1. E

    Is scribing and caregiving (“non-medical”) a decent combination for clinical experience?

    I’ve read comments where adcoms say they’re looking for patient interaction and an informed decision (to apply to medical school) from applicants. The thing is, I’m not sure either job fulfills the requirements for patient care. I work with elderly clients at their private homes through a...
  2. T

    Tampa, FL Medical Scribe - Urology Clinic

    We are looking for someone to serve as a full-time medical scribe in a physician-owned urology practice in Tampa, FL. The scribe would mostly work in the Riverview/Brandon area and would be working with a single MD. Opportunities exist to shadow the MD in the surgery center if desired. Here is...
  3. S

    Medical Scribe/Intern Opportunity in the Bay Area, CA

    This is an exciting opportunity for the aspiring medical student, during a gap year between undergraduate studies and medical school, to assist in the treatment of patients in the heart of Silicon Valley as part of a busy Workers Comp Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Sports...
  4. F

    How to have time for all extracurriculars?

    Just finished first semester as a sophomore, I know I didn't get started as quickly as I should've, but I'm gonna start research in a couple weeks, apart from that I've just maintained a 4.0 gpa without any other extracurriculars. I don't want to take a lot of gap years, I would be fine applying...
  5. D

    CNA vs MA vs Scribing

  6. A

    Got my first A, should I quit my gap year job right now?

    I'm blessed and thankful to have been accepted to a couple schools a few months into my gap year. I'm now working as a scribe (actually still in training 2+ months in due to a lack of trainer availability) but really don't like it and don't appreciate some scheduling issues that have already...
  7. D

    Clinical Experience vs. Undergrad Minor (please help!!!!)

    Sooo I'm kind of in a dilemma. I'm currently doing a public health minor & I've got a couple of classes left to take for that but I kind of declared it late (junior year) & I'm trying to finish that along with my major classes. It's totally possible but I'm gonna have to take 19 credits for 2...
  8. friendlynectarine

    Anyone Worked/Working for Nuance Communications or Scribe-X?

    I have 2 upcoming interviews: one with Nuance Communications and the other with Scribe-X. How is/was your experience? How was the culture? Was there a non-compete clause that you had to sign? (I heard they do that with ScribeAmerica but not sure if they also do that for these companies). The...
  9. A

    Anyone ever scribed with Aquity?

    Hi everybody. Just wondering if anyone here has ever scribed for Aquity? If so, what was your experience like, what did you enjoy/dislike, and any advice for someone just starting off with them? Thanks!
  10. M

    Hearing Back from Scribe Jobs

  11. D


  12. Perchperkins

    EMT vs CNA vs Medical Scribe vs PCA

    I’m on the premed track and I was considering being either an EMT, CNA, PCA or a scribe but I don’t know which one is best. I’ve heard mixed reviews for all of them but what are your thoughts?
  13. N

    scribeamerica initial exam

    so I have the initial exam for scribeamerica tomorrow, however I was confused. I was given a packet that included anatomy of several parts of the body, and a lot more material like innervation and motion for several parts of the body because I will be in the orthopedic surgery department...
  14. T

    Are low paying clinical jobs worth it?

    Hello SDN, I was recently offered an emergency department scribe position through ScribeAmerica. I am very excited, but I have some reservations regarding the job. With pay starting at minimum wage and increasing only slightly after the training period, it almost doesn’t seem worth it. It...
  15. FruitCanal

    Medical Scribe - How to frame on an application?

    I should start by saying I did not switch to dental because it was an "easier path"! I just found that medicine wasn't for me... after starting my scribing position. However, I still need the money and I want to be able to use the time I've spent here in my application if possible. I am also...
  16. L

    Advice for medical scribes?

    I have been a part-time medical scribe in the ED for less than a year, and feel that I have greatly improved since training. However, I still feel as if I walk into some of my shifts insecure about my charting abilities. Most of the physicians are too nice to give criticism (I ask for advice and...
  17. I

    Struggling to Find Adequate Gap Year Job

    I have been having trouble finding an adequate job in my small(ish) town for my 2 gap years. The only positions available near me are CNAs. I've been hearing that people are getting rejected from medical schools because being a CNA, you don't work with physicians at all. For this reason I...
  18. slowthai

    Optometric Assistant vs Scribe

    I applied this cycle and I'm hoping to strengthen a weakness in my app; clinical experience. I've secured a job as a scribe, but I also have an interview for an optometric assistant position. Which one do you think is a better choice?
  19. Nexus40

    Gap Year Medical Receptionist vs. Scribing

    Hello everyone! I am currently in my gap year applying to med school. Just finished my secondaries and looking forward to gaining some great clinical experience during my year off. I am lucky to have gotten two job offers so far. One of the offers is a scribing job at a local hospital where...
  20. D

    Question pertaining to my plan

    Okay, so I'm a rising Junior pre-med/Chemistry student at a small liberal arts school in Georgia, and I currently have a 3.25 GPA. I have that because I had over-involved myself with extracurricular activities; therefore, I dropped some of my extracurriculars to get more serious about my...
  21. T

    Medical Assistant vs. Scribe vs. Autotransfusion Tech

    I know a lot of people looking to apply for medical school often work as medical assistants or scribes to gain "clinical" experience, but it seems to me that these things are becoming part of the pre-med checklist making the experience less unique compared to what it used to be. I recently...
  22. L

