1. serendipity14

    applicant for class of 2025

    Hi everyone! I was hoping for some advice on my status for this application cycle. Please give me any advice/recommendations you have. Also, feel free to comment where you're standing right now if you're applying this cycle as well. Good luck to everyone!! 21 y/o Hispanic female from NY...
  2. 1

    WAMC? Highly Motivated Pre-Vet Student!

    Hello everyone! I am a pre-vet student at a small liberal arts college in Virginia. I am finishing off my junior year now, and will be completing a BS in biology as well as a minor in animal science and chemistry in spring of 2021. I have taken between 16-18 credit hours every semester, and...
  3. saltshaker007

    New Computer for Vet School?

    Hey guys, I will be attending vet school in the fall, and I was wondering if anyone had any input or suggestions on types of computers to buy? During the information session at the University of Illinois, the tech guy said we should DEFINITELY buy a brand new computer for vet school (so it...
  4. doctor-who

    Successful Applicants c/o 2024

    Congratulations to those who have heard happy news already! Please post your stats to help other applicants as the acceptances roll in. The format from years before is posted below. Age, Gender, State/Country of Residence, Traditional/Non-traditional applicant, # of times you've applied...
  5. E

    New VIRMP internship opportunity: MSPCA-Angell at Essex (Community Practice)

    Deadline approaching: December 9, 2019 at 9:00 pm EST MSPCA-Angell is pleased to announce a new community practice/small animal medicine and surgery internship position for its Angell at Essex location in Danvers, MA starting in June 2020. Angell at Essex is a new teaching clinic located at...
  6. dogtor27

    Low GRE. What Are My Chances?

    Hello, this is my VERY first time posting on here so I am not so sure how this works haha. The schools i’m applying to are: Tuskegee, LSU, Ohio, Virginia/Maryland, Kansas, and Missouri I have a GPA of 3.8, but my GRE score is a 293 I obviously already submitted my application. but i was just...
  7. scs589

    What are my chances?

    Hey guys! Just looking for honest opinions on chances. Alabama resident, Mississippi state grad Applying to MSUCVM AND AUCVM Cum. GPA: 4.0 Science gpa: 4.0 Degrees: Will have a BS in Animal and Dairy science with a minor in chemistry (Still have physics left) Have held a full time job...
  8. O

    internships/residencies in Quebec

    Hello! I'm currently a DVM student at OVC but planning to move to Quebec after graduation. I was wondering if anyone out there has any information about internships/residencies in Quebec, specifically Montreal. There are very few listed on VIRMP, but I've seen some on hospital pages like...
  9. F

    Vet students and graduates, what was your undergraduate degree?

    I am considering completing a bachelors of science in health science, however I am not sure if this degree would be beneficial for me. What are your thoughts and what degree did you achieve? Thank you!
  10. L

    Freshman year of undergraduate and stressed about grades

    Hi everyone! I'm currently a second semester freshman majoring in pre-veterinary sciences and have a few questions about undergraduate grades. First semester was great and I made a 3.75 GPA, I was a member of pre-vet club and was very optimistic about going to vet school. I've always had very...
  11. D

    California State Board Exam

    Hello all. I have looked everywhere for a concise study guide for the California state board exam. Does anyone have resources that they can share or point me in the right direction? I recently took the NAVLE but I've heard the material is much more specific to California.
  12. doctor-who

    Waitlist c/o 2023

    Starting this off as a continuation of last year's thread so we can post where we're waitlisted, what number rank we are, and what schools we have yet to hear from. And to update each other when people start getting pulled off the waitlist! I'm an alternate at Western (no number rank) and...
  13. sodasteve

    Should I go to Ross? or should I pursue a different path

    Hey so I was hoping I could get some advice on my current situation. I am 25 years old, and I recently got accepted into the pre vet program at Ross. I have always wanted to be a vet but unfortunately I never put in the effort when I was in college to get a high enough GPA to get accepted into a...
  14. Nagpur_vet

    Anyone preparing for Australian National Veterinary Exam?

    Hello all! If anybody is preparing for Australian NVE, plz get in touch here. Thanks a lot.
  15. melizabeth18

    University of Tennessee c/o 2023 Applicants

    I haven't seen a thread yet for UTK 2023 applicants. I applied OOS! Who else applied this year?
  16. D

    Knocked while I'm already down (RANT/ pre-vet help?)

    I started off freshman year great. I'm a biology major. I had a 3.7 gpa first semester. Second semester rolls around, i'm in 100% science classes and a psych class, and I end up with straight C's and a cumulative gpa of 2.7. I'm SO disappointed in myself even though I did work really hard; but I...
  17. 1

    ECFVG good idea?

    Thinking about studying abroad at a non-accredited veterinary school. Smart move? How hard and extensive is the exam? Is it expensive? Worth it or shouldI just study in the US? Really looking for as much information and advice as possible. Anything helps!
  18. TaylorPsyD

    Army What is the likelihood of a military couple being stationed together?

    My fiancée is in Veterinary school on a HSPS scholarship and will (obviously) be joining the army upon graduation. I, on the other hand, am a recent Psy.D graduate. I was wondering, if I were to also join the army, what would our chances of colocation be? Would the potential of staying together...
  19. Jgar96

    Preferred Timing Device for HR

    Hey guys, I'm starting vet school this fall and I'm looking into buying an Apple Watch to use mainly as a timing device while monitoring HR (and will probably be able to replace my phone during clinicals from what I understand). I've noticed a few vets and techs using them throughout my pre-vet...
  20. MutterButter

    Should I pursue a residency?

