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  1. O

    UNC SOM vs. ECU Brody SOM

    A resident of NC and got accepted to both UNC SOM and ECU Brody SOM. Could use some help on deciding which to pick. I have listed my mental checklist of pros and cons for each: ECU: Positives 1) Financials: I got nominated for Brody Scholar so if I get it, I would get a tuition full ride there...
  2. T

    Starting school with credit card debt

    Hi there! I am starting dental school this summer which is super exciting but unfortunately I have about $10k left in debt. This was a result of two cycles, dental assisting classes, and traveling for interviews. I know it was an investment. I was hoping my current job would have paid all of it...
  3. D

    Financial Aid ?

    I apologize in advance if I sound ignorant, but is the financial aid package we will be receiving just LOAN money? There's no "free" money, essentially. Everything we receive in our financial aid package will need to be paid back? Also, which type of loan (Direct Unsubsidized Loans, Grad PLUS...
  4. D

    How much should money matter?

    I'm deciding between two schools and I'm struggling to determine how much money should matter vs fit. If money didn't matter, I would definitely choose Loyola over Penn State because I feel it is a better fit for me. However, there is a major financial difference between the two. I was offered...
  5. C

    Who to include in FASFA and other financial aid materials

    Sorry for the somewhat long post, any advice is greatly appreciated! Here's my situation: My parents are divorced and my father remarried. My biological father and my stepmother are both very wealthy physicians. My biological mother is probably in the middle class. Not sure if this is relevant...
  6. S

    Reporting parental income for married student

    I am in the process of applying for financial aid. The medical school I will be attending requires that parental income be included if you are under the age of 32, which I am. However, I am married and am completely financially independent. I have not received any financial assistance from my...
  7. P

    What are some ways to up income while in Grad school?

    More specifically, if I get into a fully funded clinical psych. program with a TA position or something similar to that, that pays a stipend of around 20K what would be some ways of earning more money (hopefully through the program/school) without having to get a part time job on the side and...
  8. R

    Med School Financial Aid Process Q

    Hi! After you've completed the FAFSA and necessary school-designated financial aid forms, I'm wondering if med schools release their financial aid packages to students prior to them receiving your official transcript from your undergraduate institutions? Or do you they have to receive the...
  9. K

    Scholarship disadvantages for late applicants?

    Hey everyone, I have a quick question regarding admissions for fall 2019 entrance. Does anyone know if students who apply later in the cycle generally get less scholarships? I have recently decided I want to go the podiatry route rather than MD/DO, and I'm graduating this coming May. I'd like to...
  10. P

    Help with financial aid please!!!!

    Hello. I am growing very confused and feeling kind of hopeless about this. I just filled out Fafsa. I am aware that the maximum loan eligibility for the direct stafford federal loan is around 42k or 21k per semester. I made $0 in income in 2017 so I did not include a tax return. I included...
  11. hopefulotlnl

    Other OT-Related Information Reserve Military to pay for OT school

    I obviously need to talk to a recruiter for details but looking for personal experience if others have joined a military reserves branch/national guard and paid for OT masters using GI Bill or other federal aid related to military service. I have my bachelors so ROTC is not an option. Would...
  12. 1

    Financial Aid for DPT

    I have read through a lot of threads regarding financial aid, but I have not quite found the answer to my question. I recently got accepted into school for DPT at a private school in Indiana (my second choice :)), however, I am waitlisted at my number one choice (a public school/Mizzou) in the...
  13. nostra_damus

    Letter of intent question

    Given that financial aid will play a large role in my decisions to matriculate somewhere, how should I write a letter of intent (before hearing back)? As I'm wrapping up on my interview cycle, I have a pretty clear idea of which school is my top choice, but whether or not I matriculate there...
  14. P

    Financial Aid Packages

    Good evening, I just got accepted into a pharmacy school and I can stop thinking about how to pay. Can you please say what your award was and how much your tuition was. This will help a lot of people like me thinking about how to pay. Thank you in advance.
  15. Y

    Working on a company to help with student loans. Looking for feedback/interes

    Hey All, I am building a company called YourCoinz which will allow you to sell a percentage of your future income like company shares, known as coins to be kept on a blockchain. So similar to how a publicly traded company works, we project how much you are expected to earn, say over the next 5...
  16. C

    Facing a Repeat of the Entire Year

    Unfortunately, if I repeat the entire D1 year I won't be eligible for the financial aid since the rest of the credits I've received will count as attempted. I informed the school through my appeal letter that my family falls under low-income criteria and that I won't be able to afford the...
  17. Student Loan Planner

    Orthodontist with $1 million in student loans on front page of WSJ

    I've been working behind the scenes for months to try to get this story published. Finally, it made the front page of the Wall Street Journal this morning. It details how an orthodontist from USC racked up over $1,000,000 in student debt. He earns $225,000 a year working for a corporate...
  18. SSDGM

    MD Entering M1: FA + CC conundrum

    So, I'm in a weird predicament that I feel really ashamed to admit here (please go easy on me). I don't have the financial-aid know-how to figure this one out. BAD NEWS: Basically, I have tons of credit card debt. Some cards, some consolidated personal lines of credit, etc. I'm working on...
  19. B

    Financial Aid -- Is it worth having savings before med school?

    Hey everyone! I have been working for the past two years and have decided to either quit my job or take a 'leave of absence' for a year in order to finish up prerequisite courses before applying to medical school. I'm currently in a well paying job in consulting, and by the time I leave will...
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  21. M


    Hi all, I’m finishing up my pre read and things of that sort before actually applying to Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy. I plan to be done w/ undergrad Sprig 2019 & hopefully starting PharmCAS school in Fall of 2019. My biggest concern is funds during pharmacy school. Is it possible to...
  22. S

    MPH Scholarships for MPH students?

