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Banned from the Forums

Forum membership may be banned at the discretion of SDN. Here are common reasons for members to be banned:

DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR: Trolling and spamming interfere with operation of our nonprofit site. Those who troll or spam are trespassing on our network. SDN will take any and all legal and technical remedies to prevent trolling and spamming of our network. Don’t let a moment of disinhibition permanently impact your career.

SPAM: SDN is a nonprofit organization that promotes open discussion among students and doctors. It is not operated as a free service for promotion of your site, product or service. SDN does not allow ads in your signature, ‘stealth’ marketing, etc. These are quickly reported by our members and will result in banning and possibly blocking of site/product/service’s name from the SDN Forums. (Blocked URLs may be redirected to SDN’s Site). If you wish to benefit our membership while promoting your organization, see our sponsorship section.

Please see the SDN Terms of Service for additional information.