Nyitcom NY vs Touro Harlem

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Sep 30, 2012
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So I was already accepted into nyitcom (NY) and was recently offered an interview at touro Harlem campus and wanted everyone's opinion on which choice is better and whether or not it's worth it for me to go to the Touro interview.

I know this topic has been answered around sdn, but everywhere I look, I cannot seem to get a concrete answer.

So my decision is based on a couple of factors such as tuition and cost of living, curriculum, clinical rotations, residency placement after finishing, attendance policies, location, impression of the school, and other factors such as research opportunities.

I wanted to ask you guys to help me compare these factors in making my decision. After going to the nyitcom interview, I really liked the school (genuinely felt comfortable there). It seems that my cost of living will be similar for both schools. I think I like the way nycoms curriculum is set more than touros but touro is a little closer in proximity for me (save like half an hour).

It would be great to get input from both nycom and touro Harlem students for the other factors, such as, what are the clinical rotations like (especially when compared to one another), how is residency placement after graduating, what are the attendance policies (this is big for me, I study much better alone without mandatory lectures, pretty much taught myself physics, Chem, ochem, among other courses)?

If Nycom is the better fit, I'd rather not go to the touro interview and have it go to some else who deserves it, but maybe I'm also missing something and it would be in my better interest to go.

Any input and advise would be greatly appreciated.

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