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    Low GPA, High MCAT

    Hello, I have posted on SDN quite a few times and have appreciated the honest feedback. First, I am currently 15 days away from graduating with my BA in English: Literature and a minor in General Biology. I have a Cumulative GPA of 3.43 (adjusted for an F I received my freshman year). My sGPA...
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    deleted for privacy, thank you all for the help!
  4. S

    WAMC for Canadian with weird stats applying to USMD

    Hey everyone! I'm a Canadian applicant applying for the first time to USMD programs, and I'm in a pretty weird position. Here are my stats: Canadian Brown Male cGPA:3.8 sGPA:3.7 MCAT: 527 My main point of concern is that I had three B's in my first year in chemistry and physics courses and a...
  5. Chappy1

    MD WAMC: Low GPA High MCAT help?

    Hey all, first time user here. Looking for any advice in narrowing down/tackling my school list with the following general information. I've always read other posts and am trying my hand at asking based on my own situation... so any insight is appreciated! 3.36 c and sGPA (I believe my sGPA is...
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    Career changer 3.4 cGPA 518 MCAT

  7. A

    Help with SMP/MD acceptances

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to gain some feedback regarding SMP programs. I browse enough threads on here and figured it was just time I posted my own. I currently have a undergrad + post bacc cGPA of 3.1 as per the aamc scale. I am hoping to have a 3.14 by the end of the fall sem and a 3.18 at...
  8. shinebright

    What should I focus on in senior year of college, if I plan on taking a gap year with low gpa/EC's?

    This school year; 2019-2020 is my last year of undergrad. I've decided to take a gap year after college so I can improve my application. My gpa and EC's are quite low and I am planning on taking the MCAT later this year. What should I focus on this year to increase my chances of being accepted...
  9. PorkChop2805

    Chances of getting into Osteopathic School??

    Hello! I've been back and forth with my chances of getting into medical school for the longest time and I have used this forum as a guide. I think it is due time that I got some personal feedback from the users on this forum, though. I am only applying to Osteopathic medical schools for my...
  10. girlinthebar

    MD 3.6 gGPA 3.0 uGPA 513 MCAT

    MCAT (2017) 513 (90%) - 128/128/128/129 State: NJ Resident Race: Asian Gender: Female (27) Undergrad: Private Top 30 (Economics) Grad (MS): Private Top 20 Med School (Physiology) - Finished in 10 months + completed additional semester of courses to boost GPA Clinical experience: Mental...
  11. prairiemusic

    WAMC/Advice Needed

    Hello friends, I had a rough final semester and I'm not sure what to do next. I'm at a 3.0 cGPA and 2.9 sGPA, with a 516 MCAT. I've finished all the prereqs but I took Biochem instead of Orgo II. I'm a black lesbian and my ECs are average atm, so I'm planning to take two gap years and boost...
  12. prairiemusic

    What Comes Next? SMP vs DIY Postbac

    Hello friends, I had a very rough finish to my degree (although those circumstances have now been resolved) and am now looking at a 3.00 cGPA and 2.90 sGPA (with a 516 MCAT). I've finished all the prerequisites except for Orgo II and I'm planning to substitute Biochem for that, but I'm open to...
  13. D

    2.7 GPA, 518 MCAT FL, etc

    I wanted to see what some opinions were on my situation. (tl;dr at bottom) So I'm trying to go to med school. Regardless of my grades, this is something that I'm extremely motivated to do, so giving up's not an option. Anyway, med school was on the table when I started ugrad, but not really...
  14. N

    school list help! (514 MCAT, 3.5 GPA, 3.2 sGPA)

    So I am planning on applying this upcoming cycle! I am mainly concerned about how low my GPA is, especially my science GPA. My last two years of college I maintained a overall ~3.9 GPA, but my upper division courses were in Nutrition Sciences (my major) so they did not raise my crappy sGPA. I do...
  15. prairiemusic

