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  1. PHDtobe_

    Applying to clinical psych internships this year, current pending DUI charge (from 2021) versus convicted DUI?

    I (25 y/o female) made a dumb mistake and drove home after going out last year (feb2021). I had a few drinks, on an empty stomach after working all day, and ignorantly thought that if i stopped drinking by 10:30ish I would be good to drive by 2. I really had no knowledge of BAC and how long it...
  2. 444zane3

    Is this a reportable IA institutional action?

    Was caught with weed with bunch of other freshman in the 2nd week of classes in the honors college dorm. Cops were called but we did not get arrested. All I remember was that me and others involved gave a small statement to some administrator a couple days later. The student conduct office has...
  3. L

    Certiphi Background Check

    Please no negative comments....this is obviously a huge mistake I have made, but something I now need to deal with. I was accepted into a DPT program and now will be going through a background check. A couple of years ago, I got a DWI with exactly a .081 bac, so I was able to get it dropped to a...
  4. noob1112

    Criminal History and Canadian Med School Admissions

    I'm a medical school applicant with exceptional undergraduate GPA, MCAT and extracurriculars/references. The hitch is I have had some criminal history stemming from an alcohol and drug problem as well as untreated mental illness. I have received treatment for my problems and have strove to...
  5. J

    How screwed am I for this disorderly conduct charge?

    M2 here, looking for some advice/input because SDN can be brutally honest and I think that’s what I need right now. In college, I received a citation for disorderly conduct (not a felony, not a misdemeanor) due to having a small amount of marijuana in my possession. It was a stupid thing that I...
  6. S


  7. A

    Felony (what are my chances)?

    When I was 18, I made a really horrible mistake and was convicted of (credit card fraud) which is a felony. That is the only thing that I have been in trouble for. I have completely changed my life around since then and I want to go after my dream of being an anesthesiologist. I am now 20, and I...
  8. J

    Marijuana Arrests (With an "s")

    Hey, This my situation. I have a 3.65 GPA and an MCAT of 510- 520... I have a BS in biology and BA in Chemistry. I am hispanic and have shadowing, volunteering, research, and I have been a TA for 2 years. Point is, I have the "essentials" traditionally needed to get into medical school...
  9. bschaefer97

    Will schools care about non-moving violations? (AZ)

    Okay, I'll save you guys some time and just break down the worst case scenario here - I just found out that 3 of my non-moving violations from Feb. 2015 are *not* misdemeanors (great news), but am worried that since they will still show up on a background check I will either need to disclose...
  10. NeuroMap

    Doctors with felonies

    I've been a frequent visitor here at SDN and have read over many inspiring as well as downright negative responses to threads where the individual has a criminal history. So I am curious to see what the community would think my chances are of getting into medical school. Even more so, what are...
  11. A

    Can I still be a physician? (serious)

    The other day I didn't pay my train ticket because I bought it before and no one checked. When I was sitting on the train, all of a sudden I hear "TICKETS" I automatically pretended to be asleep but the cop woke me up. He asked for my ID and he took a picture of it and wrote down my info but he...
  12. YouGiveMeHeartFailure

    Trouble With Marijuana At The Border (US/CANADA)

    X-POST FROM GENERAL RESIDENCY ISSUES. I did not know which forum would be best for this question. Let me know if this is not the right place. Thanks. Something has been causing me anxiety for quite some time now. I will try to make the story as short as possible. Back story: I am an FMG...
  13. YouGiveMeHeartFailure

    Trouble With Marijuana At The Border (US/CANADA)

    Something has been causing me anxiety for quite some time now. I will try to make the story as short as possible. Back story: I am an FMG (graduating in June). I visited Canada about 1.5 years ago just for visa reasons and then re-entered the United States driving my car. I had some time off...
  14. C

    Chances of getting into med school with an expunged record

    Hi everyone, so I'm applying to med school soon and I'm wondering what my chances are of getting in with an expunged criminal record. I was charged, but not convicted, with a class C misdemeanor for possession of paraphernalia when I was 15 years old, but it is now expunged. Then I was...
  15. A

    Misdemeanor, Acceptance, Matriculation

    Hello SDN, I have been lucky this cycle and obtained 4 acceptances at this point. 2 MD and 2 DO. I have a criminal history of DUI from 5 years ago. I disclosed the incident in my primary and secondary application and have been honest and taken responsibility of the incident. My question from...
  16. MSTPMotorcyclist

    A Note on Applying to M.D. Programs with a Criminal Background

    WARNING: LONG POST (but worth the read!) Hi Everybody, I am writing to you all as an accepted M.D. Student in the U.S., with hopes of encouraging those with good intentions but an iffy criminal background of not selling themselves short, and trying for what they want to do with their lives...