    MD & DO cgpa/sgpa 2.2,3.0 WAMC Pre-med

    Is there still time to redeem myself? Age 23/M Asian Texas Resident Stats: cgpa/sgpa 2.2, 3.0 (I've taken 40 credits so far and all are from a cc and I've only taken 2 UL science classes) Planning to transfer to a 4 year University this fall to major in Psychology and do a DIY post bacc to...
  23. 3

    ScribeAmerica qualifications and concerns

    I had recently applied to become a medical scribe with Scribe America. Anyone else worked with them before or is currently employed with them? How was your experience working for this company as a medical scribe? Also, they require that the applicant take a on-spot typing test at the interview...
  24. L

    AACOMAS Experiences questions

    I am probably overthinking this but I haven't been able to figure out what to do. I've worked as a scribe in the ED at 3 different hospitals. I worked for ScribeAmerica at 2 different hospitals (and in different states) and I currently work for another scribe company. I'm listing them as 3...
  25. L

    MD To apply now or later

    Hello I recently graduate from the University of Georgia with a 3.66 GPA and am debating applying this cycle. I am studying for the MCAT now and taking it early August. I have my letters of recommendation, a years worth of lab experience, volunteer hours (clinical and nonclinical), but only...
  26. nembry

    it seems very difficult to get a summer internship as a PreMed. What do y'all do?

    Being a natural science major like most pre-meds, I've found difficulty landing a summer internship. I'm broke and back at home for the summer, and my #1 goal for these coming months is to save as much money as possible. I've had an interview as a lab technician and I didn't get the job. Got an...
  27. Franzliszt1

    Where on AMCAS do I write gap year plans?

    Hello all, Thanks for taking time to answer me, I just graduated and I'm applying this cycle for 2019. Is anyone else wondering how they will communicate on their application what they plan to do during their gap year? If there is a place on AMCAS I don't see it. I've taken a job as a scribe...
  28. stratosphere

    LOR from DO if applying to MD schools

    Hi all! I know that if someone is applying to DO schools it is recommended that they get a letter of rec from a DO. I was wondering if I am applying to only MD schools, is it preferred to get a LOR from an MD that I scribe for or is it okay if I get it from a DO? Thanks!

    should I take full time scribe job?

    I'm currently finishing my freshman year and NEED to leave my hell of a retail job. I've been applying specifically to scribe jobs since January and finally got an offer. The only thing worrisome is that it is a full-time position. Do you think it would be possible to be in school full-time...
  30. B

    Include 4 months of scribing on application?

  31. Michou

    Unprofessional Chief Scribe

    Hello Everyone, I've been working for ScribeAmerica for two months [2.5 if you count training]. I told the chief scribe since day 1 that I have an intensive self-study MCAT routine and to not schedule me often but for the past two months, he's be overloading me with shifts, constantly telling...
  32. M

    Medical Scribe NYC

    I'm interested in scribing in a dermatology office or a private practice. The only scribing company I know of is Scribeamerica. If I were to apply to Scribamerica for example, could I be assigned to a dermatology office? Also for anyone who has worked here, what was your experience working for...
  33. SterlingMaloryArcher

    I quit my Scribe Job & ScribeAmerica Review.

    In many ways, this position was to die for. I worked for physicians in a competitive IM subspecialty, many well known, a few easily nationally recognized. Here's why I quit: It's finals week and they wanted me to work 4 days 6AM-5PM, one day in the satellite clinic 2 hours away. Outpatient...
  34. K

    Male doctor I scribe for touches/grabs me

    To preface this, I've worked in various jobs when I was teenager where, now that I look back, I realize I was the subject of undisputed sexual harassment by male superiors. I shrugged it off and did nothing. My point: I'm not trying to cry wolf. I just want genuine feedback regarding a confusing...
  35. A

    low gpa secondary to mother's death

  36. N

    ScribeAmerica Secondary Interview

    Hey Guys! So I applied to scribe for ScribeAmerica a few weeks ago and have gotten an invitation to a second interview with one of their chief scribes for an ED Scribe position in New York. Though there are a lot of resources that describe the initial group interview, I'm having a hard time...
  37. Y

    What are my chances?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for some advice on how good my chances are based on my GPA, hypothetical MCAT score, and extracurriculars. Also is there anything else I can add to my resume, or do to increase my competitiveness? (white male, age 25) By the time I apply I will have: ~10 months...
  38. C

    URM Help: Where to shadow in NYC?

    Does anyone (urm/orm) NYS resident know any hospitals,clinics, or physicians in particular that allow pre med students to shadow? I am having trouble finding physicians to shadow. Please help!
  39. N

    ScribeAmerica Confusion

    I had an interview with ScribeAmerica last week. I was told I’d hear back on Monday (2 days ago) through email whether I got the job or not. I sent a follow-up/thank you email after the interview. Monday came and no email. I emailed yesterday as a second follow-up, but it seems like I am being...
  40. C

    Anyone worked as a scribe?

    Pre-med student looking into becoming a medical scribe to gain clinical exposure. If anyone has worked as a scribe, I would be grateful if you could help guide my decision by answering a few questions... 1. What made you want to become a medical scribe? 2. How did you receive training for the...