    MD WAMC 3.01 cGPA, 2.97 sGPA, 516 MCAT, URM

    Hello all! My MCAT score is hot off the press and I really need help forming a school list. Current standing: Senior at a top 10 cGPA: 3.01, sGPA: 2.97 (U trend (not upward, had a rough sophomore/junior year)) MCAT: 516 (127/130/127/132) Not CA/TX, but don't meet the course requirements for my...
  16. C

    MD & DO What are my chances and Where to apply - Strong Upward Trend (3.6 / 520)

    I really didn't think I wanted to go to med school freshman and sophomore year but I was a biology major and didn't put all my effort in school until junior year when I decided I wanted to be a doctor. Didn't to too well in chemistry but retook 2 chem classes in the summer after junior year and...
  17. T

    URM, was homeless, 3.1 gpa, 520 MCAT - help please!

    Thanks in advance for reading this. I feel a little lost and really need some help/input/opinions! I'll try to be short. Some background~ I grew up in poverty and was homeless my senior year of high school until very recently. My parents “disowned” me and kicked me out due to the fact that I...
  18. S

    Which MD schools? - 522 MCAT, 3.45 cGPA/sGPA

  19. T

    MD & DO 3.0 GPA. 520 MCAT. SMP Texas Resident

    hi guys! first of all thank you for reading this and helping me out! I struggled my last two years of high school (dual credit program) and first two years of college so my GPA tanked completely. I have many F's, D's, C's, and 3 W's. (Gen Chem, bio, and Ochem have F's) I was going through...
  20. U

    DO My chances? 3.1 cGPA, 3.0 sGPA, 510 mcat

    I'd appreciate some comments/guidence on my current situation. I completely understand my stats, including how they would portray an applicant. Please note, I went through a family crisis that consumed every part of me during years 1-2 of undergrad. I'd be happy to share more privately. B.S. in...
  21. J

    DO UGPA 2.7 / Post Bacc GPA 3.7 / MCAT 508 / Strong Research Experience

    MCAT 508 total (126/126/128/128) Graduated from UC Berkeley with 2.7 GPA Took classes at UCSD, SDSU, and community college: post bacc GPA 3.7 (~8 courses with 2 labs) Cumulative science GPA ~2.9 without averaging repeat courses Strong personal statement Strong research resume - Human tissue...
  22. J

    Do I have a chance?

    Hi guys, I really want to get into a good MD school however my gpa is really bumming me out. I have a 3.35 and scored a 523 (131 CARS/131 CPB/131 PSB/130 BB) on the MCAT. I know I scored really well on the MCAT but I am afraid my GPA is a deal breaker for some of the better schools. What do...
  23. M

    is a 3.0 killer before grade replacement?

    Im planning to apply to mainly DO schools and have recently read that there will no longer be grade replacement for AACOMAS which is a total bummer. With grade replacement my gpa is at 3.2 (have been getting all A's) which isn't great to begin with. Without it it's 3.0. I have average EC with...
  24. B

    Best path to med school?

    Hello everyone, New to SDN. I've tried to search through SDN for questions/applicants similar to mine, and haven't found many that fit well. If there are threads that I'm missing please let me know! My main question is probably the most popular here - what is the best path to med school for...
  25. T

    Low GPA/ High MCAT advice

  26. kgab94

    BS in Finance to Medical School, do I have a chance?

    I am graduating with a B.S. in Finance in May of 2017 with CGPA of ~ 3.1 , I was previously an engineering major, but I really want to become a doctor. I learned that during my internship at a trading company as an analyst, I realized that I wasn't meant to be in the finance field but medical...
  27. H

    521/3.47c/3.85s- SMP?? next steps

  28. C

    Upward Trend?

    So by the end of my junior year I should have around a 3.4 cumulative gpa. I know that is very low but I had messed up my freshman year really bad( I was having health issues and such) plus I had to retake organic chem. Ever since I had a pretty high upward trend by having mostly As or A-s my...