medical schoool

    Hi! So I am currently and junior majoring in Neuroscience and History with a minor in Chemistry and Religious Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, but I am from South Carolina. I am currently deciding whether I should plan on applying directly into medical school or whether I should do like...
  14. 8

    What is my problem?

  15. Diverdude93

    Research vs Scribing To Improve As Re-Applicant?

    Hi all. So I applied to 10 schools, all allopathic, during the 2017-2018 cycle. I got 2 interviews, which both resulted in waitlists and ultimately rejections. I am taking a year off and trying to improve my application, but need help deciding what to do during the upcoming year. Here was my...
  16. E

    when can I be justifiably worried about not receiving IIs?

    I'm a little disheartened about the application process and am hoping for some realistic opinions on whether or not my application is competitive. I submitted 31 secondary applications between early July - mid August to a range of schools (all MD: 26 of which realistically within my reach based...
  17. Suess

    Path to Medical School

    Hello all! I am looking for some feedback on my plan to get into medical school. All comments welcomed and appreciated. Background: I graduated May 2017 with two non-science majors, cGPA=3.49. My senior year I realized that I wanted to pursue medicine, but it was too late to take any prereqs...
  18. gatoradeco2019

    MD School List Help (3.98 cGPA, 518 MCAT)

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to get an idea of my chances of admission/ideal MD schools I'm applying to and would appreciate feedback on what you guys think! Me: University of Florida student, Male, ORM, Florida Resident MCAT: 518 (96th percentile) Concerned because my C/P is pretty low (tried to...
  19. gatoradeco2019

    MD School List Help (3.98 cGPA, 518 MCAT)

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to get an idea of my chances of admission/ideal MD schools I'm applying to and would appreciate feedback on what you guys think! Me: University of Florida student, Male, ORM, Florida Resident MCAT: 518 (96th percentile) Concerned because my C/P is pretty low (tried to...
  20. gatoradeco2019

    MD WAMC/School List Evaluation (3.98 cGPA, 3.97 sGPA, 518 MCAT)

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to get an idea of my chances of admission/ideal MD schools I'm applying to and would appreciate feedback on what you guys think! Me: University of Florida student, Male, ORM (Indian) Edit for Clarification: I am a Florida resident MCAT: 518 (96th percentile) C/P: 127...
  21. H

    Advice for incoming Freshman PreMed?

    I will be starting as a freshman at UCLA this year and I have heard many terrifying rumors about the competitiveness and weed out classes. Any advice from other Pre Meds as to how to overcome this competitiveness? Tips and Tricks would be greatly appreciated. Im also stressed about when to find...
  22. C

    3.28 cGPA (4.0 last two years) -- Medical School Options

    Hey Everyone, I estimate that by the time I finish my undergrad at my top 10 university, I will have about a 3.28 cGPA. I was wondering, given that my last two years were straight 4.0, what my options for medical schools would be? I had heard that some schools only look at your last two years...
  23. F

    MCAT courses

    I'm a pre med freshman. I need to know what classes I need to take for the MCAT. I know I have to take General Biology 1&2, General Chemistry 1-3, Organic Chemistry 1&2, Physics 1-2, Biochemistry, Sociology, Psychology. But do I need to take statistics? Should I take statistics instead of...
  24. H

    What should be my expectations/goals

    Hello, I am hoping to get some feedback from those with knowledge/experience regarding the med school application market. I am looking to apply next year and want to know what is realistically possible and what realistic goals would look like for getting into med school. I am a hispanic...
  25. T

    3.69 sGPA/3.66 cGPA 519 MCAT — School advice??

  26. Z

    4th year Pharmacy student wants become a physician

    Hello everyone, I had to make my own thread because I couldn't really find anyone in the same boat as me. So I'll be writing a lot. Please bear with me since I am in such a difficult situation and need to decide ASAP. I am currently a 4th year student at a well-known Pharmacy School (6 year...
  27. A

    Business Major Aspiring For Med School

    Hey everyone, I'm currently an Alberta resident going to school at Arizona State University and set to graduate in Spring 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. I've recently decided to look into the possibility of applying to med school in Western Canada since becoming a...
  28. D

    What are my chances? (Very unique path into medical school).

