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Oct 23, 2017
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hi! So I’m just finishing up classroom training and have not started floor training yet. The hospital I work at is 1 hour from where I live. However, the city area I’m currently placed in has two teams based on location: one is the hospital I’m at 1 hr from my home and the second hospital team is another city that is 35 mins away. The same recruiter deals with hiring for these two teams since they are near each other. I wanted to change to the other hospital team that’s close to home but the hiring recruiter said I can’t because I already started the credentialing process for the hospital I’m currently at. So I wanted to ask if anyone has experience or knows about changing teams (in this case) or changing cities in general? Thanks!

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I tried changing teams, within the same larger hospital system, and they basically said "yeah we'll think about it and let you know if there's an opening" and never followed through. So I'm not sure how open they are towards letting you go to another team.
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