1. M

    Letter of Intent

    Hi all, In April, I sent a letter of intent to my top school (School #1) that I was on the waitlist for. A few days into May, I was accepted into my second favorite school (School #2). At this point, if accepted to School #1, I will undoubtedly go. My question concerns when I essentially (and...
  2. G

    Letter of Interest/Intent Pre-interview

    So I know sending LOI pre-interview invite comes off as desperate/uninformed. However, I am in a master's program which has a link to my state medical school. In the program, I took an elective taught by the dean of admissions (who attended some classes, did a mock interview, and graded...
  3. C

    How to get yourself off the post-II waitlist?

    Any tips or advice about this will be greatly appreciated. I know letter of intent helps, but how to write such a strong letter. Also, will getting a new LOR help? - Like from your new research PI?
  4. B

    Letter of Intent even more useless with new AMCAS protocol?

    Have LOIs become even more useless now since schools can't see how many acceptances you hold in February? Whats to stop someone from lying on a letter and saying they hold other acceptances? I feel like adcoms will be very wary about LOIs since they do not know whether or not they actually do...
  5. J

    Letter of Intention?

    So I submitted my primary late October and most of my secondaries already (LECOM, NYCOM, WVSOM, VCOM, OSUCOM) in early November (2nd-10th) and am planning to submit a few more (both ATSU SOMA/Kirksville, Burrell, maybe 1 or 2 others) and am wondering if I should bother sending a LOI on the...
  6. T

    Is it too late for interview invites?

    I know it varies by school but I submitted all my secondaries by august 23rd and have only heard back from 3 out of 17 schools (with one interview and two holds). Does this likely mean that I won't be getting any more interview invites? I know I should just be patient but I am having trouble...
  7. M

    Letter of Interest

    Looking for opinions as to whether a letter of interest is appropriate for the following situation: Of all the medical schools that I submitted completed applications to, I am now only seriously considering two of them. One I have been accepted to; the other I am currently waiting on a...
  8. A

    Letter of Interest pre-interview

    Hi everyone!! As the interview cycle winds down was wondering if sending a pre-interview letter of interest to the admissions email or to a dean would be helpful to the top schools that I haven't heard from yet? Thanks!!
  9. lovehate

    Waitlisted at Pitt. What to do now?

    So I am really grateful I got multiple acceptances this year. However, after interviewing at pitt, I fell in love with the school. I know I want to be there for the next four years. They put my on waitlist yesterday. I am guess I either didn't interview well, or they didn't believe I would...
  10. nhongz256

    Feedback about LOI during my interview orientation

    I went to my interview at school X (keep anonymous due to privacy) several days ago. Before asking the question, here is a bit of background: - During the interview orientation, the Dean explicitly said that if any of us interviewee has Letter of Intent/Interest, thank you note, or update...
  11. FrostyPod

    preinterview update/interest letter format

    Hello I was considering sending updates to schools that accept them about my recent volunteer activities that were not listed on my amcas and a promotion for one of my existing positions in a non-profit. Volunteer activities were a weak part of my app when I first submitted and I was wondering...
  12. B

    Creative Update Letters/LOI

    Hi guys, so I've heard at a few of my interviews students have been accepted after sending creative update letters and LOIs (e.g. one kid sent in a scrapbook with letters from his friends and family on why he should be accepted). What is your guys' opinion on this? I have heard both positive and...
  13. L

    LOI After Interview But Before Decision

    Hello everyone, quick question here. I interviewed at one of my top choices last week and it's definitely the school I'd like to attend. I know that their adcom is meeting 2/28 and we are going to be hearing back the same week. Is it appropriate to send a LOI now, before any decisions are made...
  14. M

    Re-sending LOI?

    Recently, I wrote a letter of interest to one of the schools I'm applying to. I haven't received an email about it in weeks. When I called the admissions office, the girl who answered sounded annoyed and unenthusiastic. She then informed me that it would be added to the file but I still haven't...
  15. turtles43

    Question about Letter of Intent

    Hello! I was wait listed at my top choice that has a lot of wait list movement, but I have also been accepted to a few other MD schools that I would be very happy attending. My question is- if I write a letter of intent to my top choice, how late in the game can they really hold me to that...
  16. CavsFan2016

    Best Way to Structure a Letter of Intent

    I have been lucky enough to have an acceptance at an in-state MD school so far, but I have been waitlisted at a different in-state school which I consider my #1 choice - I was wondering what would be the best way to structure a letter of intent to this school. Comparison between schools A and B...
  17. thisischelsea

    When should I send a letter of intent/interest?

    Hey everyone, I just recently got waitlisted from one of my medical schools (one of my top picks right now) and I was wondering how early should I send in a letter? I was thinking to send a short one now and after my fall grades come in, I'll send another one with my updated transcript + a...
  18. TheCruelOne

    When should I send my update letter to Drexel? (Waitlisted)

    Hey guys! I'd really appreciate any and all possibly input, especially from those who may have previously been waitlisted at Drexel (or at other schools) and eventually were accepted. First of all, I knew from the get-go that I was probably not the strongest applicant for MD schools (you can...