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Business and Commercial Members

Do you have a business that serves the pre-health or health professional community? We welcome your participation on Student Doctor Network following the below policies:

I am the owner/representative of a business or other commercial entity. Can I participate in the Student Doctor Network?

Yes, you may register an SDN forums account and participate in our forums. You must agree to abide by all of the terms specified in our SDN Terms of Service.

What can I post from my business account? Can I talk about my business?

You can do the following:

  1. Answer questions about your business when those questions have already been posed in a thread by a member not affiliated with your business. Example: “Does Company XYZ offer MCAT prep services?” In this case, you can answer by indicating that yes, your company does offer these services or you can answer in the negative if you don’t offer the services.
  2. Answer questions about your area of expertise without directly promoting your business. Example: “Should I study physics for the MCAT?” In this case, you can answer by explaining that yes the MCAT includes physics and most students need to review at least a few basic principles (and so on). You may NOT suggest that students buy your product or refer them to your website when answering this type of question.

Can I upload my business logo as my avatar and link to my business in my signature?

These actions are generally NOT permitted for business and commercial members. If you place these customizations on your account, they will be removed and your account may be banned.

Official SDN Sponsors, Partners and Exhibitors may use their logo as their avatar and may include a single link in their signature line. For more information on becoming an SDN sponsor or exhibitor, please email [email protected]. For information on becoming an SDN partner email [email protected].

Sponsor, Partner and Exhibitor signatures may include the name of the company, a short tagline, and a single link to either their product/website or their forum in the Exhibition Forums. Signatures may not include any other forms of advertising, including special offers, business descriptions or images.

Can I create threads and posts to promote my business?

You CANNOT create threads just to promote your products and/or services. You may also not create posts in random, unrelated threads promoting your business. Doing either of these things will result in your account being banned permanently.

SDN Exhibitors have their own forum in the SDN Exhibition Forums and are free to to promote their business and products as desired.

What else is a violation of the “no advertising” policy?

We take our “no advertising” policy very seriously at SDN. Overt advertising on our forums will not be tolerated outside of the Classifieds. But we are also very serious about prohibiting and preventing “stealth advertising.” Examples include:

  • Linking to your products in ANY form in a post, unless asked a direct question about your product(s) by a member.
  • Creating accounts that LOOK unaffiliated with your business (such as posing as a student or faculty member) that promote your business: “Check out Company XYZ… they are awesome!”
  • Creating accounts that LOOK unaffiliated with your business to criticize or spread negative feedback about your competitors.
  • Paying or incentivizing students or other individuals to promote your business through forum posts.
  • Posing as one of your competitors or adopting a similar name to spread misinformation or otherwise harm the reputation of your competitor.

Stealth advertising will result in an IMMEDIATE PERMANENT BAN from our forums with no ability for your business to re-register. It will also result in your permanent withdrawal from consideration or loss of status as an SDN Sponsor, Partner or Exhibitor.

What are the Classifieds? Can I post there?

Yes, please feel free to use the SDN Classifieds forums to advertise your products and services. You can post a SINGLE advertisement thread per product or service.

Your company or organization may also be eligible for a forum in the Exhibitions Forums. Email [email protected] to learn more.

I am developing a new product or service and I want to survey students to get feedback. Can I do that?

Feedback surveys are ONLY permitted in the Exhibitions Forums. Surveys must be completed on a third-party site and links to the site must clearly state that information entered on the survey is subject to the third-party terms of service, not the SDN terms of service.

I am giving away free promotional products/services. Where can I tell students about this?

You may use the Classifieds forums for this purpose. Your company or organization may also be eligible for a forum in the Exhibitions forums. Email [email protected] for more information.

What are Test Prep Week and Admissions Prep Week? Can I participate?

Test Prep Week and Admissions Prep Week are annual events where companies can showcase their products and services in the Exhibitions forums. Registered organizations in the Exhibitions Forums get free access to this event.

My business is non-profit. Can I promote it?

The same rules apply to all businesses, regardless of profit status. Posts should remain in the classifieds section. We offer a special non-profit section in the classifieds, available here.

Certain non-profit organizations and sites may also be eligible for SDN Partner status. Please email [email protected].

Someone has posted something negative about my business. I would like SDN to remove it.

We don't get involved in these types of disputes. You are free to use your forum account to respond to negative feedback as long as you abide by the guidelines in the Forum Usage Policy and this document. If you feel your business has been victimized by INCORRECT information, you should consult your legal counsel for guidance.

Someone has posted something that violates my copyright.

If you feel someone has violated your copyright, use the “report” link on the post to alert our moderator staff. If the situation is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may submit a DCMA notice.