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  1. avalonisland888

    UWorld Gen Chem Question

    One of the questions asks how to titrate sebacic acid and the answer is to dissolve it in a base and then use acid to titrate. I'm just wondering...why do we dissolve in a base if it's an acid? For all titration questions, do we always dissolve in the opposite solution e.g. if we wanted to...
  2. A

    UNE online course - Gen Chem II...advice

    For anyone who has taken UNE Gen Chem II course any advice would be great. This is a re-take course for me and I was wondering if it were possible to finish it in 6-7 weeks? No other online courses in conjunction and working part-time. What was the level of difficulty and how much time did you...
  3. F

    gen chem

  4. 9

    Final DAT Study Tips

    Hello, all! I am new to SDN, but I have been reading threads for the last few months, and everyone has such great insights! I'm currently studying for the DAT, and I am taking it on August 24th. I have been studying most of the summer for it, every day, for at least 2-3 hours. The only...
  5. chiralola

    Destroyer gen chem #113

    confused about this one: If an acid is weak, thus giving off less particles, wouldn’t that make less of a difference on the boiling/freezing point? Because the vant Hoff factor would be a smaller number... Explanation says: “HClO would be the weakest acid thus giving the fewest particles...
  6. 7

    Is Gen Chem 1 or Gen Chem 2 more heavily weighted on the DAT?

    Does the DAT emphasize more content from Gen Chem 1 or 2? And what do they generally provide for that section? Do they provide all the formulas or do you have to remember them? Solubility rules? Polyatomic ions etc.? Thanks.
  7. 7

    Taking Summer Gen Chem at CC vs 4 year?

    I've heard mixed opinions about CC for taking science pre reqs, and I'm in a situation where I need to take Gen Chem 2 this upcoming summer so I can do Orgo at my University in the Fall. I was wondering if it's fine if I take it at my local CC (which is top 5 in my state I'm pretty sure) or...
  8. LuminatorMan

    Take Chem and Physics or Chem and higher level Bio?

    Hey. I am a first year at a top university in the U.S. I intend to declare a Biology major, however, I am not sure yet. My question is, do you think I should take (our) Gen Chem and Physics 1 in my sophomore year, or Gen Chem and a higher level Bio that is recommended for the MCAT, and...
  9. P

    Gen Chem self study for mcat

    Hi guys, I Feel like I have a solid background on all subjects the MCAT covers besides gen chem. I got C's in gen chem 1 and 2 (wasnt really motivated my freshman year). All other pre-reqs I got A's. I will dedicate about 3 months of self study to MCAT. How long would it take for me to get a...
  10. P

    Pre med grades

    after my first semester I got a d in gen chem. Its not because I didn't understand the materials, it was because I forgot my calculator for the first midterm and had half of the time to take it, and had incompatibilities with my roommate so it was difficult to focus/study in general. I am...
  11. J

    Gen Chem Help

    Hi! I'm struggling with the general chemistry section of the DAT. I was originally going to take my DAT on July 31st but I wasn't scoring consistently (fluctuating from 16-20) on the different tests I have taken, so I pushed my exam back. I use mostly Kaplan and just started DAT Bootcamp, and...
  12. O

    How to Study?

    Hi everyone, I just had a simple question on how to study. I tried following Ari's study guide but i don't really like the style and I feel like i studying multiple 4 things everyday is kind of hard. In conclusion, I was wondering if anybody had studied by doing a whole week of reading Cliffs...
  13. DMP-900

    DAT destroyer Gen Chem #24

    I'm a little confused on why osmotic pressure is the answer for this one. Any thoughts? 24. Which colligative property will produce the largest change when a given solute is added? A. Boiling Pt. B. Freezing Pt. C. Osmotic Pressure D. Vapor Pressure E. All of the above
  14. nsumma1

    Pre-req Replacement

    Quick question about a pre-requisite. My university I am graduating from offers Gen Chem 1 and 2 with lab however for engineering majors (me) they have us take a combined Gen Chem with a lab. This resulted in me only having 4 semesters hours of gen chem with lab. My school doesn't offer any...
  15. K

