Journalist / News Media Inquiries

From time to time, SDN receives requests from journalists or news media outlets seeking information from or requesting to ask a question of our members. The following policy outlines how SDN manages these requests.

Journalists may pose a question on the forums, if:

1. They identify exactly who they are, who they are working for, and what question they are looking to explore or answer.

2. They must post the question openly in our forums so that all members can benefit from the responses to the question. The post must include a disclaimer that responses could potentially put them in the media spotlight.

We do not allow private questions because a journalist doesn’t want to get “scooped.” If they want to gather data from our users, then our users should be able to benefit from the answers and discussion.

3. Whenever the article is published, it must reference and directly link to SDN with the full thread.

This helps prevent taking a single post out of context. i.e., if 20 responses say one thing and one person gives a minority opinion, it would be misleading for them to only present the one minority opinion.