Changing Your Avatar (Profile Picture)

This Youtube video shows the steps to update your avatar, or profile picture that displays next to your posts:


  1. While signed in desktop, click on your member name in the upper right corner. On mobile, select the little avatar in upper right corner.
  2. Select Account Details link from drop down menu.
  3. System will display Account Details page.
  4. Your current avatar is displayed under the Email Options checkbox. Click on the image to change the picture.
  5. The system will pop up a window showing your current avatar. From here, you can choose to upload a new image or delete your existing image.
    • If you choose to upload a new image, it should be at least 400x400 pixels. Once it has been uploaded, select the “OKAY” button to complete the update.
    • Alternatively, you can delete your avatar. If you delete your avatar, the system will display the first letter of your member name next to your posts.