    Hey everyone, So I finally made the decision and picked an MPH program, but money, sadly, is a thing and so now I am trying to find outside scholarships to apply to. Does anyone know of any good ones or had success with any website? I have just been googling and looking on fastweb, but I am...
  23. W

    How does my spouse effect financial aid?

    So I am marrying a med student the summer before he heads to med school. He has no undergrad debt and I have a good bit of undergrad debt. He got lots of grants for undergrad based on his parent's financials. So my questions are: does he have to do this year's FAFSA in regards to us and not...
  24. Bella091

    Accepting Multiple Student Loans?

    My fiancé and I are accepted to the same medical school, but I’m also accepted to two other schools that we would prefer to go to. I’ve been paying all of the deposits for all three schools in hopes that he gets pulled off the waitlist for one of the better ones. Now I’m getting financial aid...
  25. A

    Do schools do Financial Aid Bait-and-Switches

    Hello everyone, I am currently deciding between two medical schools, and it has come down to financials for me. Currently I am looking at two schools (A = Private school, B = State School). School A, he more expensive private school awarded me a $40,000 need-based grant for 1st year, and...
  26. Piglet2020

    Financial Aid 'Award' - Loans after potential scholarship?

    I received my financial aid package, which offers ~50k in federal loans to cover COA. I don't see myself spending 2k on transportation, insurance, etc, so I probably wont take over 30k in loans. I have ~3 months to accept/decline this award. What I'm worried about is how merit scholarships play...
  27. Piglet2020

    Medical School Loans

    Besides the federal loans offered from FAFSA that averages around 6-7% interest rates, are there other loans that have lower interest rates? Thanks! Pls provide link.
  28. J

    when should I try renegotiating my aid package?

    when should I send that email asking for more of that sweet, sweet scholarship money? Or should it be a phone call? should I have sent it yesterday, to be the early bird? should I wait until later in april, when more people have withdrawn and left money on the table? should I just forget about...
  29. lunasan

    Loans for International Students

    Does anyone happen to know anything about loans for international students, especially the Discover Loan or Sallie Mae Medical School Loan? Sallie Mae's 36 month grace period and residency deferment option seemed worth looking into (while I know it's generally a bad idea to defer, I wondered if...
  30. D

    SCCO Class of 2022

    I was just accepted into SCCO class of 2022! I'm currently waiting on my background check. How long did it take for everyone to get from the accepted to enrolled stage. Also, is there anything you guys are doing to prepare for the school year to meet other people in the class or get financial aid?
  31. doctorstrangerthingz

    No income during medical school. Is that typical/Doable?

    Hi ya'll I am matriculating in the fall and I was just wondering about the financials of being in medical school. Needless to say, I'll be taking out loans. But as far as pocket money and cost of living, my parents are definitely not able to support me, and I know how hard it is to work...
  32. L

    How soon to hear ICO acceptance? And financial aid question

    Hey guys. So I just interviewed at ICO and they mentioned we would be able to find out acceptances the first week of April. Has anyone had the experience of hearing back sooner from them? Also does anyone know if the loan amounts your approved for significantly varies by school? For example I...
  33. Piglet2020

    Scholarship/Financial Aid Information?

    I was accepted months ago to my state school but it seems that my school hasn't sent out the financial aid packet or scholarship info to anyone yet. (I completed FAFSA months ago.) When is the latest date for schools to send out this information? I realize that the cycle is pretty much over by...
  34. C

    MPH Berkeley MPH Scholarships Financial Aid

    I'd like to gather all conversation about the scholarships and financial aid Berkeley gives its MPH admits in this thread. Berkeley sent an email recently saying the following: The School of Public Health has notified nominees of their nomination for GOP, Block Grant, and KP Scholars program...
  35. L

    Is it better to fill out FAFSA before or after you are accepted to optometry school?

    I have a feeling I should just submit it ASAP regardless of acceptance but not sure if that would negatively affect my aid. Anyone else put multiple schools on their FAFSA? My interviews so far don't start until March so I probably won't be accepted until mid-late March.
  36. C

    Howard University / HBCUs financial aid

    To those(URM) accepted at Howard and other HBCUs, were the HBCUs generous with offering you good financial aid/scholarships?
  37. P

    Are recruitment scholarships the only type?

    Are recruitment scholarships the only types of scholarships medical schools offer? By recruitment I mean they only offer it to you if they see you have other acceptances. If you only have one acceptance is your chance of a grant/scholarship nil? Thanks for all the help :)
  38. Crocognar

    Can I use a scholarship as leverage?

    Hey all, I recently got a hefty scholarship from a school I was admitted to. Although this school is great, it’s not my number one choice. Can I use this scholarship as leverage to get money from other schools that I would admittedly rather attend?
  39. U

    Texas Schools

    Hello, I fortunately prematched at four texas schools: UTSW UTMB McGovern UTSA (only recently prematched on dec 31st) I am trying to accurately gauge how much I want to go to each of the schools but it is hard to do because apparently most don't release financial aid information/...
  40. Piglet2020

    Financing Med School

    Hello! I would like to learn more about loans/grants for medical school. I submitted my FAFSA yesterday. I don't think I would be eligible for free $ as my parents' income is over the need limit. So far, my state school hasn't sent me any info yet about financial packages. What should I do now...