clinical volunteering

  1. M

    Is this clinical?

    Like many others, I'm still finding it hard to find face to face clinical volunteering opportunities. Are any of the following "clinical"? 1. greeting hospital visitors/patients as a hospital "ambassador" 2. changing bedsheets in the hospital 3. doing hospital paperwork
  2. M

    Unsatisfying Volunteer Experiences

  3. D

    Clinical Volunteering

    Hi, I was wondering if volunteering at a health and rehab center for seniors counts as clinical volunteering. Or is clinical volunteering strictly in a hospital? Thank you
  4. Python Forever

    At 400 hours each for nonclinical and clinical volunteering. Low GPA applicant. Do I try to hit the 1000-hour mark?

    Strangely worded title, but I didn't really know how else to word it. Long story short, I graduated a few years ago from a UC, screwed around too much and graduated with less than stellar grades; 2.67 to be exact (similar cu and sci GPAs). Fortunately, I have no bio/chem/physics courses (i.e...
  5. blueberry4104


  6. D

    Volunteering and Shadowing at the Same Clinic --> How to explain this in AADSAS?

    I previously shadowed and volunteered at a private clinic over a summer period and was wondering how I should list these experiences on my application. Should they both be under the same experience or split into two? For example, on Wednesdays, I would shadow the dentist, and Tuesdays and...
  7. flybynight79

    Clinical experience questions

    Does volunteering in a senior day center at a hospital count as clinical volunteering? The members have cognitive impairments. I've been volunteering at two centres: one for moderate-severe members and the other for mild impairments. The problem is that they're not referred to as patients...
  8. S

    Adcoms : Is this Enough Clinical Volunteering?

  9. F

    Clinical Volunteering Projected Hours

    So apparently I'm able to list projected hours of clinical volunteering if I apply before starting my gap year. Do these hours factor into the required hours for medical schools? Currently looking at a little under 100 by the time I apply but will have over 200 by the time I matriculate. I think...
  10. S

    Too little clinical volunteering?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated - thank you!
  11. D

    1000+ paid clinical hrs and 100+ NC volunteering hrs; do I need clinical volunteering experience?

    Hello all, Hoping to get some insight into volunteering. I have been a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters for 6 months now and I've put in 100+ extremely meaningful hours into it. I also work as a CNA at an Alzheimer's/Dementia home where I have gained more patient experience and have improved...
  12. F

    Does this count as clinical volunteering?

    A description of the volunteering role is "keep up with patient statuses and ensuring their families/friends that things are going well and moving along, as well as offering services to the patient families - everything from a place to have a nap, have a drink, or chance to relax in a quiet...
  13. D

    Is volunteering at this clinic really considered ‘clinical volunteer experience’?

    Hi there, I’ve spent significant amount of time volunteering at a clinic that aims to help the low/no-income sector to receive basic medical care and medication. My role has been both technical support and front desk duties at the clinic’s dispensary - I often interact with patients...
  14. sushi18

    Types of Clinical Experience: 10 Admissions Offices Weigh In

    Hi SDNers, I contacted 10 different MD admissions offices about preferences for types of clinical experience (paid/volunteer/shadowing), and found it really helpful. Since I’ve learned so much from reading these forums, I thought others might benefit from this information as well. If I get in...
  15. sushi18

    Starting Clinical Volunteering 1 Year Before Applying - Box Checker?

    Would starting clinical volunteering 1 year before I apply to medical school label me as a dreaded box checker? It's not that I wouldn't enjoy doing it earlier, but as a non-trad I'll most likely be working a clinical job/taking classes/doing non-clinical volunteering/research. And...
  16. sushi18

    Shadowing/Volunteering on Top of Clinical Job for T20 schools?

    I understand that working a clinical job such as medical assistant, scribe, CNA, or EMT is generally accepted as clinical experience for med school. However is it still advantageous for T20 schools to have clinical volunteering and/or shadowing on top of a clinical job? I would easily have...
  17. I

    Prioritizing clinical vs. non-clinical volunteering

    I currently work full-time in a clinical research setting. Depending on the project, my interactions with patients generally include consenting for studies and sitting in on research interviews. As I work full-time, and will also be studying for the MCAT, my time for volunteering is limited. I...
  18. sasukeuchiha33

    Volunteering in clinic vs hospital?

    Hey everyone! So I just finished up my first year of college and started clinical volunteering last month. I have already amassed about 20 hours, which I know isn’t really that much, but if I do around 20 hours every month over the next 2 years that will leave me with well over 400 hours in the...
  19. B

    Clinical volunteer vs. medical scribe

    Hi all, so i'm planning on applying next cycle (will graduate this fall and planning on DIY postbacc) and was wondering should I concentrate on clinical volunteer or scribing or research? I only have time for one (or two) of them (during my last semester in college). Here's the background: I've...
  20. 2

    Free Clinic Volunteer Opportunities in DC/Maryland/Virginia Area?

    I was wondering if any of you have had any volunteer positions at a free clinic in the DMV area that allowed you to have hands-on experience, such as doing intake for patients? I have not had any luck in finding a clinic and I don't want to get stuck with an administrative position that will end...
  21. DoBurrosLayEggs

    Do I need clinical vol./shadowing?

    Howdy, I am applying to MD schools this coming summer, taking MCAT June 2. I would like some advice on whether or not I should try to pick up some clinical volunteering or shadowing experience in the short term. A few people have said it may not be 100% necessary given my paid experience thus...
  22. R

    General Question about Clinical Volunteering

    Hi all, Texas resident and was planning on applying this upcoming summer. However, I was unsure whether my clinical hours were sufficient. I currently have 100 hours volunteering at two different retirement homes and will have an additional 400 hours volunteering at a camp for physically and...
  23. N

    Another "is this clinical volunteering" question?

    I have the opportunity to serve as a medical advocate for rape victims at a local hospital, essentially accompanying them throughout their hospital stay and serving as a liaison between doctors, law enforcement, and the rape crisis center. Does this count as clinical volunteering? I already...
  24. K

    How important is clinical volunteering

    I'm entering my junior year. Right now I volunteer at the local cat shelter and in the summers at a summer camp for kids and adults with developmental disabilities and a non profit for introducing technology to adults and teaching kids to code. None of these are clinical at all but attracted me...
  25. T

    Exclusively Studying for MCAT over Summer

    Hey Everyone, Sorry this is going to be pretty long lol. TL;DR: Would it look bad if I did nothing over the next two months and just studied for the MCAT? So I stayed home for the summer because I thought it would be easier to study for the MCAT, which I am signed up for at the end of August...
  26. S

    Is This Considered Clinical Volunteering?

    Currently working on my AMCAS information. My father & brother are both firefighters and have given me many opportunities to ride along with the rescue on calls. At the beginning of shifts, the Lieutenant on-call had me organize the rescue truck (go through all compartments, check IV bags...
  27. C

    How important is clinical volunteering?

    Hey all, Im having a really hard time finding clinical volunteering around me for whatever reason, and I'm wondering if its worth still pursuing at this point. I work as a PCA in a big hospital and have tons of clinical contact through that.. will have like 750 hours when I apply. I also have...
  28. P

    Sporadic clinical volunteering?

  29. J

    Scribing for a parent

  30. H

    Applying without clinical volunteering...

  31. D

    Is this clinical volunteering?

    At my school's health center, the psychiatry department provides the opportunity to a few to serve as a peer mentor to students enrolled at my school with asperger's syndrome/autistic spectrum disorder. This entails meeting with the student with ASD weekly to meet 2 set goals for the year and...