1. Lifeblood_20

    MD & DO Depression as a rising M4

    M3 here on my last rotation (4 wks left). I've struggled with mental health for years, but M3 year has been so stressful that things took a nose dive. I have a good support system, I see a therapist, I take meds, do what I can to take care of myself, but I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread. I...
  2. V

    Should I retake the DAT

    I recently took the DAT, and well... it didn't end up that great. Here are my scores: PAT: 20 QR: 21 RC: 21 Bio.: 16 General Chem.: 18 Organic Chem.: 17 TS: 17 AA: 19 sGPA: 3.7 cGPA: 3.8 I have been the president of my university's pre-dental honors society for a year now and will start working...
  3. J

    Cracking the OAT - Practice Exams?

    I've taken some Kaplan practice exams which i've learned from this page are much harder than the real OAT. I purchased the Princeton Review - Cracking the OAT which comes with two practice exams. Has anyone taken these exams that could tell me how closely they resemble the real OAT? I don't...
  4. FlossyPossy7

    State Licensure

    Hey, I am a current 3rd year dental student in Florida. Looking ahead, I was wondering how multiple state licenses work. Say for example, I wanted to be licensed in Florida and Ohio. Would I have to take different tests in both states or is there one test that would get me a license for both...
  5. B

    DAT Official Score Report Error?

    Hello, I took the DAT in September and received the following scores on my unofficial score report: Bio:22 Chem:28 Orgo:25 QR:23 RC:22 PAT:18 AA:24 TS:25 However, I logged into the online ADA website to just check and see if my "official" report had been posted. It was listed as: Academic...
  6. H


    This is from the Princeton Review second edition which was released October 2018. Can anyone tell me how accurate this is considering it says there are about 10 questions of trig and geometry? The ADA doesn’t list anything about those topics. I know they still appeared in some people’s exam but...
  7. DigitalDental

    Wondering what your DAT score is in percentile? I found the official ADA document for conversions!

    Hello all, I found this nifty document on the ADA website a few weeks back and thought I'd share it with yall. Seems like a lotta people want to know what their DAT score is in percentile form and this document lets you figure that out using 2016 DAT data. This document is brand new as far as...
  8. K

    Lost my faith in the MCAT after certain discoveries.

    Let me explain the background regarding the title. (And if anyone e (or the Mods) knows a better place this thread should be, let me know. Just don't delete it without letting me know) (This will get long, so bear with me if you can - no judgement if you don't) I graduated HS with a 2.7...
  9. J

    Practice dat

    Hello everyone! Just curious,ada has a practice dat exam that is free and I just looked over it and was just curious how similar to the actual dat it is? For example the difficulty of the questions, I thought a good amount of the ones they asked on there were not quite as complex as I intended...
  10. Z

    ADA practice exam please guide me what to do

    Hello. I really dont know what im doing . Can you please let me know what step I should take for many who been thru it. I just took 2007 ada Bio I 26 right STD 39 Chem I got 20 right STD 26 Orgo I got 24 right STD I believe total science comes out to 18 I did not do well on PAT the...
  11. M

    Does ADA report number of attempts you took NBDE regardless if it's Part I or II?

    Does ADA report number of attempts you took NBDE regardless if it's Part I or II when they send score reports to the school you want to apply to?
  12. M

    2009 DAT practice exam hasn't arrived :(

    I ordered the 2009 practice exam a little over a week ago and paid extra for overnight shipping but I still haven't gotten it and I have my DAT in a week (1-21) :( I realized too late that I should have given MUCH more time for the test to come in the mail but...guess there's nothing I can do...
  13. C

    Need New DAT Eligibility period?

    Hi there, So I applied for a DENTPIN back in june of 2016 and unfortunately was unable to take the test by december. I didn't show up for the test date that was scheduled in december, as I was told that by doing that I could just apply to retake the test without the 90 day waiting period...
  14. O

    Out of State Friendly schools?

    Hi, I was curious if anyone had a list or know if i could find a list of out of state friendly schools? Im specifically looking for the schools in New York, University of Maryland, Ohio state and case western, he Illinois schools, Pennsylvania schools, and Indiana schools? If you know any it...
  15. T


    It's like everyone was killing it this summer. Then all of a sudden it got bad. I think the ADA playing us y'all. Cuz you guys be talking bout questions are straightforward. THERE WAS NOTHIN STRAIGHTFORWARD BOUT MY BIO THET SHIZ WAS HARDDDD. Ada PLAYIN us. They made the summer version easier...
  16. M

    Practice OAT scores vs. Real Scores

    Hi everyone, I've been studying sporadically this past semester and everyday for the past month and I've finally gotten around to taking 2 practice tests. My scores weren't as high as I'd hoped :/ I was just hoping to get an insight from other people as to how my practice scores will compare...
  17. F

    Questions Regarding ADEA Dental School Application

    Hi I am applying for dental school this summer. I have a couple of questions regarding the application process. 1. I am retaking the DAT on July 5th. Would you recommend submitting the application before then? 2. With regards with the letters of recommendation, the ADEA website states the...
  18. F

    2009 ADA DAT Practice Test Breakdown

    Hey guys, I take my DAT in like less than two weeks, I kind of went ahead of myself and I took the 2009 practice test. I only did four of the sections however Bio: 22 GenChem: 21 OrgChem: 22 PAT: 20 I don't know if I'm good condition or not, and heres why.. this is my second time doing this...
  19. J

    Disability Accomodation

    Hey guys, diagnosed ADHD since 7 here. For those who have taken the DAT with the ADA accommodation, what type of accommodations do they provide you with? Longer test time? If so how long? Thanks!
  20. F

    How similar is the 2009 ada dat compared to real

    Thanks guys, would love your experience
  21. F

    #44 2009 ADA DAT test

    Can someone please explain this, I'm getting so frustrated +pissed+