1. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's University of St. Augustine Austin Campus MOT Fall 2018 Residential

    Hi! I applied to the University of St. Augustine at the Austin campus for the MOT Fall 2018 Residential cohort. I interviewed on March 16th. Is there anyone who has applied to the same campus/cohort and interviewed March 16th who has heard back? So anxious to know if I've gotten in!
  2. D


    I've been trying to compare these two great schools but would really like the community's input for the pros and cons/ experiences from each college. I am an out of state applicant to both schools. It would be my first time at both locations. My goal is to get into an inpatient residency and...
  3. R

    Looking to Shadow a PA in the DFW/Waco/Corsicana/Austin area?

    Hello! I am a junior biology student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. I have had a bit of a hard time finding PAs who would allow me to shadow them. I am willing to travel if need be. If anyone is open to this or has the information for someone else who may be, please let me know...
  4. EngineerMedic

    UT Austin MD/PhD Program?

    UT Austin just opened their new medical school recently and seems to be getting ready to begin a proper MD/PhD program soon. Does anyone have a good guess of when they're going to open this program?
  5. nembry

    should i transfer....AGAIN?

    for Spring 2017, I transferred from my junior college where i played 2 years of college baseball to UT Austin. i am from Dallas and i am thinking about transferring to UT Arlington. my reasoning: at UT i am a Psych major and I cannot switch out i want to major in Chemistry. i have a serious...
  6. nembry

    Summer-- O Chem 1 w/ lab or Phys 1 w/ lab?

    Which would you guys advise that i take this summer? Organic Chem 1 with Lab or Physics 1 w/ lab? I will be taking them UTD and I attend UT Austin (which is very notorious for having difficult labs) during the regular semesters. Keep in mind I will also be working as a medical assistant 15-20...
  7. nembry

    transferring from UT to UTD...does it matter?

    I just transferred to UT Austin from a Junior College where i played 2 years of college baseball. This is my first semester at UT and I'm not very happy...I am from Dallas and that's basically where my life is. I would be a lot happier attending UT Dallas, and I would save money. Does graduating...
  8. V

    Does anyone attend UT Pharmacy?

    I'm looking to apply to the University of Texas at Austin Pharmacy school. The only problem I have is finding a place to live that won't destroy my bank. Hopefully, somewhere that is safe and where I may take the bus to campus (I heard taking the bus is cheaper if you're going to live farther...
  9. nembry

    UT Austin Honors Humanities

    Has anyone heard of the interdisciplinary UT Austin Humanities Honors program? https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/humanities/ I was invited to do it after admittance into COLA for BS Psyc. I'm interested in the program as you create your own major and course curriculum and they claim it offers...
  10. nembry

    please help me choose a school!!!!-- UT or UTD?

    I am a transfer student from a 2-year junior college. My goal is to attend Med School and become a doctor. So I was accepted into The University of Texas at Austin to study BS in Psychology. Later on, I received a letter inviting me into the Honors Humanities program that UT offers. It sounds...
  11. Sheneman


    I am having trouble deciding between two schools. It is literally dead even. University of Houston College of Pharmacy has a ton of perks: +Brand new building for the incoming class of next year. +Texas Medical Center next door to COP +Tons of Research opportunies +Tons of Organizations/Pharmacy...
  12. A

    How do you pay for college?

    How did you guys or do you guys pay for University and also for Medical School along with housing and every other costs beside small loans? So basically, I am at Austin Community College and applying for transfer to UTAustin/Texas State/Rice this this Fall 2016. Currently I am working at a gas...
  13. P

    UT Austin Class of 2020

    Hey! I noticed that UT Austin didn't have a thread for this years cycle yet and since it is one of my top choices I wanted to create one! Hopefully there are more of you out there that are also wanting to apply here! :)