    I just graduated high school in May of 2017. I graduated with a 2.5 GPA and a weak math and science foundation. I decided to take a semester off and will be attending my local community college in the spring. I already took my math placement exam and did absolutely awful, I placed in Algebra 1...
  29. medyzen

    DO What MCAT would make me definitely competitive for DO school?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here to SDN so I'm not sure if this is the right thread. Anyways I am a nontraditional student who finished a BA in Psychology with 3.5 GPA graduated Cum Laude, but as of now I calculated my cGPA and sGPA to be both 3.4. After that I decided that I wanted to do Medical...
  30. K

    Need advice

    I have a GPA of 3.5 and I scored a 500 on the mcat. I plan to retake the mcat in January. Since then I have been working and I was able to pay off all of my student debt accumulated during my undergrad years. My dilemma is this, after I did bad on the mcat I accepted admission into a 1 year...
  31. spidermonkeyMD

    PT to MD -how to start transition

    Hi, I am a physical therapist working for 7 years now and I have this feeling inside of me that I need to change career and pursue my dream of being a doctor. I don't feel PT is cutting it for me, it's not what I want to do as a career in life anymore. Anyway, I've been lurking into med school...
  32. G

    3.97 sGPA, 3.96 cGPA, no MCAT

    Going into my Junior year and looking for advice for resume improvements. Not sure if I will be taking a gap year or not. Any advice you may have is appreciated! Residency: MI School: Small, liberal arts school Major: Chemistry w/ Biochemistry concentration sGPA: 3.97 cGPA: 3.96 EC's...
  33. B

    Current Neuro Graduate Student in need of advice :)

    Hello All! I am a current 2nd year in a neuro graduate program pursuing my master's (I also have the option to do a phd, but would like to apply to MD/DO programs sooner). I went to an mid ivy for undergrad, majored in bio, and achieved a very low overall gpa of 2.8--did alright in upper div...

    Need an advise MCAT 489 on 5/18 GPA 3.2 (science) 3.6 (overall)

    I am an immigrant, learned English at the age of 16. I have a degree in Biology (finished in 3 years) from a state university and currently pursuing MPH (master’s in public health GPA 3.6, no science courses). MCAT scores 121/122/123/123 I was thinking about retaking it this August but I don't...
  35. B

    Going to med school at UCLA from Canada. Can I eventually go back home to practice?

    I've been accepted to a few schools from the states and I'm seriously considering going. I just want to know how the process of gaining my license back in Canada might work out. And how hard the process will be. Thanks, B.B.
  36. M

    Help! What to do post-grad?

    I'm trying to decide what to do post-grad to fix my GPA (2.5 UGPA). The reason for such a drop was because of some family things going on throughout that have now resolved. I'm currently studying for the MCAT but haven't set a date yet to take it as I don't know whether it would benefit me to do...
  37. R

    Need Advice- Where do I currently stand?

    Hey guys, I recently graduated from graduate school. My undergraduate GPA was 3.43, leaving my science GPA in the 2.9 range. I had two undergraduate majors in physics and math and graduated with an MS in Biochemistry. I was going to apply last year but between my GPA and MCAT score (491), I...
  38. S

    Non-trad applicant: need feedback on extracurricular hours

    I am a non-traditional applicant with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering (graduated May 2016). I had been wavering between pursuing a career in engineering vs. in health for the first 3 years of undergrad, but after 3 engineering internships vs. volunteering / working in healthcare, I decided I...
  39. F

    Medicine is a Journey...right? Advice on applying after denial from PT, PA.

    Hello All! This is my first post so I did my best to locate a thread before I posted but could not find anything. Let me know if this subject is located on another thread! So I was a collegiate football player and honestly only went to college because of this fact but was later injured and...
  40. Z

    507 MCAT, 3.9 GPA, over 500 hours working in an ER, black applicant

    Hey everybody. I am new to SDN and looking to get some advice on which schools would be in my range with the following credentials: African American 507 MCAT 3.9 GPA in Medicinal Biochemistry BS at Arizona State University (currently a junior, 21 years old) 500+ hours as an ER scribe 500+ hours...