    Redo Chads or get right to Destroyer? Gen chem

    Finished the gen chem portion of Chad's videos about a month ago. After a small break due to final exams/life I am back and on pace to finish Chad's ochem vids either tomorrow or early Saturday. Upon completion do you guys think I would be okay jumping right into the destroyer? I know it could...
  16. S

    CLEPed for a pre-req

    Hey guys! When I first started undergrad, I was pre-pharm and so I took the CLEP exam for gen chem. I used my credit to skip gen chem 1, but I still took gen chem 2 and the lab for 1 and 2. I finished organic chemistry with labs last semester, and I have made As in all of these courses. I...
  17. nembry

    Anyone who thinks Organic Chem is easier than Genchem?

    I'm taking O chem 1 this Fall, just finished Genchem 2. are there any brave souls out there who seem to find more ease in O chem than they did in Gen chem?
  18. E

    Can you take Gen Chem, Gen Bio, OChem, and Physics in different years?

    I really do not want to double up on sciences during undergrad because I feel like that'll hurt my GPA. So I was wondering if I could take Gen Chem my freshman year, OChem sophomore year, Gen Bio my junior, and Physics my senior year? I know that you need physics for the MCAT, but I feel like I...
  19. E

    How do science classes in college work?

    I'm a high school senior and I'm so confused on how college classes work. Couple of questions: 1. Are general chemistry, biology, organic chem all one semester courses or are they a full year course? 2. What's the difference between a quarter and a semester system? Which one is better? 3. If...
  20. T

    NS FL 1 C/P 47

    What is the relationship between Keq and Ka? I don't understand why A is the answer to this question. Thanks in advance!
  21. blairww

    Did Anyone Else Bomb the ACS Gen Chem I Final?

    So I know that the averages are pretty low for the ACS finals (averages of about 50%), but I thought I could at least get a C+/B without any sort of curve. I just took the ACS Gen Chem I final today and definitely failed because I couldn't finish it on time. I did manage to bubble in D's for...
  22. C

    Destroyer Gen CHEM QUESTION

    Guys i have a question about calculating ph problem.. I've been doing this one weird method for every one of those problems and it works.. i want to run it by u guys and see if this is even a thing or I'm just getting lucky lmao so the question states: What is the pH of 1.0 x 10^-4 M Ca(OH)2...
  23. K

    Kw vs. Temp.

    The god of science recently told me that and increase in temperature would increase the Kw of water and that hot H(2)O is slightly acidic. I understand the temperature is one of the few things that can affect a rate constant and that increasing it would increase the amount that water splits up...
  24. Fancy312

    Destroyer problem...2016 # 132 GC

    Hiiii all, I am really struggling with this destroyer gen chem problem, number 132. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it! 132. The Ksp of Fe(Oh)2 at 25 C is 1.6 x 10 ^-14, What is the solubility of the Fe(OH)2 in 0.025 M of FeCl2? *** I looked at the solution in the back, using...
  25. M

    Super confused?

    I graduate with my first bachelors may 2017, i have just 2 classes left at this point. I majored in Public Health and my cum GPA would be 2.5 when i grad as a result of personal difficulties i went through in the earlier part of my college life. I am much more stable now but want to venture on...
  26. DMikes

    Chad's Videos Error

    @ 16:40 of Nuclear Chemistry Video Fastmode in Chad's Videos he wrote the attached picture on the board. Shouldn't the # of protons be 91, not 93? http://imgur[DOT]com/gallery/CJ8arfD It appears that my image isn't working. Anyways, what he wrote on the board was that 238, 92 U ----> 2 alpha...
  27. R

    Retake or not?

    Hi all, I'm pretty new here and this is my first post. Anyway, I need some advice, and it's a bit complicated but all advice is appreciated. I'm a freshman pre-med at a T-20 University (I would share the name, but I see people avoid doing that) and I've been struggling a bit. I got a B in my...