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Member Name Change

Name changes are a benefit provided to SDN Donors at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. You can become a donor here.

If you are a donor, you can submit a request for a name change using the following process:

  1. Access the drop down menu associated with your account by rolling over your name in the upper right hand corner of the forums home page. Select the "Account Upgrades" option near the bottom of the right hand column.

  2. On the "Account Upgrades" screen, select the "User Name Change" option under Account Upgrades in the left hand column:


  3. This will display the "User Name Change" screen.

    You will be required to specify your existing password for security reasons. You may change your member name to any name that is not currently in use and meets the SDN Terms of Service. You can request up to three name changes during the lifetime of your account.

    Please note, any post message quotes that include your current member name will NOT be updated.

  4. The moderator team will review and approve your name change request.

Thank you for being a Student Doctor Network donor!