1. G

    Failed peds boards on first attempt while in military fellowship?

    Does anyone on here know what happens if you are in an active duty pediatric subspecialty fellowship program and you fail the gen peds board exam on your first attempt? For reference, I graduated from an active duty peds residency program this past June 2021, and I’m now 3 months in to a 3-year...
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  3. Doc Alex

    Studying for the New ABEM Virtual Oral Boards

    Greetings! Is anyone interested in teaming up to practice ABEM oral board cases including the new Structured Interview for Virtual Oral Boards? Please PM me if interested. Thanks! Alex
  4. D

    January 2020 NYS Compounding exam

    Anyone take the exam, how do you all feel?
  5. R

    Where to talk about a board failure on ERAS?

    After talking to a number of residents and program directors, I've gotten conflicting advice with almost an even split regarding where to address a board failure on ERAS. Half say to mention it in the personal statement, and half say the personal statement should only be positive and to address...
  6. P

    Texas licensing question

    Hello all, i Went to a Caribbean med school that " lacks regional accreditation". Im finishing up residency in family medicine and applying for my Texas Medical License since my entire family lives there. Can getting board certified PRIOR TO applying bypass this? I know that getting board...
  7. P

    PMR Board Review

    Hi Everyone! Does anyone know of any audio lectures or podcasts for board review? Looking for something to listen to in the car. Thanks!
  8. C

    Child and Adolescent Board Certification Question

    Hello, I am wondering, how important is it to be board certified in child and adolescent psychology (in the state of CA) if almost all of my practicum and internship experiences has been with children and families? I ask because I am currently applying to postdocs and all I need is just a child...
  9. S

    ABA oral board exam 2018

    Looking for MOCK oral practicing partners for the October exam. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks.
  10. I

    INBDE vs. NBDE I/II: Pros, Cons, Discussion. Etc.

    I am apart of a D21 class which was given the option of taking the traditional boards (NBDE 1 & 2) or the INBDE. However, I noticed there hasn't been much conversation between the two exams and discussion over the pros/cons of taking one over the other. Here is the official page for the INBDE...
  11. H

    Position Wanted Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med

    Seeking PGY2 position in Family Med, Emergency Med, or Internal Med. I am a US Medical Graduate, passed all of my USMLE steps on my first attempt. I also have another doctorate in health care. I received my PGY1 credit this past March 2018. I am also applying for my physician licensure but i...
  12. I

    INBDE vs. NBDE I/II: Pros, Cons, Discussion. Etc.

    I am apart of a D21 class which was given the option of taking the traditional boards (NBDE 1 & 2) or the INBDE. However, I noticed there hasn't been much conversation between the two exams and discussion over the pros/cons of taking one over the other. Here is the official page for the INBDE...
  13. MedBoardTutors

    Expert USMLE and COMLEX Tutoring with FirstAid Authors!

    Dear Students, Are you looking to improve your USMLE, NBME, or COMLEX scores to have the best opportunity for any residency program? MedBoardTutors staff can help! We have extremely high average scores compared to other USMLE tutoring companies with an average Step 1 and Step 2 CK of 260+. We...
  14. cdmguy

    Nursing licensing boards give 9.5 continuing ed hours for quacky cancer nutrition course

    An education PhD with no credentials in health care named Susan Silberstein has been approved by nursing continuing education to 9.5 self reported approved CEU nursing credits in cancer nutrition. Here's what her class consisted of in...
  15. ucfknight7

    Navy HPSP Board for class of 2022

    I was informed by my recruiter that the board date for this year is sometime in January. Assuming it is going on right now, when would we find whether or not we were selected?
  16. M

    Residency options question based on interest & STEP

    I truly enjoy suturing (lacerations, cysts, etc) in the clinic and in the OR, however with a low STEP1 score (209) I am realistically excluded from a surgical residency. What options do I have? The only things I can think of are FM and EM. Any insight would be helpful!
  17. G

    Medical Students on Admission Boards

    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for information if medical schools have students have a voice in their admissions process. I currently attend a school that does not have this option, but I would like to write a proposal to hopefully get students on the admissions board. I've heard other schools have...
  18. OnDemond

    SCANDAL in MARYLAND!! No More Decorative Medical Licenses?!

    I just paid $800 for my initial license in the DPRM (Democratic People's Republic of Maryland). Instead of receiving the standard-for-decades, sealed, caligraphic wall license/certificate, I received the same type of license you see in elevators certifying their safety. Really?? For all my...
  19. R

    AZ Board meeting and drug test

    I have to appear before the board due to some legal issues that I had over a decade ago. I have no clue what to expect. I was previously on Texas Board of Pharmacy probation for a decade, never had any issues. Anyone have any idea what the board normally does with someone with a criminal record...
  20. V

    Where can I find full practice exams for boards pt1

    Do you guys have any links/dropboxs to practice boards exams
  21. pikaboo

    Canadian board study materials help!

    Hey guys, I chose to do both the American and the Canadian board exams as it opens way more options and since I am studying, either way, might as well... I know the studying materials for the American Board and I have them and I am using them and very pleased with how they illustrate the...
  22. F

    Free (Giving away) $100 discount on Pass Machine

    $100 discount code on Pass Machine for boards prep for many, many specialities until end of July 2017. You can still use this code after July but it will only be $50 off. See here for a full list: My referral/discount code: AMB54953 Feel free to message me if...
  23. T

    Nothing Came Up in my fingerprint Background check

    I had a couple incidents in undergrad about 10 years ago. I do recall them, since I was there. But after submitting a LIVE SCAN fingerprint search with the CA DOJ for my own record review, an official written response from the State Attorney General said, "As of the date of this letter, a search...
  24. Joanne Fernandez-Lopez

    Puerto Rico Veterinary License

    Hello! I am in the process of trying to obtain a PR veterinary license. Any help with what the testing might be like, a study guide you might have available or study tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  25. P

    ABFAS CBPS Scoring and Feedback

    Is there anywhere that says exactly what the ABFAS CBPS is looking for when it scores the exam? I've never had trouble with board exams in the past and passed everything no problem for Boards parts 1, 2, and 3. And during the in-training exams for ABFAS, I scored at least average to above in...
  26. Caffeine Matters

    RESEARCH, how important during MS1-MS2

  27. rockxangel666

    Austalian National Veterinary Examination

    Hey! is there anyone who has done Australian NVE? Is it similar to NAVLE? Just wanted to know some real-time experience of ones who have already done it. Thanks :)
  28. T

    Accepted to AZCOM and CCOM; I appreciate all input.

    Hello everyone, I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to MWU-CCOM/AZCOM. I am a California native, and I definitely plan on coming back to CA for residency and eventually working here as a physician. I would be interested in EM/Trauma or Gen Surgery/Neurosurgery, but none of these are...