Retaking prereq after already taking advanced science courses?

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Mar 15, 2015
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I'm currently a junior bio student. I've done terribly in my science classes so far, and I know that. I'm trying to keep moving forward. I want to do a postbacc program after graduation, but I'm afraid my gpa is too low.

My overall gpa so far: 3.03
My science gpa so far: 2.4-2.5

Genchem1: A
Genchem2: C+
Bio1: C+
Bio2: B-
Calc1: D, retook and got a C
Calc2: C
Orgo1: C
Orgo2: B

Anatomy: D, going to retake
Evolution: B-
Ecology: C
Genetics: C

I still have to take physics. And 4 more science classes before graduating. I have 0 shadowing/research experience, and I also don't have any recommendation letters. I'm going to shadow this summer and am going to get my professors next semester to write for me.

My questions:
1) Can I retake any of my prereqs (genchem2, bio1/2, calc1/2) now to boost my science gpa after already taking some upper levels? Won't I be doing that anyway if I can't get into a formal postbacc and I have to do DIY postbacc/take classes by myself after graduation?
2) Do I have a chance at getting into a postbacc or masters program?
3) When should I take the DAT? Before or after a postbacc?

Thank you so much.

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I think that given your current situation, the red flag right now is your 0 shadowing experience.
How do you know you want to be a dentist for sure? Is it worth the long road ahead of you, when there are other much more lucrative and easier options to choose from?
There's no right or wrong answer to this question. You have to be honest with yourself about it.

1) As for retakes, I think you'd have to see what dental schools prefer. I've read all kinds of opinions from pre-dents, but not really sure what the schools' stances are on it.
Some schools may prefer retaking pre-reqs, while others would rather see you take advanced bio courses and do well. (Of course retake anything C- and below)

2) You have a chance. There are programs specifically designed for applicants in your situation. But regular masters programs may be difficult to get into and may not be financially/timely feasible.

3) I would decide this depending on your study skills. Why is your GPA low? Is there something else going on in your life?
I'll be honest, I had awful grades. I didn't know if it was just problems outside of school or if I was really incapable of doing well. I studied for the DAT to test myself on that.
If you're retaking most pre-req courses, then it may be good to take it afterwards. Either way, I would set aside a good 2 months with ZERO other responsibilities besides studying for the DAT.

Let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to PM me.