Journalist / News Media Assistance

Journalist Registration

Journalists are encouraged to register on the Student Doctor Network Communities. Once registered, please contact us. We will provide verified journalist status for your account which allows you additional benefits and access to the site.

Journalists may pose a questions on the forums and send private messages to members.

When engaging with members, we ask that journalists always identify their name, the media organization they represent, and the issue on which they are reporting.

We recommend journalists post their questions openly in our forums so that all members can benefit from the responses to the question. The post must include a disclaimer.

Reporting should reference and directly link to the Student Doctor Network. Links to the site can either be to: or to a specific post or thread on the site.

Media Research Assistance:

Our nonprofit parent organization, the Health Professional Student Association, can assist with limited article research and coordination of quotes from students, doctors, and other academic professionals. If you have a topic that you would like to discuss, please contact us.