1. F

    Rutgers RWJ vs Rutgers NJMS for Love Life

    Hi everyone! So I'm going to be honest here, my biggest criteria in choosing one vs the other is dating life....As a single late 20's male, I'm looking to settle down eventually lol and both of these schools seem great in terms of education. Please, where would ya'll think the best dating scene...
  2. DK2

    Relationships/Dating in Dental School

    Too many current dental school students and practicing dentists tell me that relationships (especially LDRs) and even marriages don't survive dental school. At this point I'm starting to think it's not so much a matter of "if", but more a matter of "when". I want to know what your all's...
  3. KatsuCurry

    Best Medical Schools to find a wife?

    Look I'm excited to learn the basic sciences and do research at med school, but I'm also trying to find a wife (perhaps more important). What schools have good dating cultures and a lot of intermingling? I've heard good things about Wake Forst, USF, any others?
  4. MedSmithie

    Dating a College Student While in Med School?

    Hi there, My current girlfriend is 2 years behind me in school, so she will still be an undergrad for my first 2 years of med school. How common is it for med students to date college students? I'm aware that most of my peers will be older than me, given that I'm not taking time off, so I'm...
  5. I

    MD Dating, Older Med. Student

    Hey y'all, I'm a 29 year old male, plan is to start Med. School at 32. Never dated before, life happened, Medical crisis, procedure, all better now, 100% and I am back in college to go to Med. School. I don't want to be single forever right ... and I am not sure how and when I will meet the girl...
  6. Piglet2020

    Dating in Med school?

    So how did you meet your S/O? I heard most people settle down in med school (either coming into med school married, getting engaged, starting a family, etc). I’m a bit worried b/c I’m still single in Undergrad and I’ll be matriculating into med school next year. I hope I can start dating guys in...
  7. M

    Dating a resident

    Do schools usually have/enforce any rules, suggestions against or discourage students on rotations dating residents in the same core clinical sites? Thanks.
  8. D

    Starting LDR with SO. Tips?

    Hi There, I'm a long time follower of SDN; my boyfriend has used it for a while but I just read forums here and there for information. We've been together for a little over 1.5 years, are very serious (talk about the future all the time), and after living only a few miles away from one...
  9. UWwildLandGuy

    Boyfriend of a med student

    Hi everyone. I am extremely new to this forum well let's see going on about five minutes. I am former wild-land fire fighter and now in the automotive industry. I recently met my amazing and beautiful girlfriend future Dr.R about two months ago. We hit it off instantly like unexplained unity and...
  10. L

    Need some advice on dating and workload during residency as well as fellowship

    Heya, Around 1.5 months ago I started dating someone who is finishing her residency. We met at the wedding party and hit it off . Dating so far has been both fun and challenging. Additionally, I work in the legal field at one of the leading banks. So my schedule tends to be erratic and her...
  11. S

    Desperately need help on dating

    I created a new username just to ask this question, as I'm pretty embarrassed and desperate and really don't want anyone finding out about it, but I really need opinions on what to do. I am a mid-30's male, 4th year surgical resident training at one of the top residency programs in the country...
  12. beautifully_entropy

    Pre-med dating not med-student

    My boyfriend and I had already been together 4 years before I decided to begin my pre-medical studies. Where I am studying undergraduate now we are only 3 hours away, so it allows him to visit me ~once a month and it works out really well. We've been able to make it work so far, but I'm worried...
  13. D

    Dating in med school?

    Haha, I haven't even taken my MCAT and I'm curious about dating in med school/residency? Is anyone still single? Any horrible experiences? Good experience? Try another flavor(ya know)? How do you balance a relationships and school/career? I need experiences from all genders, ethinicities, and...