1. thinking123

    Exploring Careers in Primary Care Webinar 10/11 5PM PT

  2. A

    Family Physician looking for Urgent Care / Fast Track / other work in the ER

    Hey folks I would like to work in the Fast Track in the ER, love working with other colleagues (one reason I want to work in the ER rather than urgent care on my own), also want to see higher acuity patients and have the ER Doc's in case I can want to consult them (level 3 patients like...
  3. R

    Freelance Clinical Jobs for Doctors

    Interested in part-time or freelance clinical jobs? Checkout Nomad Health at Nomad is a new, completely free service for doctors to find freelance clinical jobs -- like temporary gigs, telehealth, locum tenens, shift work, etc. -- but without recruiters or paperwork. Doctors...
  4. S

    Will Biotech certificate help me get into med school?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows if an additional biotechnology certification will help me get into medical school. I still plan on doing volunteer work, shadowing, researching, getting in the hospital, maintaining a high GPA, and a strong MCAT score. I just also have to work while I am...
  5. emkayveedee

    Experience - Jobs

    Would being an MCAT course instructor during undergrad be worth including in ERAS? I resigned prior to beginning medical school. Would a summer job that I kept from high school through the 1st year of medical school be worth including? It has no relation to medicine whatsoever. Thanks!
  6. U

    Is Hearing Screener considered a medical related job?

    Hi guys! I just graduated and will be applying to med schools next year. I got offered a hearing screener position for new borns in a pediatrics center. Is this job considered medically related? If not, can you please suggest a job that is medically related I can do with my B.S degree? I would...
  7. P

    Jobs with MSc Clin.Psych & Migration

    Hi fellow psychs!, I'm a new poster. I was searching for advice amongst my peers for the following situations/questions: 1. I'm a US resident and was planning on doing my MSC here however i decided to explore Canada as an option. I know degrees from different countries are regarded in...
  8. BabyBombers24

    Finding Jobs during Application Cycle

    Hey guys I'm in the midst of trying to find some salary based job that is somewhat relevant to my degrees in Bio, and was wondering how you guys were/are able to manage commitment to work while applying to dental schools. I want to be able to work but I feel that potential interview dates will...
  9. S

    Locums Dentist Needed!

    Good morning, I represent different clients nationwide. If you are interested in customizing your schedule and life I would love to talk more. Whether looking for sporadic coverage, part time work, or fulltime work we have it all. Most jobs cover travel and lodging as well. Wanting to travel...
  10. P

    Gap year job choice in case I have to reapply next cycle?

    Hello! I am thinking about what kinds of jobs I want to apply for during my gap year. There is a special needs assistant teaching position that I am pretty qualified for and likely to get, but I was wondering if a more medically relevant gap year job would be a better choice in case I have to...
  11. N

    Start a practice, join a practice, join a large network?

    What are members on here considering after graduation? Do people want to start their own practice? If not, why not? For those that joined other practices / or even hospital networks - what went into your decision? Would you look to change?
  12. CT153

    How to get a clinical research coordinator/assistant job without experience?

  13. RogueBanana

    Rhode Island Residency/Job Prospects

    Hey all, Sorry if this question has been answered, but I couldn't find any threads on the issue from this decade! 1- Anyone know what the base level of competitiveness is for a Rhode Island/Massachusetts anesthesia residency? 2- On that topic, how is the job market in this area? 3- Are...
  14. ThisisReality


  15. JC663

    Maryland Lic. Optometrist needed; part time fill in work

    Looking for Maryland licensed optometrist for fill in work, would need to cover at least 5 days in a row, compensation will be $650.00 per day. Clinic hours are Mon and Wed 11:00-7:00, Tue, Thur and Fri 10:00-5:00, and Sun 12:00-4:00. Office is located in Salisbury, MD., would also consider...
  16. Namelessking

    Where would be the best place to go after graduating from NYU dental?

    So I had a post up earlier complaining about NYU's debt load (450-500k) and realized that I would need a high paying job in order to slam those down. I realize NYC is pretty saturated but where would be the best area to go in New York state to get a higher starting salary? The jobs that do exist...
  17. S

    Pharmacist jobs in Georgia

    Are there any pharmacist jobs in GA? Ive been trying smaller cities outside of Atlanta like Dallas, Acworth, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Lithia Springs, Douglasville etc with no luck with any chain pharmacies. I worked for WAGS as an intern before and really loved it but had to relocated to GA...
  18. B

    Sleeve Tattoos and Rotations

    So I am applying to medical school and I am planning on getting a sleeve. I am also hoping to get into the Radiology field once medical school is completed. I was wondering people's opinions on this matter and whether you think It is a big deal during medical school and residency as long as you...
  19. M

    I'm finding it hard to acquire clinical experiences. Help?

    Let me start of by saying that I am taking my prereqs at community college. So far I've taken: Sociology, Psychology, College Algebra, Speech, 2 English courses, and Philosophy. This summer I'll be taking Criminal Justice(diversity requirement), Information Systems, and a health class, and...
  20. I

    Mobility as a recent DMD graduate

  21. B

    MPH Jobs during school?

    I'll be entering grad school for an MPH this fall. My concentration will either be in policy or epidemiology (couldn't decide haha), depending on what I hear from the remaining schools I applied to. Anyway. I want/need to get a job before that; I had one last summer/fall that was a nanny gig...
  22. FutureDoctorX-men

    Jobs as Pre-meds??? Any advice?

