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  1. Claudum

    PsyD degree online/transfer options

    I am currently studying Social Work at the undergraduate level (class of Spring 2023) and hope to pursue my PsyD in the future. I am wondering if there is any easy way to start a counseling or clinical psychology program online, and then transfer to an in-person PsyD program after a year. For...
  2. Kelly Re

    Navy HPSP

    Is anyone on here applying for the Navy HPSP Clinical Psych program? I am submitting my packet soon and wanted to see who all was also applying!
  3. D

    Switching to Psychology from a pre-med

    Hello Everyone! A bit of a long post ahead: I'm not sure if a similar thread has been posted before but I am a student that switched from being very pre-med focused to psychology. I have always had an interest in Psych but never looked seriously into it as a career until I started working at a...
  4. M

    Reputable Somatic Psychology PsyD or PhD programs?

    Hello everyone, I want to become a clinical somatic psychologist or clinical psychologist who can become certified in creative arts simultaneously. The population I currently work with is trauma (developmental and event), addiction, substance abuse, and mood disorders as a licensed massage...
  5. NeuroPsychosis

    MA/MS MA program with/without a thesis?

    Hello platform folks, Just a debate came across. I realized some MA programs in Psychology out there don't have a thesis required as part of their program (I realized they are usually clinical emphasis). However, as for someone interested in applying to PhD programs (clinical & traditional)...
  6. G

    PhD/PsyD Help figure out this program please!

    There is a program I applied to that has been working their acceptance offers a little different than other programs that I have dealt with and I was hoping to get other peoples advice and opinions on what is going on with this program. This specific program has been offering acceptances to...
  7. cattyditty

    PhD/PsyD programs with strong OCD labs or advisors?

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on here. I'm a junior in undergrad looking to apply to clinical PhD (and maybe some PsyD) programs in the fall. My area of interest is primarily obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, which I have already conducted research on (which I am...
  8. P

    Clinical Psychology PhD - Trauma/PTSD Focus

    Hello, I am looking to apply to Clinical Psychology PhD programs and am interested in finding faculty that have research focuses in PTSD, trauma, and emotion dysregulation. Even better would be a PI that also utilizes MRI. Any guidance/information would be appreciated!
  9. M

    Is Public Health What I Am Looking For?

    Hello all, I am trying to get my life together and figure out what kind of program I want to apply to. Some background, I am currently in my junior year of college studying psychology and I plan on getting a PhD/ pursuing a research focused career. I originally planned on going to medical...
  10. P

    How to best guess which journal I have a better chance of getting accepted to?

    Hi everyone, I am writing a paper and am trying to decide if submitting to a journal with a high IF means it is automatically much more difficult to get accepted. This is my first 1st author paper, and first paper I'm submitting period. I am interested in the Journal of Environmental...
  11. M

    Midwestern-Glendale, AZ PsyD

    After looking through nearly every mention of the Clinical Psychology PsyD program at Midwestern U in Arizona in the SDN, I have a question--is the program still poorly regarded? I've been accepted to the school and want to make sure I'm making an informed decision. Their cohort size is ~23...
  12. P

    What can I call my new role in my lab?

    Hi, I've been in my lab for 2 years, 1 as an RA and 1 as the lab manager. Now that I graduated and got a job as an RA in a different lab, I have resigned as "manager" and have been training/transitioning to the new manager all summer. While I am moving on in this way, I am still part of the...
  13. M

    What Field am I Looking For?

    Hey everyone!!! I am a college junior studying biopsychology and I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Up until recently I have been planning on going to medical school but decided that I actually want to go into research instead. I have done really well in my research...
  14. P

    Clinical job or volunteer in research lab

    Hello again, and thank you for visiting my weekly, if not daily post, featuring me freaking out about yet another facet of preparing for grad school. For reference I live in NYC, have 2 years of lab experience/lab manager for 1, got my BA this year, and am applying to phd programs next fall...
  15. P

    manuscript prep. advice

    Hi there, I'm currently beginning the process or co-authoring 4 manuscripts with my PI and other RAs and would like to know if anyone has any tips on being efficient and a general "how to" on manuscript writing. I decided to take an extra year before applying to grad school just to work on all...
  16. P

    CV advice- attached doc.

