1. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Major Decision- MOT or MHA

    Hey everyone, So I have a bit of a big decision to make and I need some opinions. I applied to OT programs in the Philadelphia area. I was denied from most, however USciences put me on their waitlist and I was accepted into their last open seat today. While on the waitlist, I researched...
  2. P

    Columbia MHA

    Hi everyone. I'm curious as to how "tough" Columbia is to get into and by that I mean how important your GPA is versus GRE/Experience/PS/LoR. I ask because unfortunately, I am in a program that is far from what I wanted to study (young stupid decisions...) and I lost my father early on in my...
  3. P

    Applying to US MHA from Canada

    Hey everyone. This is my first post so I apologize if this might be in the wrong forum. I'm a Canadian student who's planning to apply to MHA programs in the US. My top 3 schools would be Columbia, John Hopkins, and University of Washington. I was curious to know how easy/tough it is to get in...
  4. M

    MHA Saint Joseph's University/ GW

    So I recently decided to pursue an MHA degree after doing a whole lot of research. My undergrad was all geared toward doing Occupational Therapy and as soon as I started doing some volunteer work, I really hated it. Since I have a minor in business I decided to go after an MHA. I'm applying to...
  5. CLE514

    MHA from U of Washington or MPH in HPM from Emory?

    I have been accepted into both programs (yay!), but I am having a hard time making a final decision. I have heard mixed things about whether an MHA or MPH degree is "better" or more versatile. I do not have a particular direction I am set on just yet for my career. Both programs are fairly...
  6. G

    MHA Need advice on Masters in healthcare administration (MHA) Programs in Texas?

    So i am an undergrad studying in the University of Texas at Dallas. I am a senior and I am about to finish college and graduate december 2016. I've looked at at all the possible universities to apply to, in Texas for doing my MHA. I am going to write my GMAT this summer. Problem is, I do not...
  7. B

    Is it too late to apply to MHA programs this cycle?

    I really just decided to go for the MHA. I'm graduating this May. I've been pre-med so my GPA has been gouged by difficult science classes but I'm expecting to graduate with BS Neuroscience 3.17 gpa. I haven't taken accounting(would probably take during summer) but I am taking economics this...
  8. C

    MHA What exactly is considered work experience?

    Hi sdners! I recently decided to try out for the mha program. Ill be graduating in...maybe a year (hopefully haha) Low gpa... (3.0) but I did pretty well on gmat. (Mid 700) Do I have a chance? Im hoping for georgetown.. not sure about any other places but honestly with my gpa id just goto...
  9. B

    mph/mha/ dental hygienist !?!

    hello, can anyone please suggest which course is better to study abroad after bds in india... mph/mha or dental hygienist?! also which country is better .... usa/canada/australia ?! and job outlook. i am really confused :(. please help !
  10. optmstnck


    hello friends I applied to MHA for spring 2016. I've got admission to Marymount uni., Seton hall & George mason uni. I'm so much confused between George mason & Seton hall. FOLLOWING INFO IS FOR MHA PROGRAM (ON CAMPUS) According to USNEWS, GMU rank is 33 & SHU rank is 52 for MHA on campus. GMU-...
  11. M

    MHA interview with Univ of Washington

    I have been following this super helpful forum for a while now and finally became a part of it. I had applied to UW and today I got MHA visit day invitation for 4th december. Unfortunately, I am travelling during that time and split between cancelling the trip or attending via Skype. Does...
  12. K

    Reset Button: Pursuing MHA or MPH. Advice & How?

    Hello, This is a long post, but it would mean a lot if I can get some guidance and advice. I'm hitting a life predicament. I hit the reset button on life last week. After slaving away meaningless codes and maps for an IT software company, I realized that I wanted to enjoy my job (duh). I am...
  13. S

    The All-Encompassing, "What are my chances" thread!

    Hey everyone, I am an undergraduate student pursuing my degree in Health Management online through Northeastern University. I would like to one day get my MPH in Health Policy and Management, but since I'm taking my classes online I'm confused about what I'll do about my letters of...
  14. M

    DIY MBA/MHA Resources and Advice

    Good Afternoon all from San Diego, Since graduating from UG last year with a dual degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, I have had my mind set on obtaining and MBA/MHA and pursuing the business end of medicine (ie. operations.. ultimately CEO). First a little background: I have worked in...
  15. M

    DPT and MHA combo?

    Hey guys, I'm in undergrad right now, majoring in Exercise Science with minors in spanish and healthcare management. I 100% want to do Physical Therapy, but I do love being involved in upper level leadership roles, so I would also like to earn my MHA. My plan right now is to earn my DPT, work...