    I am an incoming 3rd year vet student with an overwhelming love for Veterinary Nutrition. I just came back from a conference that got me even more fired up about nutrition, and I would love to make it my career. I am tempted to pursue a residency to get boarded in nutrition.... BUT- The problem...
  21. HelloSunshine96

    WCVM/UCVM c/o 2023

    I know it's super early but I thought I'd start a thread for this upcoming application season because I'm just so excited! T-3ish months until applications start!!:p
  22. G

    Veterinary Medicine versus Human Medicine

    Hi, i am a student who studies in Singapore and am interested to find out what are people's opinions of Veterinary Medicine versus Human Medicine. I've always wanted to be a doctor since I knew what it was as a child, it has always been at the back of my head. It is like a subconscious thing...
  23. RELephant

    SeaVet Clinical Training

    Has anyone done SeaVet at UF before and care to share their experiences? Is it similar to AquaVet and Marvet?
  24. Dogtorflower

    Rutgers University successful CVM applicants 2022

    Hey all, not sure how well this post will do, but thought I'd try! Rutgers senior here. Thought it would be interesting to see out of those from Rutgers University that applied to veterinary school this past cycle, how many have been admitted, waitlisted, denied, etc. and to what schools. Im...
  25. S

    Looking for suggestions

    Hello! First time poster! I graduated in 2013 with a BS in science (biology major, chem and equine studies minor). Good grades (honestly can't recall GPA stats, will have to contact my college to look at my transcripts again). I had planned to get the ball rolling much earlier, but as is life...
  26. Elfanara

    What to do during the year before trying again?

    So I am still on the wait list for UF, but I like to know and hash out all possibilities. For people who have been though this before and didn't get in their first time, what did you do during the year off? I was thinking about working as a Vet Tech, but I don't know if I can because I didn't...
  27. M

    Deciding on a school

    Hello all, I am fortunate enough to have a few schools as options for the next four years. I am a Massachusetts resident with a strong interest in small animal medicine and research. The four schools in which I am considering are Tufts, Upenn, THE Ohio State, and UFlorida. Each school has its...
  28. A

    NAVLE prep - VetPrep & Zuku Standard vs Premium

    Hey everyone, I am in the class of 2019, and it's the last day of the winter sale for Zuku Review (where you buy 6 months and get subscribed through December). VetPrep's similar winter sale ends March 1. There are a lot of posts asking about Zuku vs VetPrep, and which will help you do better...
  29. Inocencia

    Application Improvement

    Hi everyone! I did not get in to any U.S. vet schools this year. I already graduated with my bachelors (3.0 GPA), with 2000 hours of experience in 2 fields (shelter and wildlife), and a 304 best GRE score. I want to improve my application for next year. I am looking to sign up for GRE online...
  30. Camccamm

    CVM c/o 2022 Army Vet Hopefuls?

    Anyone planning on being an Army vet?
  31. V

    Acceptance Dilemma...

    Would you rather go to a school that has everything you want, but pay out of state tuition? Or would you go to a school you don't particularly like at all if it had in-state tuition? This is my current dilemma. I am currently trying to choose between out of state 'dream' and in state 'eh'...
  32. F

    CPE surgery 2018

    Hi, does anyone know a vet in the US who helps with surgery practice for CPE? If yes, please share the contact details. Thank you and good luck! :)
  33. D

    Taking the NAVLE in an unusual situation, having passed before.

    Hi, I graduated vet school and passed the NAVLE in 2007, and became licensed in Illinois. It took me a few tries though. That was due to going to a foreign vet school which is AVMA accredited, but I was not adjusted to multiple choice questions and had to learn that skill. Due to a serious...
  34. R

    cornell vs tufts vet school

    So i have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to Cornell (IS) and Penn and 5 other veterinary schools that i would not consider over Cornell or penn. I have an interview at Tufts next week and would have to take off two days of work to go to the interview. Is it worth it to go to the...
  35. Morfeas

    BSCE (tips for)

    I have recently passed the BSCE and studying for the NAVLE now. Here are a few things I did. - I used zuku review - Firstly watched the videos in HOW TO TAKE THE TEST. You have to be a good test taker and have a method that helps you go through the questions without wasting time.I believe the...
  36. R

    LSU SVM Quality of Program

    Hi, I am strongly considering LSU SVM for veterinary school if I am lucky enough to get in! I was just curious how they're program is as far as getting hands on experience, doing surgeries, etc. I have heard mixed reviews about the clinical years and how students don't even tough an animal...
  37. fve17

    Mental Health + Interviews

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice. I have a bunch of interviews coming up in the next few months. It seems schools are interested in me. I have a handful of poor grades (C range and below) in prerequisites. Some of them are as recent as can be; some are not. There is no...
  38. N

    From Doctor Human Med to Veterinary Med, how can I do it?

    Hi, So as you can see in the title I'm looking to find out about transitioning from Medicine to Veterinary. I've found a post about doing the reverse but no info on Med -> Vet. At the minute i'm in my third year of medical school (3rd of 5) and whilst I don't hate it, in fact I quite like many...
  39. ISU_CVM_2021

    ER Externships for Current CVM Students

    I am a first year student at Iowa State University CVM and am looking for some externships for winter/summer breaks over the next few years. I am very interested in emergency work. I am already spending time here in our hospital's small animal ICU, but am looking to expand my experience. I am...
  40. F

    Vet students and veterinarians, what are the grossest things you’ve seen in the field?

    Mine without a doubt is parasite removal. It makes my skin crawl. I am starting to watch videos to numb myself to it, but it’s still hard. It’s weird because I can handle pretty much anything else. I’m especially fascinated by surgery. I thought it’d be interesting to see what gross things...