    Hi there, I have been looking for a paid part/full-time RA job for a few months now (since I graduated in May) with no luck (not even an email back except for a volunteer position with no publishing/poster prospects). I recently re-wrote my CV and I would love your feedback on how to market...
  17. P

    How did you decide on Adult vs. Child clin. psych. concentration

    Hi there Recently I decided to take an extra year before applying to clinical psych phd programs, and one of the reasons for this is that I'm having a hard time deciding on what research area interests me (will likely be affected by the next decision) and what clinical concentration I'd like to...
  18. P

    Not sure if I should take an RA position!

    Hi there, I have just recently acquired an opportunity to work as an RA in an Ivy league school lab, doing psych research in the field I think is what I want to do in grad school. the problem is that they are requiring a 2 year commitment, and I have just graduated from undergrad, meaning I...
  19. P

    Clinical Psych. Phd programs that look at last 60credits gpa

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any clinical psych. programs that look at your last 60 credits GPA (or something similar). I found a few already, do these have good programs? 1) Binghamton Uni. NYS 2) Brigham young Uni. 3) University of South Florida 4) university of Washington Thanks!
  20. F

    PhD/PsyD Clinical Psych PhD Programs with Trauma Treatment Centers and/or Certificates

    Hi everyone! As a future clinical psychologist, I am hoping to specialize in PTSD treatment. The SDN forums about programs with advisors doing trauma research and the APA Division 56 list of programs have been very helpful. I am curious if you all know of any PhD clinical programs that have...
  21. C

    J1 visa - International student doing PhD - postdoc / licensure

    Hi all, I am an international student doing my Clin Psych PhD and about to start internship - I have a couple of questions regarding visas for postdocs and licensing - currently on a J1 and trying to figure out whether I am better off switching to an F1 or not. My internship will allow me to...
  22. A

    PhD/PsyD I need help on programs!

    Hello, I am currently trying to apply to programs for graduate school. I have tried contacting my clinical psychology professor from undergrad for help in figuring this all out, but I haven't received replies in the last 3 months! Now that it's getting closer to application dates I am starting...
  23. S

    Work/Life Balance in a Clinical Psych program

    I am interested in pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology (Phd or Psyd) and wanted to find out from those currently in a program or those who have graduated what the work/life balance looks like during the program? On average, how much time do you have per week to spend time with...
  24. K

    Poor MCAT/ Gap Year Help

    I am in my senior year, still have one semester before I graduate. I took my MCATs recently, and did not do well enough to balance out my mediocre GPA (503, 3.6) for Allopathic MD. I was already planning to take a gap year (or two) off. I am trying to figure out the best use of my time. I have a...
  25. M

    Drug Possession and Getting into a Clinical Program

    So I have a question about the possibility/limitations of having possession a of controlled substance felony and getting into a clinical psych PhD. program. in November of 2013 I was convicted for a possession of a controlled substance-felony. Most schools have asked on their application whether...
  26. T

    WAMC: What Are My Chances

    MOD NOTE: We are now going to have one thread for all of the inquiries for competitiveness, what are my chances, do I have a shot, can I get into ABC University, etc. Most of the other SDN forums have found success with having one thread, so we are going to adopt that going forward. 1. Please...
  27. T

    Stigma Against Applicants with Previous Psychopathology?

    Hi all, So I am applying to Clinical Psych Ph.D. programs in next year's cycle, and I have some confidence in my stats: 3.8 overall GPA/4.0 Psych GPA, 320+ GRE score, research experience with poster presentations, etc. (though of course I know several other applicants have similar things going...