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  1. pleasantpeanut4

    WAMC: URM, cGPA 3.45, sGPA 3.15 513 MCAT

    Academics: I need help with my school list, since my GPA is weak and MCAT is pretty mediocre. I already feel pretty bad having to reflect on these past few years, but might as well rip off the band-aid and move forward. I am an AA male who majored in neuroscience Columbia for undergrad, where I...
  2. L

    Do Ivy Leauge Medical Schools Such as Harvard Look Down on/Reject you if you Took 1 Year of Your Credits at a Community College

    Even if the credits were the easier classes (& saved the harder classes for regular university)?
  3. L

    Are Community College credits looked down upon for Med Schools and are they seen as easier and less competitive?

    I'm thinking about going to a community college and transferring credits to a university and finishing my bachelors degree. Is it better/more competitive if I just take 1 school year of community college and 3 schools years at a traditional college for my bachelor's degree to get into med...
  4. Dr.ToBeDetermined

    Post-Bacc Advice: continue formal vs. switch to DIY

    Hello all I need some advice on how to proceed with my premed education (and I just think my premed advisor will be too biased for an honest answer). I am career changer and currently in a post-bacc program that claims to have 90% acceptance rates into medical school, and has plenty of linkage...
  5. EpiLover12

    MPH Thank you for helping me choose schools!

    I have chosen.
  6. S

    Interested in psychiatry and informatics in mental health – where to apply (heavily research-based MD, MD/PhD, take a gap year)?

    Hi all, I've posted some stuff like this in the past, but now I have more concrete details that I was hoping would help people give me some better opinions. I will likely be applying to programs this upcoming cycle, and was hoping to get some insight. My problem: I feel like I wouldn't be...
  7. T

    Columbia vs. UCSF (OOS) vs. TX-Houston (IS)

    Hi all, I was lucky enough to be accepted to all the dental schools I applied to, and have narrowed it down to three (which I have already put down deposits for). However, I am struggling severely with which school to choose. I want to specialize- and am specifically interested in OMFS- so...
  8. H

    Need some advice about program name recognition

    How much does residency training at Ivy League schools/programs come into play when applying for a job? or having it on your CV?. For example, say I am between Michigan vs UPENN or Pittsburgh vs Columbia/Cornell. I know Michigan and Pitt PM&R programs are great places to train, but does having...
  9. V

    Pre-Med classes at Ivy League school during summer?

    I am currently a freshman at a huge public unversity in the midwest. I would love to attend an Ivy League school during the summer for 2-3 classes to boost my resume and help me with my pre-med requisites. Is that possible? Is there any programs that allow me to do that? Is that a good idea, to...
  10. D

    Big Name Undergraduate and Premed or Less Expensive University and Postbac?

    Hello there, I have read on here for a while without an account and have seen the countless amount of times someone has recommended doing an undergrad major that you are passionate + can get good grades in, and then do a Postbac year. That being said, my parents believe that being at a big name...
  11. N

    Please help me make a plan

    Okay, so let me begin this post by first off stating that I will be attending UC Merced in the fall as a freshman majoring in Chemistry and (like everyone else on this forum), my goal is to get into med school. This is a goal that I will achieve; however, I would like some structured advice to...
  12. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Not Admitted/Admitted/Admitted to Top-20 - Critical Factors (Please add to or correct)

    Who doesn't have a little bit of anxiety about their future, especially premeds? I'm pretty awake from a redbull and my homework is done so I made this :) All the time we hear "You can be a perfect applicant and still be rejected." But there has to be more to it than that. I am attempting to...
  13. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    My non-trad progress update (semester 3)!

    Hey SDN World, I started my journey as a non-traditional student a year ago. My past few threads are somewhat of a time capsule that document my progress and, hopefully, provide information for future students like me. So here's an update of my fall 2016 semester... I took Organic I, Intro...
  14. wengerout

    For those of you who picked an Ivy League school over your state school, why and do you regret it?

    Pretty much what I asked in the title. Would really love some insight on to what was it that made the decision worth it to you, and how you are managing the extra cost in tuition. Thanks!
  15. HoustonRockets101

    First week of medical school and already upset

  16. L

    Ivy league undergrad low GPA high MCAT SMP or Apply?

    I am a URM tha graduated with a pretty low gpa from an ivy league (HYP). A 3.33 cGPA and 3.0 BCMPgpa due to a lot of personal issues that required me to be back home frequently. I plan on taking the MCAT soon. So far I have been scoring in the 518-520 range on practice and AAMC sample tests. If...
  17. S

    MD International, 3.93 cGPA from Ivy, 513 MCAT, Need advice choosing schools

  18. Missy9881

    How is my GPA so far as an undergrad?

    Hello fellow SDN'ers. I just received my final grades for my second semester at Brown. I can definitely say that freshman year was a rough transition (I wasn't used to taking such difficult classes alongside such a bright student body). My GPA for my freshman year is a 3.3. My science GPA is a...
  19. U

    community college transfer - Ivy League/top tier-type level med school possible?

    Hello, my profile and questions are generalizable and I hope may help other premed students at a similar point in their undergraduate careers. I am a effectively a junior (in 5th of 6 total years of undergrad) at UC Davis. I was a community college transfer from the Peralta Community College...
  20. S

    I need some answers/guidance

    I am a junior finishing my fall semester at a lower level Ivy League university and I am also a varsity athlete. Both of which are hurting my GPA. The classes at my school are difficult and being on a sports team is time intensive. Does anyone know how much these two things will benefit me for...
  21. DoctorDrewOutsidetheLines

    Help please! Am I shooting for the stars or shooting myself in the foot?

    @gonnif @gyngyn @Goro @LizzyM I need all the science and math pre-reqs. I really want to get into top ranking schools and hopefully with nice financial aid packages. *crosses fingers and prays to God* Sorry in advance to tag/bother the big guns, so I'll try to make this brief. As an older...
  22. neur0goddess

    HOW TO RAISE SAT MATH from mid 600s to mid 700s

    Hey guys, So I'm a senior taking the December SAT for the final time. My CR and W scores fluctuate around 730-800 so I'm not worried about those, but my M score is really holding me back from my reaches (Ivys, Stanford, Duke, etc). Any tips, online resources that you can recommend, a change in...