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  1. S

    WAMC sGPA trends w/ 517 MCAT

    So I already made a WAMC post but I realized my GPAs (especially TMDSAS sGPA) were slightly miscalculated. I have since clarified what will count as science and what won't. cGPA = 3.7, MCAT = 517 TMDSAS sGPA trend: 3.1, 3.1, 4.0, 4.0 TMDSAS sGPA = 3.571 AMCAS sGPA trend: 3.160, 3.294, 3.806...
  2. 9

    Weird GPA trend line and credits...is it that bad?

    Below is a chart I would like some feedback on... So, this is my running GPA, my GPA for each quarter and the number of credits taken simultaneously (right axis)....2 breaks in schooling, the first chunk was all semester not quarter (FL13-FL14) at 2x full time rate (SP14 GPA was like a 3.29)...
  3. N

    Upward Trend GPA, Help?

    How do medical school admission teams regard GPA trends? My GPA trend: Started at a 2.4, now it is at 3.68. I suffered from severe depression, but got help, which is why my GPA increased so much. The past year I have taken over 23 credits each quarter (some 26 credits), averaging over a 3.9...
  4. SterlingMaloryArcher

    How early is too early to start thinking about SMPs/Post-Baccs?

    For example, could a freshman do anything to be able to "already know" they're going to have to do a Post Bacc? Wouldn't it be ridiculous to do very well for the next 3 years but in order for medical schools to forgive 1 bad year you need that extra year of post-bacc?
  5. M

    Admissions Stigma on Failing a Class

    Hopefully this can relate to people who had to fail before succeeding. I failed and retook College Algebra my freshman year at a private school in which I was a miserable student athlete. I understand the MD application does not replace grades, but the DO application does. I have raised my GPA...
  6. Kahalaopuna

    Can post-bacc performance mitigate the influence of the worst of undergrad GPA trends?

    While I am able to find plenty of threads that touch on the significance of common poor gpa trends (i.e. steady downward trend, v-shaped trend, and bell shaped trend) in light of post-bacc performance, I have been unable to locate a thread that specifically highlights the trends I have. I've...
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  8. F

    My declining GPA trend, does this look really bad?

    Below is my GPA trendline from all four years. I will be applying this cycle and am worried that adcoms might ask about the decline in my gpa. My cGPA is 3.849 and sGPA is 3.853. Basically, I was getting a 3.9 for the first three years of college and my last semester of senior year was very...
  9. Vladimir7

    Is UD biology GPA taken into consideration

    So i know the GPA's that are important are: bcpm, and cGPA (cumulative) However it seems that bcpm are just the med school requirement classes. Intro bio, general + organic chemistry, physics and math. But what about upper division biology courses like Genetics, Biochemistry, Physiology...
  10. firelord_zuko

    MD & DO How am I doing so far? + advice needed

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on SDN, though I frequently consult the forums :D I just found out that I got a B+ in my physics 1 class along with a C+ in the lab. :arghh: I am planning to withdraw from physics lab and retake it..what do y'all think about this? I've been quite down in...
  11. C

    Failing Organic

    Hi SDN! So I am about to be a junior this fall. I decided to take ochem this summer and actually just took my final for ochem 1 today. I am scared I will not pass the class with at least a C- because I am pretty sure I bombed the exam. How is retaking it in the fall going to affect my medical...
  12. S

    3.57 cumulative gpa 4.0 Post bac 515 mcat

    Hi i'm applying for the first time and I live in New Jersey. I know I'll be applying to all of the NJ schools and the ones in Pennsylvania and New York that have a high rate of acceptance for out of staters. Should I apply to any other schools? Also when should I submit my primary at the latest...
  13. M

    is no credit an F?

    Hi The first time I took Organic Chemistry in 2010 I received a grade of NC. During this time, my advisor told me that AMCAS will count the grade as an F. I took time off from being pre-med and re-took the class and got an A. Would you happen to know whether AMCAS counts NC as an F? I found...
  14. Chef_Curry

    DO Chances at Mid/Low DO Medical Schools

    Hello everyone, today i need your constructive feedback about my application, its my first post on SDN. So here is my story: College: North Carolina State University ( Major: Biochemistry ) Age: 23 sGPA : 3.4-3.55 cGPA: 3.3-3.45 MCAT : Diagnostic 500 TPR PT #1 504 TPR PT #2 508 TPR PT # 3 505...
  15. M

    Low GPA due to ADHD, dental school chances?

    Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience, or knows of a situation like this that happened. I am currently finishing my sophomore year as a human physiology major at Boston University (notorious for grade deflation jsyk). And my GPA sucks. I dropped a class 3 out of the 4...