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  3. B

    Is it safe to disclose that you're part of the LGBTQ+ community?

    I'm applying to U Wisconsin-Madison and the secondary asks: "Do you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community?" Yes/No (it doesn't give like options to say what exactly you are) I'm a bi girl who's actually never had a gf before, so I kinda feel like a fraud/asking for diversity points if I...
  4. R

    Asking about LGBTQ+ identity on secondary application

    Hi everyone! I'm a current M1 working with our LGBTQ+ student group and some faculty on revamping our secondary app. For the first time last year we asked about LGBTQ+ identities (1 q about sexual orientation, another about gender identity), both with several options (I don't know specifics, but...
  5. browneyefrenchfry

    what MCAT range should I aim for?

    Background: Junior AA-male, first-gen, low SES, LGBT+, very "inspiring" life story (so much so that, upon acceptance to my UG, they filmed a mini-doc about me and my life, including interviewing teachers from my high school, etc. -- PM for more details haha) GPA: 3.5cgpa/3.3sgpa Experience...
  6. A

    LGBTQ-focused Research, Community Volunteering, Student Clubs, and other opportunities in Medical Schools

    Hello folks, I am in the process of applying to medical schools. Opportunities focused on LGBTQ-health in medical schools are very important for me in making a decision. In the past, I have conducted public health research with sexual and gender minorities. I also volunteered in a clinical...
  7. A

    Which med schools include LGBTQ+ as URM?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone had a list of schools that for sure include LGBTQ+ in their definition of URM. I know that Northwestern and Thomas Jefferson do. Any others?
  8. gozes

    My take on the match process as an LGBT applicant.

    I'm deciding to make this post because in the hopes that it could be helpful to others in the future. I wasn't sure how this process was going to go for me to be honest. One of the biggest decisions I had to make before the application process was whether or not I wanted to include it as part of...
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  10. S

    Out (as queer) during interviews?

    Hi All! Hope this cycle is being kind to you! I was wondering if you guys could advise me w/ regards to a question I’ve been agonizing over for a while: should I refrain from outing myself as queer during my interviews? Some context: this would not just be a random interjection. I feel like...
  11. Happymadness

    Schools that consider LGBTQ+ applicants URMs

    Hi all, DELETED
  12. NeuroendoHolism

    Should we avoid outing ourselves in the interview or application?

    hey y’all. This I think is an interesting topic, there is so much going through ones head during the interview process should we include actively censoring our sexuality or hey maybe and I think it is being gay is a huge advantage in being a doctor. Studies show just look at the ted talk that...
  13. L

    LGBQ+ Identity at Work ($25 Amazon GiftCard Raffle)

    Hello, My name is Louis and I am a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program at Loyola University Chicago. I am currently recruiting participants for a study examining sexual identity and workplace experiences among non-heterosexual identifying adults, and I would like to...
  14. MedSmithie

    What resources do you wish existed? (for LGBT medical students and professionals and for patients)

    Hi Everyone, I'm curious to know if there are resources that you wish existed for LGBT+ pre-meds or med students, for LGBT+ medical professionals, or for LGBT+ patients. Do you wish that you had more comprehensive LGBT+-health-related training in medical school? Do you wish that you had more...
  15. H

    Another dang diversity essay question, LGBT

    Hey all. I've been getting started on my secondaries and we all know the famous "diversity question". Wondering if anyone can give insight about how wise it would be to talk about the intricacies of growing up a gay guy in a family with strong religious and eastern asian cultural values? Could...
  16. lickerwhicker

    *Adversity secondary question? Help!*

  17. Lil Red PrePsy Student

    Education and Career Track for Student Interested in Transition Related Care

    Hi Everyone, Mini existential crisis happening. I dont think I want to be a Psychologist anymore. You know despite all of my education, money, and experience being in the realm of social and behavioral sciences. I have decided that I like the idea of being a surgical PA or NP but I would like...
  18. D

    Shadowing + Med school while visibly trans

    Hi SDN, First of all THANK YOU so much for making this forum section happen! It's amazing to have a space where we can debate LGBTQ-specific issues here. I wanted to ask you if anyone here has had the experience of looking for shadowing opportunities while being visibly trans (i.e. "not...
  19. B

    Sexual and Gender Minorities Formally Designated as a Health Disparity Population

    For those who haven't heard yet, this is really exciting news: http://www.nimhd.nih.gov/about/directors-corner/message.html
  20. I

    Transgender-inclusive DO schools?

    Hi all. I'm a trans man and a non-trad premed, interested in DO (and hoping to benefit from AACOMAS's grade replacement policy). That said, as an openly trans person I'm wondering if there are any DO schools specifically known to be trans-inclusive, or at least LGBT friendly! I have a decent...
  21. B

    Providing LGBTQ-Inclusive Care and Services At Your Pharmacy

    Just came across this guide the other day and thought it was pretty neat to have a pharmacy-focused LGBTQ healthcare resource. Not to mention, I'm usually pretty skeptical of HRC, but it seems like they did a decent job with this (basic) guide...
  22. L

    LGBT interests/ rec letters?

    Hi everyone! I apologize if this has been asked before, I did search as well as I could manage and did not come up with any similar results (I'm a new member). I'm an LGBT pre-med, and I'm applying to med schools in areas that are a less gay-friendly than I would like (Southern US). I'm not so...
  23. Asclepius293

    Gay Pre-Med: HPSP and USUHS

    Hey everyone, I'm a pre med student applying to med school this upcoming summer. I've been really interested in going into military medicine through the HPSP program or the USUHS Military med school. I come from a big military family and I think it would be an honor and unique experience to...
  24. ed*26

    MD 3.7/3.6 and 519

    Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for the honest advice. I'll be applying this summer as a traditional student. 3.7 cGPA 3.6 sGPA (upward trend: from 3.2 freshman yr to 3.8+ this year with grad/upper-level) 519 MCAT: 130/131/128/130 (only take) Ohio citizen, white female at large public school...
  25. G

    Efficient methods of recruiting gay, college-aged participants

    Hi all, As I'm preparing for data collection for my dissertation (a study which targets gay men currently in college aged 18-25) I'm running into some difficulty with the recruitment process. I've been going through and adding e-mail addresses of directors of GSA's, University Counseling...
  26. aklvkk

    LGBT Activities on Application

    I've read through threads about mentioning one's sexual identity (LGBTQ+) on an application, and a lot of people seemed against it. More specifically they seemed against casually mentioning their identity in the application. That said, I'm currently heavily invested in a few activities...