    Hi everyone, I'm a sophomore in my University and I was wondering what kind of jobs you did as a pre-Med. Or, if you are a pre-med, what kind of job do you currently have? I really want to get a job in order to get some form of income for school and to get some experience. I've seen some...
  23. FutureDoctorX-men

    Jobs as a pre-med??? Any Advice??

    Hi everyone, I'm a sophomore in my University and I was wondering what kind of jobs you did as a pre-Med. Or, if you are a pre-med, what kind of job do you currently have? I really want to get a job in order to get some form of income for school and to get some experience. I've seen some...
  24. Brigade4Radiant

    First job advice

    I'm looking for jobs as a third year resident I'm just curious about some of your guys thoughts. Taking call? (one job I'm looking at you will be on "call" three days a month for a 24 hour period each day. Employer vs I.C What are some thing that you can negotiate on? A lot of the places I...
  25. D

    Job search while in residency?

    Hello SDN! I recently had a Transitioning to Practice lecture discussing the steps we need to be taking as residents to prepare for life post-residency (all four years of residents took part in the lecture). An attending leading the lecture shared a story of a resident in our program who was...
  26. S

    Tutoring in Pharmacy School?

    Hello everyone, I am starting pharmacy school next year and I wanted your thoughts on the ideal side job during school. I have begun chemistry tutoring this year, and am applying to become a Kaplan PCAT tutor as well. Is this a position I will be able to sustain during pharmacy school? I also...
  27. libertyyne

    MCAT and Employment

    Talking Plan C here. Can I get a job based on MCAT scores as something other than tutor? Are there any industries / companies that appreciate the analytical skills required to do well on something like the MCAT? Management consulting comes to mind. Does anyone have experience or know of any...
  28. D

    Non traditional student Gap year job

    Hey there, Maybe someone can help me. I'm a no traditional student set on applying to medical school for the class entering in the fall of 2018. I'm currently working on a second bachelors and studying for the mcat-hoping to take in march of 2017. After taking the mcat and the spring I'll...
  29. P

    Foreign Trained Dentist Job Opportunities for US Citizens

    Hello fellow Dental students and graduates. I'm an american born citizen currently studying my BDS abroad and am in my final year. I've passed my NBDE part 1 and will return to the USA after I finish my final year to attempt the part 2 exam as well as apply for the international dental program...
  30. PsySigh

    New PsyD student debating declining, thoughts welcome

    Hi guys, I just got into the Wright Institute, which now has APA only internships at the end of the five year program. However, I'm really hesitant to accept due to debt fears and job prospects. I am in my late twenties, have no debt, and am a teacher in the Bay Area. The school has a good...
  31. Panis et Circenses


    Reposted this to a better location.
  32. K

    IM-CCM Burnout/Job opportunity questions

    DISCLAIMER: I bolded what I would consider the nuts/bolts of my question, if you feel inclined to add your two cents but dont want to read a long thread haha. Hello, I am a PGY1 IM intern thinking about IM-CCM. I originally was considering CCM-Pulm, but every time I do any form of outpatient...
  33. The Cat

    Really, really discouraged. I think I need a break. Advice please?

    Hello all. Well, allow me to vent..... So far 2016 has been quite sucky for me. Failed two of the most difficult classes of my VT program (something had to give, had 8 classes in total), Animal Medicine and Animal Surgery. Tuition is 5000$ and I must retake the classes in Spring 2017. Ever...
  34. P

    Finding a Job with Clinical Experience When you Have PTSD

    I am really needing some advice. To make a long story short and without going into much detail, I have PTSD after being raped and sexually assaulted for two years. Before this, I was well on my way to building up my medical school application. I had a 3.92 PGA. My AA degree. Multiple...
  35. D

    Job Offer Thread

    Hello everyone, I have a question about a job offer but seeing that a post comes up every so often about specific job offers, I figured that we can make this an official job offer thread for everyone with questions to post in when they would like some advice.
  36. A

    where do you look for Family Medicine jobs

    Where do newer practicing physicians look for jobs? We prefer to hire directly and not pay a recruiter. We are looking for a partner track Family Physician in Bellingham, Washington. Thanks!
  37. 1

    Help for foreign graduate please

    Hello everyone. I am desperate for any help or information that can help me. I will try to make this story short. My girlfriend and the love of my life is a veterinarian from Brazil. She has been trying her hardest to get her American license and she's been trying to find jobs in Texas so she...
  38. J

    Pharmacist Job Opportunity. LA/SD

    Hello All- I am not sure if this is the right forum for this but I am posting for a potential opportunity for LICENSED Pharm.D with experience in Los Angeles. If interested in more details, please private message me and we can exchange emails. This is more than just a Job, but rather the...
  39. S


    My first semester of Uni I got a 3.8 GPA, then my second semester I got a 3.8 (rounded up from a high 3.7) GPA. Then I got 3 jobs, but one of them I only worked during the summer and stopped going once school started (so 2 jobs during school). I killed my GPA first semester of my second year...
  40. H

    Pharmacist Job Bonuses

    When hired as a Pharmacist, I was told that certain jobs give sign-on bonuses. I was wondering what the range is and whether any jobs give scholarships/loan repayment if you promise to work for them upon graduation? Are there any jobs that give loan repayment for working for them for a long...