Reset Button: Pursuing MHA or MPH. Advice & How?

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Sep 8, 2012
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This is a long post, but it would mean a lot if I can get some guidance and advice. I'm hitting a life predicament.

I hit the reset button on life last week. After slaving away meaningless codes and maps for an IT software company, I realized that I wanted to enjoy my job (duh).

I am a recent college graduate in May 2015. After graduating, I took a 2 month vacation to travel the world. Upon getting back, I received a couple job offers and hopped on to my first full-time salaried job. Sure, the pay was competitive for a fresh-out-of college student. However, I am a person who enjoys doing business, particularly good business, which I deem hospital administration to be. The ruck of a job that I was stuck in was developing software maps. I did learn a lot about account management and how an organization operates, but I wanted my time and work to be meaningful and impact the lives of others.

With this, I am leaning towards going back to school. I am a very personable person and enjoys "doing business". The operations of business that I want to needs to be positive and impact the general well-fare of the world, thus I am thinking of a MHA or MPH.

I currently reside in San Diego and I see that SDSU has a MPH degree that is CAHME accredited. There are many options out there for me, but I would love to stay in San Diego, as I would want to live and work here; however, would SDSU's program be able to help me get a job (compared to other schools?).

Additionally, I have free housing in San Diego, which would minimize my loans/debts. Can anyone speak on SDSU's MPH and give me insight about the possibilities of the program? Or would you advise me to go to a more prestigious school?

My goal is to work on the administration side of the healthcare industry, whether it is management, finance, operations, etc.

Here are my stats:
1. Graduated in economics with a 3.64 from a public California school
2. Worked since I was 17- highlights include: Marketing & Public Relations Manager of a Restaurant, Developer of an information technology company (full-time job after college), Academic Tutor throughout college
3. Extracurriculars in college: President of a Fraternity (included volunteering 40+ hours per semester), Vice President of Recruitment for a non-profit which helped communities in Ecuador, Studied Abroad at the University of Oxford for a quarter,
4. Additional information: Traveled to 5 out of 7 countries, tri-lingual (English, Vietnamese, Spanish)
5. GRE test scores: N/A

With this sudden life realization, I know that I want to enter this field. I have no healthcare experience, however. Since I just realized this, I understand that I would only have a few months to make the deadline for schools with December deadlines.

The reason why I am considering San Diego State University is because the deadline to submit all the materials is in March. However, I wouldn't want to limit myself to anything. I know that I will do well in the GRE.

So basically, here are my questions:
1) Is SDSU's MPH (CAHME accredited) worth it? How are job placements after completion?
2) Should I just find a entry-level healthcare administrative job and wait to apply for better schools?
3) OVERALL, what advice would you give me to enter healthcare administration.

I was high on life after completing my undergraduate studies, traveling, and acquiring a full-time job. However, that full-time job made me realize that I want to serve a bigger purpose in this world. I want to work in the healthcare field. I have a knack for business and I want to apply that into this field.

Please help me. I feel sort of lost. I usually have a grasp on things, but I need some guidance right now.

Thank you in advance.

I greatly appreciate it.


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Sep 10, 2014
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1. Contact SDSU MPH directly and ask for their list of job placements for the last few cohorts, if no such list exists then its a red flag and they probably have no alumni base or network.
2. Chances of you getting an entry level admin job are slim to none (I mean actually managing people, not like admin work like a secretary), few people i know who did this were either a nurse, worked from the bottom up in another dept which can take years, or they knew someone on the inside.
3. I would go for MHA, more opportunities, more money, more career advancement.

the MHA at USC is your best option in Cali, but dont be afraid to apply to other states.